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The Eclectic Pen - Damn

By: Mercedes H. (trulymadd)  
Date Submitted: 1/26/2009
Genre: Romance » Contemporary
Words: 290


Where are you when I need you the most? Again stargazing? Or are you simply searching for something more profound than I?

I went to the shore, the sand warm wiggling between my toes, made me smile. Sand often makes the corners of my mouth go up, up like the sky and the clouds and the dreams we all dream and dare to make them come true. Are they real? Are you? Perhaps Iím mindless with wonder and have yet to be able to conjure you up like a witchís brew, all bubbly, hot, waiting for the steam to pass, so I can lick you up and devour you. Itís the only way to make you mine, to fill my mouth and breathe with you and exhale a hot gasp of wonder while my knees shiver from the torment of having you.

Even though you are not here, you are part of me, you are me, moving undulating warm and coming with violent thrust and creamy passion. Why have I so often rebuked you? Was it fear? Was it fear of lust? Or was it simply fear of something unknown, something we both need and may never have? Tell me if you can. I beg you for I am bereft and left incomplete without your warmth, your love, your eyes, your bottom lip I need to suck on, as I need your heat, your love and the promise that tomorrow is another day. Perhaps tomorrow, we will find each other. Until I do, I am desolate. My hair withers like a stallionís flank, MY love quivers like a morning glory opening to the sun.

I wait for you. Are you there? I am licking my lips. And they are full.

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