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The Eclectic Pen - Creeps Part 5 [W.I.P]

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 4/1/2010
Last Updated: 11/29/2014
Genre: Horror » General
Words: 829

  During the drive to Alan's lab, there was a few minutes of silence. Cassie had time to herself to think. She thought about the moments she was trapped in the closet, alone, then with Alan. Their connection felt like a fine sheet covering her as thier passion ignited. Everything the Creeper has brought into her world, and taken away. She felt Alan held a special place and was not quite sure about how to let those emotions run. For now, living in the moment worked. Cassie suppressed a small grin. Although she had things to smile about, Taylor was on the verge of tears and Cassie still awaited the news of Sam's death. Cassie wondered what to make of this, thing, she had with Alan. Sudden feelings of what? Love? She was not terrified of the thought. Did Alan feel the same way? She looked as his profile. What was he thinking.

Alan took a few minutes to let the scene at the hospital sink in. The glimpse he got ofthe corpses as they fled the lobby burned in his mind. He could see what he imagined others would miss. Something had changed them. The creeper was causing genetic mutations beyond what hed ever seen before. This was not just a simple infection to cure. Something was altering the human gene. Turning people into monsters. How did Cassie figure into this? He knew he was a protector, but for what? Who was she? He sensed her eyes on him. She had held his hand briefly when they all jumped into the vehicle before roaring out of the parking lot. Now she sat, hands tucked under her fore arms. He sensed her contemplation. He would wait to talk to her in private about anything personal. It was obvious she knew Taylor, but Alan wasn't going to reveal himself to her just yet.

Taylor let her mind go blank. She just could not handle the mental stress of processing what happened with Sam and the aftermath. "Where are we,going?" " Cassie heard Alan explain to Taylor they were going to his lab.

"If your infected we need to test your blood. Cassie is...has...a way of ending this." Taylor's eyes widened, but Cassie couldn't see her expression.

"What does he mean Cassie?"

"I'm sorry about Sam," Cassie started softly, "Alan's a Dr. He and I know what it will take to start a cure. We don't know how long it will take though." A knot formed in Taylor's throat. When she swallowed she felt the knot drop into her stomach.

"Sam's not dead." Her words were etched in glass, ready to shatter at any small strike.

"Taylor I know-"

"No!" Taylor inhaled sharply, "you don't know. You didn't see him. He's...changed..but not dead. We can...I can save him. You give me whatever you are planning to kill these bastards and if there is a cure. I want a dose for Sam." Taylor squeezed her fist so tightly, her fingers ached. Cassie mentally rewound her small conversations with Alan. Had he mentioned anything about curing the Creeper?

"Ok Taylor. Sure. We'll cross that bridge once we come to it." Far to exhausted to force the issue of the Creeper being destroyed only, Cassie lay against the headrest and let her mind drift. Even though it was daylight Alan had the headlights on as an added protection. Perhaps that's what drew them. Before he could swerve the road was filled with dozens of bodies. Shrill screams filled the car. It was like slamming into a brick wall at 50 miles an hour.


Cassie heard a continuous blaring and fought to stay conscious. Once she got her eyes opened she saw that the airbags had deployed and the steering wheel horn was stuck and still honking. Shaking her head to clear it, Cassie had to get her act together. Something bad had happened, but it could always get worse. When she looked out the windshield she found that it was still in tact but shattered.

POW! "Ahhhh!" Cassie screamed. Something had hit her window, but it held. She looked out the window. She jumped in her seat. A man was a face deformed and twisted with a mouth full of razored teeth rammed his head against the window again and again. Cassie snapped out of her shock and horror. Alan was coming to and so was Taylor. "Guys, guys! We have to go." Cassie felt for the ignition. The keys were still in the slot. When she turned to try and start the car, they stayed in position. They didn't even move back or forth. In anger Cassie tried harder. The key bent. "Why!" Cassie yanked the key out and tried to rouse Alan. "Alan please wake up." Taylor seemed to be more alert. "Taylor, you with me?" Taylor groaned and mumbled something that sounded like "yeah". Cassie tilted Alan's face towards her. She blanched at the amount of blood pouring down his face. "God. Taylor. Shirt. Now!"

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Michal W. (Princess101) - 4/2/2010 12:20 PM ET
WOW! that was really good! i love how you write your stories!
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