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The Eclectic Pen - Dear Love

By: Crystal S. (LiveLife)   + 35 more  
Date Submitted: 2/23/2008
Words: 133

  Dear Love
How I miss you so
Why did you leave me so
Where did you go

Dear Love
The nights are long
The days are cold
Without you here beside me

Dear Love
You mad me laugh
You made me smile
Why did you quit

Dear Love
I wonder if you will come back
I miss the way I felt
I miss you more than ever

Dear Love
My love for you is strong
My love for you is still here
My love for you will never change

Dear Love
I hate that you left me
I hate the way you made me feel
I hate that you did this to me

Dear Love
Did you ever love me
You said that you did
Did you mean it

Dear Love
My heart is broken
My mind is gone
Is this what you wanted

Dear Love
I cant give up on you
You may have given up on me
Ill always be here

Dear Love
I guess love dont matter

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