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The Eclectic Pen - Dark Encounter

By: Joanne B. (jayeb) - ,  
Date Submitted: 1/13/2013
Last Updated: 1/13/2013
Genre: Romance
Words: 388

  He holds his hand out for her, " Shall we dance Mi'lady", he asks politely and with confidence,

"Of course, kind Sir", she replies, her heart beating a little faster as she rises from her table.
He walks with her, his hand placed on the small of her back, to the middle of the great ballroom,
her satin ball gown sways and twirls as they go around the marble floor,
he looks deeply into her eyes as he carries on dancing with her his black coat flowing out behind him,
she looks into his eyes as he moves her around, cupping her waist, she can feel her heart beating faster as she goes around the ballroom floor to the slow, classical tunes of Violins and Pianos.

He makes a red rose appear in front of her, which he'd taken from a nearby table as they danced by,
he carries on dancing with her and dips her low to the floor and takes in her scent, her perfume,
she closes her eyes and hopes this isn't a dream, and opens them to see him watching her intently with curiosity.

He kisses her forehead softly,
she sighed with happiness, she knew he could hear her heartbeat, being a Vampire, so he must know the effect he had on her.
He took her hand and kissed it softly as he leads her over to the wooden bench by the window,
she leaned in closer so she could feel his breath on her face,
he stroked her hair and looks into her eyes,
she smiled slowly at the handsome face so close to hers
he stroked her hair a little more as he kissed her lips softly.
She closed her eyes and feels the amazing sensation on her soft lips he
kisses her neck softly and slowly all over as he runs a finger down her spine gently undoing her satin ballgown at the same time and she moans at the softness of his touch.
He runs a finger down her bare spine as he carries on kissing her neck lightly softly and slowly all over,
the dance ends and she re-amends her dress,
she curtsies with her satin gown flowing and billowing at her small feet,
he bows to her and hands her a red and black rose before he melts into the shadows.

She stands in awe of a most beautiful rose and her most handsome stranger of the night.......

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