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The Eclectic Pen - Disturbance

By: Scott W. (Rev)   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 1/4/2007
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 40

  Sweet thunder of an evil storm
A precious vow
Strong and simple
Shadows arise to consume bold virtue
A single crime
Hungry for the radiant blood of a black penance
Danger departing from infinite plight
A savage scream
Frantic needs devour any idolatrous answers
Liquid life
A delicate gaze
Mocking me

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Jim H. (Pecos45) - 1/5/2007 7:15 AM ET
Interesting. Good imagry.
Kristine S. (NHBookLover) - 1/7/2007 8:36 AM ET
Some good phrases here - shadows arise to consume bold virtue, liquid life. A poem filled with anger.........
Comments 1 to 2 of 2