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Topic: Dana Stabenow

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Subject: Dana Stabenow
Date Posted: 6/6/2007 9:17 AM ET
Member Since: 7/17/2005
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She has written the Star Svensdotter Series, Liam Campbell series and the Kate Shugak books.  Do we have any fans of hers in the club?

Date Posted: 6/6/2007 11:13 AM ET
Member Since: 1/29/2007
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You most definitely do.

I truly enjoy Kate Shugak.  I have read this series from book 1 and recommend that anyone starting the series read them in order also.  By reading them in order you watch Kate develop by facing leftover childhood emotions and situations and adversaries that occur during her life.  It is hard to explain a reason why you should read them in order without giving away the books [which I wont do as I hope that  you will enjoy them as much as I have and still do.  The mysteries are great and she doesn't pull a murderer out of the woodwork at the end who was just briefly mentioned on page three.  You can detect as well as she does [and I sometimes do].

Liam Campbell is also very enjoyable as his series increases and I get to know the characters better I am enjoying it much more.

Stabanow's books are really a must read.

I will have to try Star Svensdotter.  I had never heard of her.


Date Posted: 6/6/2007 12:37 PM ET
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I just started reading book 1 of the Shugak series. Found out about Stabanow from this site!! Am enjoying it so far! ;)


Date Posted: 6/6/2007 6:57 PM ET
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I haven't read any yet, but I have a couple that I hope to get to.

Date Posted: 6/6/2007 11:32 PM ET
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I am picking her Kate Shugak books up again...I quit reading them after an event in the books that I REALLY didn't like - can't reveal it or I'll give away some important information.  However, I have begun reading the series again, and have to say that the hated event made the series even better in the long run.  Kate is certainly a strong character and I have learned so much about Alaska and Alaskans.  I recommend the series.

I, too, have not read any of the Star S. books.

Stabanow has an interesting newsletter that she publishes when the whim hits.  http://www.stabenow.com/links/

Date Posted: 6/7/2007 2:35 AM ET
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Hi Molly

I know the event you mean which is why I had to be so cryptic in my post.  The books and Kate really do get better.  The writing gets stronger and Kate develops as a person.

I have the latest one here and after I finish Aunt Dimity goes West may start it.  I also have so many more I'm dying to read.  I sometime save the ones that I know I will love for a time I will really need a distraction.


Date Posted: 6/7/2007 10:20 AM ET
Member Since: 9/21/2005
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Kate Shugak is one of my favorite characters to read about.  I like the Liam Campbell series also.  I haven't ready anything about Star S.  I'll have to give that series a try.

Date Posted: 6/7/2007 2:56 PM ET
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Leyba - A Deeper Sleep is very good.  I stayed up until 3:00am reading it and plan to reread the last three books in the series this summer.  The investigator does a lot of thinking in this last book!  LOL   (It's hard to write about without giving it away!)

I agree that the books in the Kate Shugak series have to be read in order to understand all of the relationships - and Stabenow does an awesome job developing characters with both flaws and redeeming qualities.  The end of A Deeper Sleep really leaves you pondering some interesting questions.

I couldn't get into the Liam Campbell series the first time I tried to read them, but maybe I'll give them another try this summer.


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Date Posted: 6/7/2007 5:33 PM ET
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I read the first three of the Kate Shugak books and just was not impressed and stopped reading them there. They were okay, not horrible...just that there are so many other series I like better that I dropped that one from my list. I had heard of the Liam Campbell series but not tried it, and never heard of the other one mentioned. I might give those a look-see at some point.


Date Posted: 6/7/2007 8:06 PM ET
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Give the Liam Campbell another try.  The first one was hard to get into and I almost put it down a few times.  But it was good enough that when the second one came out I had to read it.  I have enjoyed book 2 onward since then.

Now you really have me curious about "Deeper Sleep".  Oh well, next time as I have already started Deborah Crombie's "Dead in the Water"



Date Posted: 6/7/2007 9:52 PM ET
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I LOVE the Kate Shugak series!  All of them are on my keeper shelf and I think they just get better and better.  

Date Posted: 6/7/2007 11:35 PM ET
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I haven't tried any of the sci-fi she has written, but I totally love both the Kate Shugak and Liam Campbell series.

Date Posted: 6/8/2007 11:00 PM ET
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I have a few of her books  looking forward to reading them.


Happy reading



Date Posted: 6/9/2007 9:07 PM ET
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Love the Kate series; yes, hated that event, though agree that it's gone on well.  I forget the last one I read, though, so I'll have to check.  Can anyone talk about the Star series?

Linda S. (thk) - ,
Date Posted: 6/10/2007 8:15 AM ET
Member Since: 10/4/2006
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I have read a few Kates, and enjoyed both the characters and the setting.  Nothing new to add.  (Just realized, they remind me of Dick Francis in a way, with unusual settings and occupations that show us new small worlds, in addition to the mystery.) 

Have not tried Liam yet.  Thanks for the link to the newsletter.  There are 3 of the Stars, looks like, science fiction in the early 90s.

Date Posted: 6/11/2007 8:06 PM ET
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I read a couple of the Kate stories and liked them.  Then it got to the point where they all had to come from my Wishlist, and I started cleaning that of some of the marginal "wishes."  That's when I stopped reading Stabenow.

Date Posted: 6/15/2007 9:22 PM ET
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Today I stopped at my local used book shop, found "Second Star", posted on the clubs wish list (6 members wishing) will try the other shops tomorrow.  

Date Posted: 6/15/2007 11:58 PM ET
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I LOVE Dana Stabenow!

I have even emailed her a couple of times and she emails right back. She's great!

Date Posted: 6/19/2007 2:08 PM ET
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I had a few Dana Stabenow books on my TBR pile though  had never read her before. Just liked the blurbs and the reviews and thought I should try her out. Besides I like reading about Alaska and other places with extreme climates (I wouldn't survive 5 minutes in such places - maybe that is why I derive such vicarious pleasure in reading about such places and characters).. I finally did read A Deeper Sleep couple of days ago and enjoyed it. but I would be hard pressed to put Kate Shugak in the top 10 (or maybe even top 20) of the characters I have enjoyed knowing through books. I would probably have enjoyed it more if I had read it in order and that is what i am going to do when I get back from my travels. Maybe that will help me revise my opinion. :)

I have not read her other series but they are on  my TBR list now.


Date Posted: 6/19/2007 5:36 PM ET
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I have wanted to try one of the Kate Shugak books because of the Alaskan setting and the dogs + mystery.  But have held off since we're talking something like 10 years old.  How does the story hold up over the years? 

What is the 1st of the series.  I see there are lots of the books available now through PBS.

Linda S. (thk) - ,
Date Posted: 6/22/2007 1:12 PM ET
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I the ones I read, i did not notice any "datedness".  Maybe because of the unusual settings.  One note, though, I like mysteries from the twenties all the way up to today.

Date Posted: 7/13/2007 12:12 AM ET
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I am a tried and true Dana Stabenow fan! I love the Kate series and  have not read the Liam Campbell series. I have just completed a re read of the whole series minus the book with the dread event. I still like good old stubborn , crafty Kate.

Date Posted: 7/13/2007 7:57 PM ET
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Okay...all of you got me "curiouser and curiouser"; I went to the library to try her out and came home with "Singing for the Dead". I'll let you know how I liked it, and thanks!


Date Posted: 7/22/2007 6:06 AM ET
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I love all Dana Stabenow's books.  I had a whole series and have already traded all mine off.  I can't wait for Whisper to the Blood, due out in 2009, featuring Kate Shugak. 

Date Posted: 3/27/2008 10:54 PM ET
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I love the Shugak series. It helps that she dosen't make things up about Alaska. She's very accurate in her descriptions.