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The Eclectic Pen - The Diary of a Blind Girl (Chapter One)

By: Samantha R. (samixluv)  
Date Submitted: 7/22/2010
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Words: 1,047

  Chapter One: The Diary of a Blind Girl
Some say blindness takes away all sight and leaves you helpless. But to me, becoming blind has enabled me to see what others cannot. Some people have asked me what it is like to be blind, I just tell them that it really isn't that bad. I have been blind for most of my life, since I was seven to be exact. I have seen my share of what the world can bring and what it can take away.

I lost my sight in a car accident. It was dead winter, the trees were bare, and the tires didn't have enough tread. We had gone around a curve in the road, there was a car coming around us on the other side. We didn't make it, my father was behind the wheel and lost control of the car, sending us into the other vehicle that was heading towards us.
Apparently my parents hadn't been wearing seatbelts, because when we were found, my mom and dad were dead. They had been killed on impact. I had been left in critical condition. I didn't know if I was going to survive, but I had hoped that I would.

I started to recover slowly, very slowly, it seemed like it was taking too long. I had bandages over my eyes, because during the collision, the windshield shattered and shards embedded themselves into my bright blue eyes. I never thought it could happen to me, but from that day forward, I had been pronounced legally blind.

After I had recovered I was placed in an orphanage. My idea of an orphanage was a place that was dark and dreary, at least that was what I had been told. The orphanage ended up being pretty nice. Although I couldn't see, people were nice to me and treated me like I belonged. I began to love it there. But one day, everyone started to be adopted. I didn't know what adoption was at the time, but eventually, I was the only one left in the orphanage. I started to dread my life there, there weren't any more kids and now I had no one to talk to. I believed that I would never be adopted, and I admit, it bothered me.

I learned to be a loner, being alone bothered me for awhile, but I eventually got used to it. I was happy being able to do things on my own. Life began to take a better turn. But I got so used to being alone, that when I finally did get adopted, it saddened me. My life as a loner would probably cease to exist. But soon after I was adopted, I realized that it really wasn't all that bad to have a family. Memories of my parents' death always flooded through my head, but my new family treated me just as well. d Life began to take an even better turn when I turned twelve. I realized that I had a gift. I always saw images in my mind, even though I was blind.

I soon realized that these visions were actually parts of my future. It only came at certain times, and I only saw certain parts, but either way, I thought it was pretty interesting. My future sight was selective though, I could only see mine, nobody else's. I didn't have many friends, but I knew that maybe I might make some one day. I didn't know when, and I didn't know how, but somehow, I just knew.

Going on about life is difficult, but sometimes, you just have to push on to see what life will bring you. Then again, things can always go the other way and be taken away. People always thought that there was something strange about me when I was younger. My mother and father didn't see it though, they thought I was perfect.

When I was a little girl, before the age of seven, I was happy to be able to see. I never thought that I would lose my eyesight, but who would know about what was about to happen, at least that's what I thought then. I knew that life would go on however it was planned and that there was nothing I or anyone could do about it.
After I lost my eyesight, my life seemed dull, everything was black but it didn't really matter all that much. If you can't see, it just gives you room to learn how to do things without your eyes.

I eventually learned how to write Braille. Braille is the way that blind people read and write. As I blind girl, you realize that you take a lot for granted. When you can see, you never realize just how much it matters. Because I am blind, I cannot see the kids playing on the playground at school, I can't see birds flying in the air, or see what people look like so that I can put a face to voice. There are many things that we all take for granted, including out eyesight. I am proof that even though you can't see, you can still overcome all obstacles.

I always knew that mornings were light and that nights were dark. I knew how to describe the night. I always described the sky as a hematite color, but not every night was full of starts. One night for me was different from all the rest, I knew something was different, I just didn't know what.

But I had heard voices in my head, I had seen disturbing images in my mind, of a night to come. This was that night, I knew by the way I felt while walking around with my gude dog Laysee. I knew what was coming before it even came, but I welcomed it. Tonight would be the night that I met, the awakener.

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Heather M. - 7/23/2010 8:29 PM ET
Wow, great start! I'd love to read more.
Michal W. (Princess101) - 7/25/2010 5:24 PM ET
Oh, do please write more!
Janet G. (jess777) - , - 7/30/2010 4:48 PM ET
I am very anxious to read Chapter 2. Will there be a chapter 2?
Sandra F. (runcysmom) - , - 8/4/2010 7:52 PM ET
Good start. I hope you go on to finish it.
Sara C. (mustangirl) - 9/11/2010 5:02 PM ET
I love it and can't wait for more!
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