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The Eclectic Pen - I'm Not Crazy

By: Sarah C. (campbellsoup)   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 3/5/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 451

  Iím not crazy, at least not yet. The little red men inside me
tell me Iím not crazy, and they never lie. Unlike the doctors in white coats
who stick my arm with long needles. I tell them Iím not crazy
Iíve never killed an animal, even a spider. I donít know why people donít like spiders,
their long little legs tap out messages that only I can understand.
The little red men tell me what they say, itís so fun to hear things other people donít.
Like before they brought me to this white room (I hate white. Did you know that? It just goes on forever. I donít like things that donít end)
the man at the end of our street killed his wife. I knew he was going to kill her, the little red men
could read his mind. They said his thoughts stunk. I always wondered what the strange smell was.
I guess now I know.

I donít think Iím crazy. I have to go to a special doctor who makes me talk all the time.
I never know what to say
so the little red men tell me things to say. Sometimes they can
say the funniest things. I donít think the doctor likes them though. She asked
where I heard those things, and I told her about the little red men.
She didnít say anything but she frowned. I donít like that doctor. The little red men are my friends, and they donít like her either.
She said that before I came here I tried to hurt myself. I donít remember
that. I would never hurt myself. The little red men wouldnít let me. Theyíre scared of going
away, theyíre scared of the dark; but I donít mind it. Itís better than white. It doesnít
hurt my eyes.

I hope Iím not crazy. The little red men still say Iím not, but theyíre being mean to me. They
say that I donít listen to them, that I donít like them anymore. They talk so loud theyíre hurting my head. I tell the doctors
but they donít listen to me.
They just stick me with more needles. That makes the men sleep for a while, but when they wake up theyíre just louder.
I know how to get rid of them, I have to cut them out. They wonít come out
by themselves. I stole some of the doctorís needles from his pocket.
Theyíre hidden in my bed. Today after I eat Iíll get them, and then
I can go home. Because you seeÖwithout the little red men I
wonít be crazy anymore.
I told you Iím not crazy.

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