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Book Reviews of Cypress Point

Cypress Point
Cypress Point
Author: Diane Chamberlain
ISBN-13: 9781551666471
ISBN-10: 1551666472
Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Pages: 416
  • Currently 4.1/5 Stars.

4.1 stars, based on 79 ratings
Publisher: Mira
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2
I have read some of her other books and this one was wonderful. Good story to the end with a little twist.
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Helpful Score: 2
I thought this was a great read. Complex, weaving story that was interesting to the end.
EllyMae58 avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 31 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Great book. Diane Chamberlain always has a twist at the end that you just don't expect!
Beachreader avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 12 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Contemporary Romance/Womens Fiction
(Setting 1930s, 1950s, 1960s, and present day)
Monterey Peninsula California

Diane Chamberlain has been one of my favorite authors of contemporary women's fiction/romance for quite a while and this book is typical of hers where she puts two interwoven stories into one book. And what a book it is. I read it in a day, something that is not at all typical for me.

CYPRESS POINT is set on the Monterey Peninsula and Bay Area of California including Carmel and Big Sur. Joelle D'Angelo and Carlynn Shire's paths first cross when Carlynn saves Joelle's life on the day she is born. Now 34 years later Joelle again needs Carlynn's help. Her best friend Mara suffered a brain aneurysm when her first child was born 14 months previously. Mara is now in a nursing home, attempts at physical rehabilitation being to no avail.

Joelle had introduced Mara to her husband, Liam, a fellow social worker at a Monterey Hospital. In a moment of weakness on the first anniversary of Mara's devastating illness (also the first birthday of Liam and Mara's healthy son, Sam), Liam and Joelle are comforting each other and things go further than they should have. Using no protection due to the fact that they weren't thinking (if they *had* been thinking they wouldn't have made love in the first place) and that Joelle had suffered from infertility in her marriage (she is now divorced) -- Joelle becomes pregnant. She has definite plans to leave the area before she is too far along in order to avoid embarrassment for not only herself but for Liam. But first she wants to do everything she can to help Mara (who although awake, cannot communicate, recognize most people, or make many voluntary movements - it is clear she is severely brain-damaged). A visit to her parents has her recall her miraculous revival at birth at the hands of Dr. Carlynn Kling Shire so Joelle contacts Carlynn to see if there is anything she can do to help Mara. Joelle is a bit hesitant to do so knowing that shortly after she was born, Carlynn was in a auto accident that killed her twin sister and doesnt want to remind of her of that tragedy.

Carlynn Kling and her identical twin sister, Lisbeth were raised on the family estate of Cypress Point on Monterey Peninsulas famous 17-Mile Drive. Its evident early on that Carlynn has a gift of healing and she uses that gift and becomes a physician. Her identical twin sister doesnt appear to have the same gift and, in fact, is quite a bit different than Carlynn. Their mother only wanted ONE child so when, on the delivery table, shes informed there are two instead of one, she begins many years of ignoring and, in fact, disclaiming her second daughter. Lisbeths early years werent so bad because her father doted on her but after he died Lisbeth led an abysmal existence. While Carlynn was sent to all the best private schools, Lisbeteh was given a substandard education. Despite this Carlynn and Lisbeth remained close but most people dont realize they are twin because Carlynn remains slim while Lisbeths lack of self-esteem and over-eating as a way to deal with her loneliness and insecurity causes her to balloon to 200 pounds. When Carlynn goes to medical school in San Francisco, Lisbeth follows and works as an office manager at a medical clinic.

While in San Francisco, Carlynn continues her healing ways and comes to the attention of Dr. Alan Shire who is also interested in psychic phenomena and has studied Edgar Cayce. Their relationship eventually becomes personal as well as professional and they marry. Meanwhile Lisbeth has a romance of her own with Gabriel Johnson, an accountant at the hospital where Carlynn and Alan practice. Theres a complication though hes a Negro and its the 1950s. Through it all Carlynn and Lisbeths mother uses one excuse after another to reject Lisbeth and to find a reason to shut her out of her will.

But all isnt as it first seems. Things get very exciting and complicated when Joelles careful plans go awry and a closely guarded secret being kept by Carlynn is eventually revealed.

Both stories are compelling and while reading Joelles portion I was hesitatant to switch gears to go to Carlynns story. But I neednt have worried. Diane Chamberlain is such a pro at telling intertwined stories in such a way that both have the readers full attention -- making each story as interesting and exciting as the other. There is one caveat here for romance readers, infidelity plays a role in this story and for those of you who are against it in any way, shape, or form in the books you read, then this will not be for you. But those who can keep an open mind, will be richly rewarded.

Whether its the way she tells the story, her way with words, the way the breathes live into her characters or something less definable, Diane Chamberlains books are definite page turners and this one, as most of her others, are very highly recommended. In CYPRESS POINT, the setting itself becomes a character as well be it while sailing in the Pacific, the fog-shrouded coast of Big Sur, or area of Pebble Beachs 17-Mile Drive and even those whove never been to the area may be tempted to plan a trip there in the near future. The time-period goes from the 1930s when Carlynn and Lisbeth are children, to the 1950s when they are living in San Francisco and meet the men who they eventually marry, to 1967 and the commune where Joelle is born.

Diane Chamberlain has again gifted readers with an outstanding read. To simply say I loved it is an understatement. It has all the qualities I have come to expect in an excellent read and from this talented author.
reviewed Cypress Point on + 67 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I really enjoyed this one! It's about a woman whose friend is in a coma. She and the woman's husband both love her. It's also about a healer, whose skills are needed here. Lots of fun surprises.
reviewed Cypress Point on + 3389 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This is a story of two women, Joelle and Carlynn, whose lives run parallel, yet are more intertwined than meets the eye. There are two separate stories. One traces Carlynn's life beginning in 1937 at the age of 7; the other begins with Joelle's birth in 1967. The two stories merge into one where deep rooted feelings and secrets are revealed between the two women and that of their loved ones. Diane Chamberlain is best known for underlying themes where things are not always what they seem. "Cypress Point" will not disappoint the reader in line with that theme.
BrownEyesBlue avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 23 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
This book was excellent. There are a couple of different stories entwined in one. Carlynn and Lizbeth are twin sisters, who are so alike but treated so very differently by their parents. It's also about Liam and Mara. And about Joelle who ties them all together. It's about the past and the present and how they are all brought together from Joelle's birth.
reviewed Cypress Point on + 42 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
Great fast Read from begiining to end Diane Chamberlain is a wonderful author
AbbysMommy avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 2 more book reviews
I really liked the story, kept me in suspense...the ending is totally not what I expected :)
reviewed Cypress Point on
Good book, heart-wrenching!
reviewed Cypress Point on + 7 more book reviews
i love this author
reviewed Cypress Point on + 17 more book reviews
This is a really involved story; the ending completely surprised me.
What would have been an average story took on a second wind for a good
reviewed Cypress Point on + 143 more book reviews
This is a very well written book. Mara suffers an aneurysm. Mara's husband and best friend Joelle are drawn together in grief.Joelle seeks a Healer for her best friend. Before things go to far, Joelle sets out to find a Healer for Mara. Joelle learns the Healer has her own secrets. As Joelle travels her path she learns about love, friendship, and stregnth.
reviewed Cypress Point on + 9 more book reviews
Really enjoyed this! It pulls you in and keeps you guessing.
reviewed Cypress Point on + 9 more book reviews
I thought this book had an interesting plot, although it seemed a little too "fluffy" for me at times.
emeraldfire avatar reviewed Cypress Point on
Joelle D'Angelo's best friend, Mara, is left with irreversible brain damage after she suffers an aneurysm during the delivery of her son. Alone and grieving, Joelle turns to the only other person who understands her pain: Mara's husband, Liam. And what originally starts out as simply two friends finding comfort in each other's company gradually becomes something more. Something undeniable.

Torn by guilt and the impossibility of her feelings for Liam, Joelle seeks help from someone she's not even sure she believes in - a healer named Carlynn Kling Shire. Joelle sets out to find Carlynn, knowing that Mara needs something which conventional medicine can't supply. And hoping that when Mara recovers, Joelle's feelings for Liam will end.

Her search leads her to a mansion in Monterey, California, and into the life of a woman shrouded in mystery. And as Joelle is guided down an unfamiliar path by a woman who is clearly keeping her own secrets, she discovers that some love is doomed, while some love can survive anything.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was drawn into the story through the characters and a very intriguing plot. I give Cypress Point by Diane Chamberlain a definite A+! I have read only one of Diane Chamberlain's books perhaps a decade or so ago, and enjoyed that one as well. Although I have only read two books by Diane Chamberlain so far, I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.
nunnona05 avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 21 more book reviews
Loved It!!
reviewed Cypress Point on + 271 more book reviews
Loved this book!!!! Diane Chamberlain is the best!!!!!
23dollars avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 432 more book reviews
This is the bonus book this month in my online book club, The Reading Cove. I was disappointed. The story never reached its potential, and too much seemed contrived in the way secrets were revealed.

I enjoyed Carlynn and Lisbeth's storyline set in the 1950's and 60's better than the modern-day storyline with Liam and Joelle, who just seemed to annoy me more than anything else.

There was an unexpected twist at the end, but even that felt a bit contrived. And the story was a good 100 pages too long. I can't really say I'd recommend it. C+
my2luvsemmyandmally avatar reviewed Cypress Point on + 758 more book reviews
EXCELLENT! I absolutely loved it! Have come to expect nothing but the BEST from a Diane Chamberlain book!!!
reviewed Cypress Point on + 153 more book reviews
Really liked this one. It has a twist at the end!
reviewed Cypress Point on + 209 more book reviews
Another winner from Diane Chamberlain! Highly recommended!
reviewed Cypress Point on + 271 more book reviews
Another excellent Diane Chamberlain read!
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