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The Eclectic Pen - Crab Legs

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 8/21/2009
Last Updated: 6/22/2011
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 1,289

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They tried to kill me again. I did not eat, because they dose the food. I did not drink the beverage because they laced the drink I am sure. Forget sleeping. They make rounds like every hour. So easy to smother and not make a sound, yeah?

Getting a chance to sit outside and breath in the fresh air, feel the sunshine warm my skin. It has given me time to think. I hear traffic noises coming from the streets about a block over. The trees are still green and the weather warm. Must be summer. Hard to focus when I have not slept in days and coming back from treatment I have no memory.

So yeah about them killing me. I know they tried again because I remembered something after treatment. I have not ever been able to remember anything after treatment in..well, never. They injected something in me. Into my brain. It felt like a bolt of electricity. I did not tell them about the visitors or else they might try something else. I did not tell them I could remember or them might try something else.

;Hey you. It's time to go in. Hustle.' The man with black eyes and a pointed nose stared at me. I called him The Rat. Not to his face but in my mind. If he had yellow buck teeth I might have laughed whenever he spoke. As it was I just obeyed his command. I dreaded going inside because I never knew when they would try and kill me again , or just send me to treatment.

The building was over a hundred years old and in need of repair in some areas. The outside looked old but fixed up. The inside however was another story. There were even sections of Dean Kinsley Mental Health Hospital that were closed until further notice. Until someone could come and fix the damage. I knew this because I heard them talking and I saw the signs.

"We can fix the damage. In time. In time." They'd murmur softly down the halls.

When I got back to the main hall I was lead down the corridor of doors. The Rat stopped placed his thumb against the small green pad that would read his print and open the door. No keys to steals in this place. 'In you go.' I stepped into the dimly lit room. The Rec room would be my place of contemplation for the next few hours. I wandered over to the TV area. Surrounded by plastic chairs and one musty couch (I opted for a chair) watching TV was the only thing that truly kept me sane. Treatments caused more stress and trauma, but did they listen?

This was not the time for a visitor but they did not keep certain hours. They did not even look like you and me. My stomach rolled and I felt sweat prick up on my hairline and upper lip. This visitor liked to disguise itself so that only I would see it. It had the nerve to sit atop Lil Susie's head and pretend to search for lice like a monkey. 'Found one.' It exclaimed. It's voice sounded thick like oil and every syllable made me feel as though someone was feeding me my own vomit.

'Please, wh-what do you want.' I did not have to speak out loud to the visitors. I saw that drew attention and they told me;

Speak your mind.

For some reason I understood that. The visitor sucked another fat black tick-like bug into its grayish lips. A thin green line of pus dribbled down its face. Then it grinned revealing metal teeth that resembled shiny curved nails.

'Second floor, B wing. Tonight at 1 am. Don't worry about them. We'll handle it.' The visitor licked out its black tongue and with a poof of smoke and sparkle was gone. I puked my guts out on the floor before I had a chance to run the trash can.

Any illness is treated at the infirmary since we all stay in group quarters. I felt better after I got ill all over my shoes but they sent me to receive meds and an 12 hour review that started at 1 PM.

Yeah. I realized the visitor wanted me to be here on the Second floor. The B wing was a closed area that could be accessed through an area from the infirmary. What was the deal? A nurse stood at a counter sorting charts or meds. I called out to her. 'Nurse.' My throat was scratchy and hoarse. I felt the pain before I knew what was happening. It took my breath away and I could not scream. Tears burned my eyes. I blinked to clear them and the sight before me was the stuff of nightmares. Eyes dark as night with a face contorted by bony protrusions that resembled crab legs and wriggled as if excited. Hands deformed by massive claws designed to maim. The 'Nurse' was sprayed with my arterial blood. She leaned towards me 'Bleeding innocence for what is to become.' The crab looking legs shot forth and stabbed my eyes. I could not scream. This time I knew it was not because I lost my breath, but because the bitch had cut my throat, 'and unseen things revealed.'

Gasping and sweating I almost shouted when I broke out of the nightmare I was shackled to. The room I was in was dark. I could not see! I was blind! I bought my hands to my eyes rubbing them. They did not feel as though they had been stabbed out by crab legs. I settled back into the bed and let my breathing return to normal. I had actually gotten sleep but damn if the dream I had made me not ever want to sleep again. Bleeding innocence for what is to become. And unseen things revealed. 'What the fu-. I'm not Rainman with these riddles and vague messages.' I sat up again swinging my legs over the edge of the bed. I realized it was just pitch black in the room and I had to give my eyes time to adjust. I thought about the visitor giving me the message to meet at 1 AM in the B wing. I had no idea of the time so I decided to try and find a way over there. My body felt a little better after having rested. No sleep was beginning to wear me out but I could still be alert. I did not have shoes but I had on socks. No pants but an under shirt and boxers would have to do.

I made my way to the edge of the bed and shuffled to avoid running to any objects that may be in my way. I reached the far wall quickly and ran my fingers along the middle until I came upon the switch. I did not think it would matter if I turned the light on. I wondered why they had all of them off in the first place. I saw the counter I saw in my dreams. I turned my eyes following the length down to the foot of the bed that was next to me.

I could not smell him because a strange wet looking slime cover him. It was clear like plastic wrap. I did not even know I had moved closer until my thighs bumped the bed and I stopped walking. I was not the man being sliced and eye stabbed, it was him. I heard a crash, then something slammed up against the door. Several seconds later the scratching began that sounded like crab legs.

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Sky S. (Misa-Misa) - 8/24/2009 12:06 AM ET
That is really good. I love your writing style and the story really drew me in.
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 8/24/2009 4:05 AM ET
Thanks Sky S (Misa Misa). This is something I may develop into more . I appreciate your comment =D.
Comments 1 to 2 of 2