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The Eclectic Pen - Creeps Part 4 [W.I.P]

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 3/12/2010
Last Updated: 11/29/2014
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 2,135

  For what seemed like hours Cassie blindly searched the cramped storage closet. The light had briefly illuminated when Art locked her in. Cassie worried about what he said. What she saw! The Creeper had evolved. It no longer protruded from the body like bloody veins. Now, it hid, embedded beneath the skin. Cassie screamed. She pounded her fists against the door and kicked. “Let me out! HELP!” Cassie hoped someone heard her.


A heavy presence settled on Sam when he saw Taylor turn and exit the room. His heart shattered. He loved his wife so much. He allowed his heart to move past his obsession with Cassie. He gave Taylor a piece of himself that was untouched. The look on her face when she wanted to kiss him felt like a stab in the stomach.

Sam tried to dismiss his reaction and keep his cool. He had to stay clear headed for the journey ahead, but that…bitch! How could she think that some weird dream has anything to do with reality? This is real life. His life, Sam thought. He ignored the ache deep within his muscles,. A slow vise squeeze inside his brain triggered a dormant emotion. The Creeper leaked into his nervous system. Sam felt a final flutter of love for his wife die. The Creeper unleashed.


Cassie’s throat became raw from screaming. She knew herbal remedies and even had a somewhat sensitive sense around some people, but trying to break out of a closet had her stumped. Suddenly the door flew open. Cassie was startled and struck out with her fists and feet. She felt her hits landing solidly. “Ow, stop!” Her hands were powerfully gripped by the stranger. Cassie opened her eyes.

“Who are you?”

“Dr. Shipper. Alan Shipper.” Alan loosened his grip but did not release Cassie’s hands. He tugged her a bit and lead her out of the closet. Cassie’s emotions were on high alert but she was slowly calming. Alan felt safe. “What happened, who put you in there?” Cassie sighed. She noticed Alan let go of her hands and gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Art.” Cassie felt dizzy. Alan must have seen her sway he leaned her against the wall and firmly held her in place. His musky male scent awakened something in Cassie. Something she only felt when she helped to heal people. “He’s infected, but the Creeper has changed. Its different.” Alan’s intense stare didn’t unsettle Cassie. Her light panting soon turned into deep breathing. She felt the dizziness pass. She placed her hand over Alan’s to push him away. “I’m fine, thanks.” The instant her palm touched the back of his hand Cassie felt an electrified sensation. She knew that Alan felt it too. “What is that? Who are you? What are you?” Alan swallowed, hard.

“Cassie don’t get freaked out ok?” Cassie listened. Then it sank in. “I’m your guardian.” Alan had said her name, but she never told him. “Your of a select few people chosen to be protected for your abilities.” Cassie scoffed.

“Look, I don’t have time for this.” She turned and attempted to push past Alan. Things were strange enough with the Creeper being apart of her world.

“Your mother knew.” That stopped Cassie, but she didn’t turn around. “She used everything in her to strengthen you. She knew how important your life would be.” Cassie’s lip trembled but she held her emotions in check. She turned to face Alan. “Your very essence will eliminate the Creeper. Your blood contains what is needed to reverse this.”

“Why now? Why not before it became an epidemic?” Cassie noticed Alan had moved forward a pace or two. Alan sighed.
“Just like you had a sense all your life you were a little different. We get a sense that we are meant to protect. Sometimes the connection isn’t activated until a certain time. That time is now Cassie. I felt you for ages. Think about it. You just happen to end up in this closet and I find you? You sense things in people. Tell me I’m lying, and I’ll walk away.” Cassie was undecided about Alan’s story. She knew herself, from within. She did not doubt her own true healing abilities. She was able to fully stand on that alone.

“So are you really a Dr?” Alan gave her a sheepish grin and ran a hand through his light brown hair.

“I am genetics specialist dealing with the molecular basis of DNA and chromosomes, and the genetic expressions of nature vs. nature.” Cassie gaped at Alan and he chuckled. “See that’s why I just said “DR””. Cassie smiled and the tension melted from the top of her head down her neck and off her shoulders. “You even mention genetics and people wonder if you clone stuff.” They had started walking down the hall, Cassie stopped.

“What made you even choose being a Dr.?”

“It choose me. I felt most at home in labs and learning the what affects DNA. What makes mutations had and if anything can be predicted. There have been various strains of the Creeper, this one is the one we needed you for.” They reached a small office and Alan walked over to the desk. “Have a seat.” Cassie paused.

“My friends. Their in the hospital. I’d like to see them.” Cassie rubbed her arms. Alan nodded.

“What’s their names?” Cassie told him and he typed it into the computer in front of him. “Ok. Let’s go.” Alan grabbed a small bag and his coat. “Hold on. Cassie. Your awfully quiet. What’s going on?”

“I’m OK. I think that your going to be a big help. I am just anxious to get to my friends. The Creeper is at this hospital. I can’t tell who’s infected or if its getting worst. I want to find them and go.”

“Ok. We’ll get your friends and head to my private lab. I hope that you can trust me.” With a final nod Alan lead the way.


Taylor lucked out. There was a wheelchair parked in the hallway right outside the doorway. She grabbed it and headed back into the room. “Babe, let’s-” The chair where she left Sam was empty. “Sam?” She stepped into the small room and behind her the door slammed. Taylor jumped and turned to the noise. The wheelchair must have knocked the doorstopper out of place. The only other place for Sam to be is in the bathroom. Taylor made her way to the closed door. The weak light coming from the head of the bed barely made it to the door. The dull silver knob felt cold to the touch. Taylor turned the knob and pulled open the door.

She screamed.

Blood coated the floor walls, and Sam. He hunched over the body of an obese nurse and clawed at the exposed parts of him. Bits of jellied fat clung to his mouth. Sam had blood all over him. The noise of the door opening hadn’t even disturbed him, but Taylor’s scream had. The seconds it took for Taylor to process the grisly scene were precious. She stumbled back and slammed the door. Bare moments later Sam tried to open the door, but it was stopped. Taylor had blocked it with the other door and ran from the room. The nurse’s station was vacant. The halls, empty. Where was everyone? Taylor saw a length of pipe laying next to the sink. “This might come in handy.” Taylor made her way to the stairs. She hadn’t thought about Cassie until just then. She needed someone to watch her back.

The stairway was just as dully lit as the hallway and rooms. Taylor leaned over the rails and could only see a little way into the stairwell below her. Her sneakers squeaked softly as she jogged down the stairs. Taylor exited the first door she came to. Pure hell reigned.


Cassie felt dread. It gripped her by the neck in a stranglehold. Alan must of sensed her discomfort because he asked her if she was OK.

“No, alright. I am not OK. I am feeling these feelings and my friends are probably dying or dead.” She released a few shuddered breathes. She hated the next words out of her mouth. “We need to go. Just get as far away from here as possible, right now.” It was as if Cassie’s confirmation on the fate of Taylor and Sam unlocked chaos. Screams and running echoed down the hall. Alan quickly shuffled them towards a door, and they both crammed inside. The bar of the coat rack caused Cassie to have to hunch down.

“Shh, shh, shh. Quit squirming.” Having Cassie’s back pressed Alan’s front created friction. Alan realized the subtle pull of the connection was yanked on. Cassie’s earthy scent and soft body made him think inappropriate things. He believed his life was in danger and all he could think about was unzipping and taking Cassie. He groaned. Cassie switched her position. Trying to behave and resisting the connection made Alan sweat. “Stop. Moving.” Cassie knew she was in trouble. Yeah, things were falling apart outside the door but inside the closet, she felt terrified. The connected flared white hot whenever they touched. Bare skin was electric but intimate contact made Cassie think of what Alan tasted like. She did not like feeling so out of control of her emotions, but she was tired of fighting. Tired of thinking. Just plain tired. Cassie felt Alan move his hand up her side, brushing her breast, then moving up to cup the back of her neck. “I know you feel it, but God, Cassie we can’t do anything about it right now. If you keep. Moving.” Alan struggled with his thoughts its not as if he’d never touched a woman, but Cassie’s touch was magnified by the connection. He imagined her hands, lips, tongue and mouth and nearly felt the wet suction envelope him. Alan groaned aloud. Cassie moved against him, grinding. There was barely room to stand and Cassie was already bent over and pressed up against Alan, perfectly. Alan dropped the reins. He let his control go. One hand gripped Cassie’s neck, the other quickly went under her clothes. Cassie flushed. Alan pushed back and his hand on her breast was her undoing. Cassie’s coming was the trigger for his own release.

As their breathing returned to normal and the awkward silence filled the air, Cassie listened. “I think their gone.” She reached for the door and opened it slowly. The white hallway was splashed with crimson. A couple bodies lay butchered and bleeding out. “Oh.” Cassie felt Alan hug her and they walked, then after a few seconds began to run.


Taylor couldn’t pull back the air hinged door, shutting it for safety. Crazed and bloodied faces and arms filled the doorway and Taylor knew the drill. Her body worked ahead of her mind. Self preservation served as a perfect boost. Taylor outpaced the horde by at least half a flight. When she reached the next door, she tried again. She pushed through the door and ran through it.

Taylor slipped but stayed upright. Blood slicked the tiles. Some had dried and made a sticky mess. Death smelled different with the Creeper infection. The decay of death accelerated and the sour sting never seemed to leave the air. Taylor gagged but kept running. She turned a corner and saw the parking lot beyond the glass double doors. A man and woman were running, hands linked. That dress.

“CASSIE!” Taylor dropped the piece of pipe and ran towards the couple. They had almost made it to a car on the far end of the lot. “CASSIE!” Cassie heard someone calling her, she turned but kept running. Taylor.

“Wait.” Alan stopped and turned.

“:What? What is it?” Cassie saw Taylor running full speed across the lot. The closer she got the more Cassie felt her anguish and pain. Sam wasn’t with her.

“Come on, Taylor!”

“Sam. Sam.”

“Its OK. Later.” They all continued to run. Alan disengaged the locks on his SUV and auto-started the ignition. By the time they had gotten inside and closed the doors, Alan was in Drive and guiding the SUV out of the lot. Apprehension buzzed inside the car and tingled across Cassie’s skin. Soon they made it out on the road.

“My lab is about 30 miles away.” Alan said calmly. Taylor sat in the back seat and wondered how Cassie met Alan. Taylor’s heart pinched when she noticed her hand resting on his. Taylor leaned back and closed her eyes.

Cassie felt Taylor’s discontent and exhaustion. She’d ask her later about Sam, though his fate was pretty much known. Cassie leaned back and stared at the road ahead.

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Jesse (EddyKrueger) - 3/13/2010 4:20 AM ET
Great continuing of the story. The pace was good too. HaHa-once again my favorite part was when Dr. Shipper and Cassie were hiding in the closet the 2nd time. You're very good at romantic tension. Great read Kenjii
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 3/13/2010 2:04 PM ET
Thanks Jess. After reading romance for a while now, it slips into my stories and feels genuine.
Michal W. (Princess101) - 3/14/2010 3:38 PM ET
That was awesome! i loved the whole continued story! your good at romance and i love how you just fit it into the story! Good Job!
Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - , - 3/14/2010 6:16 PM ET
Glad you liked it Michal. I am enjoying the direction this is going with Cassie =D.
Comments 1 to 4 of 4