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The Eclectic Pen - Down by the River

By: Kim F. - ,   + 3 more  
Date Submitted: 6/19/2015
Last Updated: 6/19/2015
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Words: 8,273

  Author's note/disclaimer
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events portrayed in this story are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or people living or dead is entirely coincidental.


It all started in a small southern town, a town that still believed heavily in segregation, even though I didn't. My name is Heather, and I am about to tell you a story.

Chapter 1

Now how do I begin, how about the day that I first saw Nicole? I had just moved from New York to the small town of Montgomery, Georgia, and let me tell you total shock. I was walking down the street when I decided "how about a movie", so I walked up to the counter and asked for 1 ticket, that is when things began.
"Sorry ma'am, but I can't sell you a ticket.”
“This here theatre is for black folk only, and since you are not black, I can't sell you a ticket.”
“What? That’s not right.”
“Sorry ma’am, but if you want to see a movie you need to walk about 2 blocks north to the white folks theatre.”
Talk about shock, in NY, I never saw this happen, what the hell I never dreamed segregation still existed, this was 2015 after all not 1954. Oh well what was I to do, so I started to walk away after deciding not to see a movie after all, since I refused to support this belief. On the way back home, I decided to grab a bite at a local diner, while eating my salad, and veggie burger, a young high school age girl came in and sat down. After about 15 minutes I noticed no one had gone to take her order, so I motioned the waiter over and mentioned
"Excuse me, but I think that young lady over there has been waiting for a long time, don't you think someone should go over and take her order?”
Then I heard something I had always sworn I would never say.
"You mean that nigger woman over there; we don't serve that kind here"
"What!” I said loud enough to definitely cause a stir of eyes.
"How dare you, she is human to, what you are doing is wrong", then I proceeded to place enough money down to pay for my meal, and stormed out of the restaurant.
By this time I was pissed, first the movie theatre now this. What the Hell? I had only just moved here 2 days ago and today was my first day out and exploring this small town, I was officially done for the day, so I headed home not stopping anywhere else.

Chapter 2

When I finally got home, I couldn't help but slam the front door and run upstairs to my bedroom. Then I slammed my door and threw myself on my bed with a big "Oh My God, what were my parents thinking when they moved here?” After a few minutes, I heard a knock on my bedroom door then heard my dad ask:
"Honey, are you ok? What's wrong? Do you want to talk?"
"No dad, I just need some time to myself."
"Ok then, just let me know, remember your mom and I are always here if you need to talk, and I know the move from NY to here must have been really hard for you."
"Ok dad, now please leave me alone."
The last thing I wanted to do right now is talk to my dad or my mom for that matter, I just wanted to relax and figure out what the hell was going to happen tomorrow when I started my new school.

Chapter 3

On the next morning, after getting up, taking my shower and eating breakfast, I headed out to see what awaited me at my new school. When I arrived at Montgomery high, I first headed to the office, got my schedule, locker assignment, then headed to my first class, which happened to be biology. When I got to biology I noticed the young girl I had seen at the restaurant the other day. She was sitting in the back of the class, along with a few other black students, while the white students were sitting up front. After a few minutes of looking around I noticed there was a seat
next to the girl I had seen the other day, so not knowing any differently being the new girl I decided to go over and introduce myself and take the seat. I was surprised at what happened next, but considering what had happened the day before I guess it was no surprise after all.
"Hey! What are you doing?" I heard a boy call from the front of the room.
"Just introducing myself, you got a problem?”
Then I continued with my introduction to the girl sitting next to me.
"Hi, my name is Heather, what's your name?
"Heather, did you say? I know your new so I think, you should know this is very awkward for me talking to you right now. I don't know where you are from, but here the white folk don't talk to us, so I would suggest moving to a different seat."
"New York, and I don't care what others think, I make my own decisions, and have no problem talking with you. In fact I am strongly against all this prejudice in this town. I believe everyone is equal."
"Really" Nicole said. "Wow you are really different."
"I try."
Then I started hearing the white kids chanting:
"Nigger lover" several times until the teacher finally came in.

Chapter 4

"Hey class enough! What is going on in here?"
"Mr. Smith, it's the new girl over there. Look where she is seating and do you see how she is talking to that nigger girl over there. It's not right."
"Now Jonathan, you know we do not discriminate against other people at this school, and we definitely don't get the whole class involved. Go to the principal’s office now."
"The hell we don't" yelled Brianna.
Brianna was a senior I later learned was denied the opportunity to attend her junior prom solely due to the fact her boyfriend, James was white and from a different school.
"Brianna just for that you may join Jonathan in the principal’s office as well. Go! Now class let's stop all this drama and get started. I need everyone to team up with a partner; we will be dissecting frogs today."
Yuck I hated biology, but most of all I hated dissecting anything it was disgusting, not to mention nauseating due to being a animal loving vegetarian, but enough about me right now back to biology.
"Nicole, would you like to be lab partners?"
"Whoa! Heather, didn't you just learn anything from what just happened? You must be one stupid bitch. I can't be your lab partner or even you’re Friend. Are you blind? I am warning you contrary to what Mr. Smith said if you continue this behavior here you could get hurt. I don't know how people are in New York, but people here don't take kindly to this."
Then Nicole turned grabbed one of the other black students and said "let's be partners ok? At that moment I felt invisible, no one was going to want to be my biology partner after what just went down, but then something very surprising happened.
"Nicole I think you should be Heather's partner."
"What Jaden? Nicole said.
"Listen, Nicole if Heather is the girl from the other day at the restaurant, and by your description I would guess yes, think about it. Also look at what just happened. Either that girl is very stupid like you said and things will continue to go downhill, or maybe she is exactly what our town needs."
"I see fine then Heather let's get started".

Chapter 5

"How dare the teacher send me to the principal, that prick, doesn't he know my father runs this town. There is no way, the principal can do anything, and if he so much as touches me his job will be on the line. Just wait till I tell my dad about that nigger lover, he will make sure she pays."

Chapter 6

After biology ended, then I had French, Algebra 2, English, History, lunch, and choir. During choir, which is my favorite by the way, I looked around the classroom and saw Jaden.
"Thanks for earlier."
"No problem."
After the bell rang, I proceeded to walk home. When I got home, both my parents were there waiting for me.
"Heather Marie Campbell, we need to talk, get in this house now!"
"Oh man, what did I do now?"
It seemed I was always getting into trouble for something. Clothes on the floor, not getting all A's on my report card, driving too fast, texting at the dinner table, you name it and I can most likely relate. My parents were like perfectionist drill sergeants, no wonder I never wanted to talk to them. They just never seem to understand anything. It was like that old 80's song "parents just don't understand" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith).
Rolling my eyes, I looked right past my parents hoping there was a way I could get around whatever my parents wanted to talk about this time.
"Heather Marie Campbell don't you dare roll your eyes at us, and you better stop trying to figure out a way to avoid this, you are in trouble miss."
"What on earth did I do this time mom?"
"You know good and well what you did girl. I had to come home early from work today, due to my boss saying there was an issue at school today.
"Sorry dad but I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Of course I had a slight idea, but since I didn't get into trouble at school over the Biology issue I didn't want to add salt to whatever my parents were upset about.
"So Heather, you are telling us you have no idea about an issue that happened today in Biology?
I wanted to say "oh shit", but thought maybe my parents didn't have the whole story, and didn't want to get in further trouble by cursing, so I said "oh that, let me explain." I figured this was the better approach because chances are in this town whatever my parents heard was bullshit.
"Oh so you do know, bet you didn't know however that my boss said that if this happens again I am fired."
"What! That's not right, what the hell is wrong with this town? What happened I always thought segregation was illegal, yet somehow this town is totally defying the law? It's like this town is trapped in some alternate universe where the civil rights movement doesn't seem to exist. What the hell."
"Heather, I understand how you feel, and I know in New York things were much different, but honey we just have to learn how to adapt."
"Adapt? Mom you got to be kidding, this is wrong, I refuse to sit back and be a part of this atrocity."
"Heather, listen I know you are young, strong willed, very outspoken, and want to do the right thing, but honey please trust me. In issues like this it is best to back down, or people get hurt or killed. As your mom and someone who loves you immensely, I don't want to see you hurt. Please suck up your teenage pride and listen."
"Are you done preaching yet, I have homework, I am going to my room."
After doing my homework and having dinner, due to a rough day I decided to crash early.

Chapter 7

It had now been about a month since the biology issue, nothing else had happened, but that primarily was due to me. I had decided after my dad's speech, that I didn't want him to be fired on my account regardless that his boss was an ignorant bastard. Just because someone else is naive and stupid when it comes to life didn't mean I had to be. I figured regardless of my beliefs I would lie low at school, since it seemed to cause trouble, but that didn't mean I would let the issue in this town rest. I was still determined to be friends with Nicole, Jaden, and anyone else I chose regardless
of color. That is the reason I decided at that moment I would call Nicole using the school directory I got my first day.
"Hi, I am a friend of Nicole's, may I please speak with her. This is Heather."
"Did you say Heather? You wouldn't be the same Heather that is white, and caused a big stir up at the school last month, would you?
"A big stir, what do you mean? I am white, but that shouldn't matter, I will tell you the same thing I told Nicole. I am from New York and contrary to what you might think; I don't feel the same way everyone else in this town feels. I believe everyone is equal, and I refuse to switch my way of thinking to what this town is trying to preach to the white people about black people. It is wrong; I just would like to be friends with Nicole, not cause trouble."
"I see, then you must be just like my daughter said, either very stupid or very brave, thinking in that teenage way that you’re immortal. Trust me girl, here in Montgomery things are different, very different then NY. Here what you are proposing could easily get you, Nicole, or both of you killed. Come hell or high water will I allow that, I love Nicole and will not see her get hurt? I understand teenagers today don't see things the same way my generation does, and I pray to God that what you told me is true about how you feel, but I am sorry as a parent I cannot allow this. Please don't call back. Click."
"Wow I wasn't expecting that, whoa.”

Chapter 8

"Hey Brianna"
"Yes Nicole."
"Can I talk to you; I really need your opinion on a matter."
"Sure sister, what's troubling ya?
"What do you think of the new girl?
"Well to be honest sister, I don't know what to think of that girl. I know she is a Yankee and all, but she is strange. That girl sure is brave, let me tell ya."
"You are brave too; in fact you are a lot like Heather considering your friendship with James. What do your parents think about James? Also any idea what his parents think about you? "
"In regard to James's parents I don't really know how they feel about us, but they don't prevent us from talking. In regard to my parents, they have no problem with it, but let me tell ya sister they are not going to talk about it."
"Brianna do you think I should be friends with Heather? She actually just called, but my mom answered. Can you imagine how that went? You know my mom, she was polite and all, however since she disapproves of me associating with white folk, she never handed me the phone."
"Girlfriend, I have no idea what to tell you to do. You know how I feel about all this shit. You also know all the hell I have had to endure due to this. I can't wait till I graduate, then God willing I am getting the fuck away from this bigoted town."
"Good luck, I still have one more year to go before graduating, I just hope I can survive that long, thanks Brianna.
“No Problem.”

Chapter 9

Can you believe my junior prom is almost here, I can't either, where has the time gone? I would love to go, but I haven't been asked. My parents would never let me go stag, even though I wouldn't mind. Don't get me wrong, however going stag could be fun, but then again it most likely would be a drag. Well off to history.
"What a bore" at least that is what I normally thought till today when Mrs. Water's decided to assign a history report. Each student was allowed to choose whatever event in history they wanted and then they had to present their topic to the class. I had an idea, not the best idea considering my surroundings, but I was up for the challenge. After thinking for a while, I decided to do my report on the civil rights movement. Was that a mistake? Would I get in trouble? Most likely yes, but did I give a dam, hell no. Screw what I said earlier about lying low at school here was my chance, and I sure as hell wasn't going to waste it.
By the time, school was out, I was ready to zoom over to the library and start my research. I was determined that this report was going to make an impact.

Chapter 10

I had just arrived home and gone up to rest, when the phone started ringing.
"Hey mom, are you going to get that".
"I guess not"
"Hi, this is Jaden. Is this Heather?"
"Yes", I said most likely sounding nervous, or maybe curious was a better word. To be honest I had no idea why Jaden would be calling me, but I was about to find out, and let me tell you I never would have guessed.
"Heather, are you going to prom?"
Prom, whoa time out, was Jaden thinking of asking me to prom? I would love to go to prom, and Jaden would make a great date, but I thought the school didn't allow mixed couples to go. I couldn't help but remember Brianna's outburst the first day of school. What was I going to say if that is what Jaden was planning? Oh shit, I hated situations like this; you know damn if you do, damn if you don't.
"Yeah, about that, to be honest I haven't really decided yet. Are you going?"
"Not sure. I was wondering however, would you be interested in hanging out sometime?"
"Sounds fun, what did you have in mind?"
"Since this town is the way it is, we would have to be careful, but I was thinking how would you like to have a picnic down by the river? I could bring my mom's famous fried chicken, and collard greens with bacon and we could just sit and talk."
"Perfect, except one small problem. I am vegetarian."
"Vegetarian, wow you just keep getting more and more interesting. Ok then, do you want to bring the rabbit food, or do you want me to?"
"Very funny Jaden Ha Ha. How about you bring what you like and I will bring something for myself, along with a dessert to share. Sound good, now where is this river, and what time?"

Chapter 11

"Hey Dylan, how would you like to join Matt and I this weekend for some fishing down by the river?
"Sure see you Saturday around noon"

Chapter 12

OMG! I can't believe Jaden just asked me out. Wow, I am so looking forward to seeing him Saturday around 11:30 at the river. Now what to wear? I wish I could call Nicole, but after the last call when her mom answered I knew not to even try. I would just have to see if I could talk to her tomorrow at school. Then I picked up the phone and called my friend, Jessica back in New York.
"Hi Jessica, do you have time to talk? You won't believe what life has been like since the move."
"Sure anytime. What's happening, sounds like you really need to talk. You know I'm always here for you, that’s what friends are for."
"Thanks Jessica, and yes like always you are right, I do really need to talk. Where do I start? "
After talking for what felt like an eternity there was a long pause. I had just finished telling Jessica everything, and was very curious to know what she thought. I couldn't see Jessica, but due to the long pause I could only imagine the expression she had. The jaw drop expression that Sebastian had when Ariel got legs in the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid. Just when I was about to break the silence, Jessica finally spoke.
"Oh My God!"
"Heather, I am so sorry. I wish I knew what to say, but to be honest I am surprised I can speak at all. I can't believe this is happening."
"Thank you for listening and being such a great friend"
"Anytime, and don't forget you can call me anytime if you need to talk. Goodnight."

Chapter 13

It was now Saturday, and talk about being nervous, the butterflies just wouldn't stop turning in my stomach. I was scared, something felt weird, different like something bad was about to happen. I was suppose to meet up with Jaden in less than an hour, so after much thought I finally decided what to wear and headed out. Weather was great, a nice 75 degrees and cloudy with no chance of rain. It was a great day, and let me tell you Jaden looked amazing when he arrived in a nice blue shirt and jeans. Now I liked him before, but dam I think I was ready to tear off my clothes at that moment. I needed a nice cold shower considering how I was feeling.
"Wow! Jaden you look great."
"Thanks Heather. You look good yourself. I love that green shirt; it really brings out your green eyes and blond hair."
"Thanks Jaden."
"So what did you bring for dessert?"
Well I wanted to say myself, but knew better. Also I wasn't that kind of girl, even though Jaden was mega cute. What had gotten into me, I have had feelings for guys in the past, but damn not like this. I Guess I will have to go to confession after this. Wow things were changing, I just hoped he was a gentleman, and my self control stayed in check.
"Strawberry shortcake sound good, it's my favorite."
"Sounds delicious, I can't wait. Let's get started."
Just at that moment Dylan and a gang of guys arrived planning to go fishing, however fishing is not what happened.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Dylan said.
"Hey Jonathan come here. Is that the girl you were telling us about?
“Yes Dylan."
"Looks likes she's one stupid bitch, who has a death wish" one of the other guys chimed in.
“I say if that bitch wants it, then let's give it to her" Jonathan called out.
"Hey, we don't want trouble. Go away" Jaden and I both said in unison.
"Go away, ha ha ha. I don't think so nigger, you and your nigger lover over there are about to pay."
"Hey Dylan, go to my car and get me what is under the mat in my trunk, I have a lesson to teach here."
"Here you go Jonathan."
"Ok Dylan, Matt grab the nigger."
"Stop this is wrong, Jonathan leave him alone. Jaden is a human being you’re going to kill him. Stop damn it."
"Hey guys I think you can take over now, keep beating him with that tire iron just don't kill him"
"Man he is already unconscious, can't we stop? We are already in a heap of shit"
“Don’t worry; my dad will take care of everything. Now shut up and do as you are told."
"No! No! Jaden? Jaden?”
"Don't you dare touch me, you monster, leave me alone. No don't, please Jonathan No."
What happened next was the most horrifying experience I had ever encountered in my life. Jonathan threw me to the ground ripped my nice green blouse open and started fondling my breasts while I was screaming my head off. I just wished someone could hear me, but the whole reason we chose this spot was due to the seclusion. Next he unzipped my pants and tore off my undies, while I did everything I could to get him to stop. I was kicking, biting you name it anything I could think of, but I was such a small girl compared to Jonathan, a strong football quarterback. Next he proceeded to unzip his pants and forced his penis inside me. I had been a virgin, now my life was ruined, I couldn't believe what was happening to me. When he was finally done and had come inside of me, then you will never believe what this fucking monster did, he had both of his friends rape me as well. After all that I was hit hard in the head with the tire iron and my world got dark, what was happening to me?

Chapter 14

When Jaden woke up, he immediately started yelling:
"Heather, Heather where are you? Oh my God, where are you?"
After no response Jaden painfully reached for his phone and called 911.
"911 what's your emergency?"
"I just woke up after being beaten half to death, and can't move. I don't see Heather, and she won't respond to me yelling. Oh my God where is Heather?
"Ok. First calm down please. Where are you?
"I'm at the river; you know the place where teens go to be alone. My friend and I met around 11:30 on Saturday morning to have a picnic and talk. We went into the woods to have privacy, and then, they showed up."
"Who is Heather? Who showed up sir? We have police and an EMS unit dispatched; please continue talking to me till they arrive."
"Heather is my friend, and ma'am it was Jonathan McKenzie, Dylan Evers, and Matt Taylor. They arrived and then started harassing us. We did nothing wrong ma'am, my friend and I were just having a picnic and talking. Please hurry I am hurt real bad, and have no clue where Heather is."
That is when the police showed up and I disconnected.
"Hello, are you Jaden?
"Hi, I am Officer Hampton. Can you please tell me what happened while the medical team evaluates you?"
"Sure officer. It all started this morning around 11:30 when my friend and I met up here to have a picnic and talk. Then around noon Jonathan McKenzie, Dylan Evers, and Matt Taylor showed up. They started harassing Heather and I so we told them to get lost, and that seemed to make Jonathan mad."
"Jonathan McKenzie, as in Tom's boy, you are accusing the Mayor's son and his friends? Shit boy, you must really have balls. What next?"
"Well Jonathan asked Dylan to get something out of his car, and then he asked Dylan and Matt to hold me while he proceeded to kick and beat me with a tire iron. Heather kept yelling stop, but they wouldn't, next thing I know things start getting black and I think I'm going to die. Then when I finally woke up I didn't see Heather anywhere and no answer when I yelled. Please officer find Heather, she can vouch for everything I just said."
"Can you please describe your friend, Heather to me? Do you know her last name?"
"Of course it's Campbell, Heather Campbell. Heather is a small petite girl with blond hair and green eyes. She was wearing a green shirt and jeans, oh and she is white. She is about 5'7 give or take since I am 5'9 and no clue on weight.”
"White you say, what the hell are you doing with a white girl out here in the middle of nowhere? What were you guys talking about? Kid, you better not be hiding anything from me, do you think Heather is in danger? You better tell me everything you know now."
"She is just a friend, honestly officer nothing else happened if that is what you’re trying to imply. Heather is a very unique girl for this town she is from New York, and doesn't have the same views as most other white folk in this town. She always treats everyone with respect and kindness regardless of color. Also in answer to your other question, yes I do think Heather could be in danger"
"Thanks. We will call Heather's folks and if she doesn't show up by tomorrow we will issue a missing persons report and see if we can find your friend."
"How bad is he?"
"Well officer, we won't know for sure till we get him to the hospital and take x-rays and a brain scan, but he is pretty beat up. The fact that he can't move implies broken bones, however since he does seem coherent that is a good sign."
"Thanks. Where are you taking him to? "
"St. Luke’s General Hospital, it's closer and I think he would get better care there being colored."
"Ok. I will notify his family, and then look into the girl."
Then Officer Hampton called Tom McKenzie.
"Tom, we have a problem I thought you might want to know about."
"What's going on?"
"I just got done with a call out here at the river, and that black kid, Jaden claims he was with that new white girl, Heather. He is claiming your son and friends harassed them and then beat him with a tire iron. Also wanted to let you know Heather is missing, so as of now I need to talk to Jonathan."
"I will take care of it."
"I understand, but sorry I have to follow protocol.”
Then Tom hung up.

Chapter 15

When the blackness disappeared after being hit in the head, I began to look around and saw no one. I tried to reach for my phone, but I couldn't get a grasp on it. What the hell? Was I a ghost, but where was my body?
That day was a nightmare; my parents were beside themselves with worry. The police had notified them of what Jaden had told them, and they had no idea where I could be. In fact, they didn't even know I had gone to meet Jaden, I had told them I was going to the library to study. Now I was missing and the police had arrested Jonathan, Dylan, and Taylor on Assault and Battery charges along with suspicion in my disappearance. After reading the boys their rights they had been brought to the station to make there one phone call. Dylan and Matt called their parents, and then Jonathan called his dad. While Jonathan was talking to his dad Matt and Dylan’s parents arrived at the station.
“Dad the police just came and arrested me and my friends on assault charges, please take care of this.”
“I will call the family Lawyer, and be right there.”
After a short time the questioning began with Dylan and Matt having a court appointed lawyer assigned to each of them.
"Jonathan McKenzie, Dylan Evers, and Matt Taylor"
"Yes.” All three 17 year old boys answered in different rooms.
"I am sure you have heard about the disappearance of Heather Campbell, and was wondering about the last time you saw her."
"Last time I saw her was Friday at school, I have been away this whole weekend camping with my friends."
"Are you sure? We have a kid claiming you and your friends were harassing him and Heather on Saturday at the river, then things got out of hand and you guys assaulted him with a tire iron. Now that kid is in the hospital and the other is missing. Is there anyone we can contact to verify your story?"
"Sorry officer, I was nowhere near the river like I said I was camping with friends. We left Friday after school, and headed about an hour away to camp, my friends in the other room can verify.”
"Anyone else we can contact"
"No. “
“Ok we are done for today, Lawyers and parents may go home. We will be keeping the boys till we can set a date for possible bail.”
"Now to find Heather and get her side." Officer Hampton said to his partner.

Chapter 16

It was now Friday, school was out due to a staff day, and the whole town had heard I was officially listed under missing persons. Jaden was still in the hospital recovering from a few broken ribs, a broken arm and a broken leg due to the assault. On Monday all three boys had their bail hearing, and were surprisingly released on bail when Mayor McKenzie bribed the judge. The one catch however, was the boys were under house arrest. My picture was now all over the news and a search party was scheduled to start at dawn tomorrow, a week from the day I died. My parents were constantly doing interviews begging anyone with information to please come forward, and had even stated no questions asked if I was just returned unharmed. Things were bad, prom was tonight, my dad got fired today due to accusations his daughter was fooling around with a black boy, and I was missing. In other words all hell was breaking loose. Things got even worse that evening when my parents got a call asking them to please come down to the hospital. Apparently a body had been found matching my description.

Chapter 17

Earlier that same day around 2 pm Nicole and Brianna had gotten together to go shopping. Both girls had just decided to go to prom together stag since Brianna couldn't bring James, and Nicole didn't have a date. After trying on several dresses Nicole found the perfect red dress in a size 7 and Brianna found a perfect size 8 dark purple dress and purchased them. Next the two girls decided to go for a walk along a nature trail when suddenly Nicole called out.
"Hey Brianna what is that over there? Wait here I am going to check it out.”
"Nicole, be careful."
Nicole walked carefully over to the unusual pile of leaves, looked around and didn't see anything. Then ruffled the leaves a bit with her foot, Nicole had just turned around to head back when she heard a scream.
"Brianna, what is it? Are you Ok?"
Nicole ran back to Brianna as fast as she could to see what was wrong. Brianna was barely able to talk when Nicole asked again if she was alright.
"The the the there's a hand over the the the there" Brianna stuttered."
"What Brianna?"
"A a a hand."
That is when Nicole decided to look where Brianna was pointing, and screamed. There was a hand hanging out from under the leaves she had just rustled.
"Brianna, dial 911 now."
"Me, ca ca ca can't you? I have never st st st stuttered in my life, I am too sc sc sc scared."
"Fine I will call, Brianna relax. I am scared too."
"911 what's your emergency?"
"Hi, my friend Brianna and I were walking on the nature path and think we found a body."
"You think you found a body?"
“Yes we were walking and I saw a pile of leaves that looked weird, so I went to examine it and discovered a hand."
"Did you touch anything?"
"No I just kicked up some of the leaves then heard my friend scream, and came running to her to find her in shock. She was stuttering, about a hand, and then I turned and saw it myself and called."
“Ok, we have police and an EMS unit dispatched; please continue talking to me till they arrive."
When the police arrived they secured the area and then asked for us to show them what we found. Then the police placed on gloves and proceeded to brush the leaves aside and we both screamed again at the sight of Heather's body. That is when the questions began. After answering what felt like a million questions Brianna and Nicole were asked to go home. The Police called the medical examiner, and had officers dispatched to apprehend the 3 boys on the suspicion of the rape and murder of Heather Campbell.
“When do you estimate the time of death? One of the officers asked the medical examiner.
“Due to the state of the body I would say sometime around a week ago is the most likely time of death”
“Can you tell at this time the cause of death?”
“Not with complete accuracy, but if I had to guess I would say death by blunt force to the head.”
Then the police proceeded along with the forensics team to finish gathering samples and evidence from the crime scene.
When Officer Woods got home she called Tom McKenzie.
“Hello Tom, this is Officer Woods. I just got home from getting a call; it appears a body was found that matches the description of the missing girl. Also I found the tire iron as well that was supposedly used in the assault and battery of that nigger kid.”
At 6pm the call came in to Heather's parents.

Chapter 18

During the time when Nicole and Brianna were shopping, before my body was found Jonathan was at home waiting for his girlfriend to come over. He figured since he wasn’t allowed to go to prom, he could at least see his girlfriend and hope for one final bang. It would be the first time for Jasmine and him to have sex, so Jonathan was preparing for the big event. They had only met last week after a football game, but he had heard how Jasmine loved to sleep around, so he was sure she would put out for him as well.
“Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, oh my god what could I say about Jasmine.” Nothing good, Heather thought.
“She was the biggest slut whore you could imagine. She slept with everyone. Well, at least she went to a different school, and her cousin Jaden was nothing like her. Thank God!”
I remember Jaden even told me once how crazy she was as well, how she had been in and out of mental institutions throughout her life due to psychotic episodes. Jasmine was 18 and was a quarter black since her dad was white, but her mom was half black and half white. She had black hair, and green eyes with a complexion that was white as snow. To be honest if you didn’t know her cousin was Jaden or any background family history you would think she was a white girl like I use to be. That must have been why Jonathan had been dating her since the game last week, he had no clue.
It was around 3:30 when Jasmine arrived at Jonathan’s house and not long after Mr. McKenzie had left to attend a meeting. After talking for a while Jonathan led Jasmine into the bedroom, and then things started to get real intense quick. Jasmine started to caress Jonathan’s chest and inner thigh while slowly kissing him very sexually. Then Jonathan started slowly unbuttoning Jasmine’s shirt while kissing her back. Next Jasmine started pulling Jonathan’s shirt off and unzipping his pants, while he unzipped her pants as well. What followed was a lot more fondling and kissing that eventually led to Jonathan taking off Jasmine’s undies and sexually caressing her between her legs until he was so excited he was about to explode. Then he briefly stepped into the bathroom to grab a condom, while Jasmine reached in her purse and placed an object under the nearby pillow.
When Jonathan came back, he slipped the condom on his very erect penis and asked if Jasmine wanted to be on top or bottom.
“Top, please sweetie.”
“You got it.”
Then Jonathan got on the bed and Jasmine climbed on top of him after gradually placing his penis inside her.
“ooo baby come on you are so good.”
“I know baby, you are so hot yourself. I am about to explode like a volcano. Oooo you are so good.”
Then Jonathan came right at the same time Jasmine reached for the ice pick under the pillow, announced she was a quarter black and started stabbing Jonathan multiple times in the chest with blood spraying everywhere. After a few minutes Jasmine started to panic, because she heard the front door open, and Jonathan’s dad talking on his cell phone.
“Yes, Officer Woods. I understand, just get rid of the evidence.”
Then Tom heard a sound from upstairs and called to his son.
No answer, so Tom rushed up to his son’s room and found the door closed. When he looked inside he screamed and saw Jasmine. At that moment he grabbed his concealed handgun and shot Jasmine in the chest.
The apprehension of Dylan and Matt went according to plan. However, when the police arrived at Jonathan’s house they heard the gunshot and stormed into the house requesting backup and EMS.
One officer stayed downstairs while the other went upstairs to investigate. When the upstairs officer reached the bedroom he shouted:
“Drop the Gun!”, however Mr. McKenzie turned the gun on himself instead. Tom had decided it would be better to commit suicide, then to face life in prison if not death row for his crimes. Mr. McKenzie was not only responsible for bribing the judge in the boys bail hearing, but also for obstructing evidence. Not to mention, maybe the murder of Jasmine as well if she dies.
Officer Nickels rushed over to Jasmine to check vitals. Jasmine was dying, so she spilled everything. Jasmine said she heard Mr. McKenzie talking on his cell, and overheard him say:
“Yes, Officer Woods. I understand, just get rid of the evidence.”
“Did you hear anything else?”
“No. I had just made love to my boyfriend, and stabbed him with an ice pick. I was scared.”
“You stabbed your boyfriend with an ice pick. Why? Was Jonathan your boyfriend?”
At that moment, the EMS came and rushed Jasmine to the hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival.
At that same time Heather’s mom was screaming and crying “NO!!!” while being comforted by her husband. Heather had just been identified and her parents were told about the suspicion of rape.

Chapter 19

When the backup officers’ and the medical examiner arrived, the medical examiner went to work on Jonathan.
“When do you estimate the time of death? Officer Nickels asked the medical examiner.
“Due to the state of the body I would say sometime around 4pm is the most likely time of death”
“Thanks. I guess we will now wait for both Heather’s and Jonathan’s autopsy to come back.”
The police proceeded along with the forensics team to finish gathering samples and evidence from Jonathan’s room. Then they started to look into the accusation against Officer Woods of obstructing evidence by requesting phone records of both Tom McKenzie and Officer Woods. Officer Woods was also brought in for initial questioning.
Due to all the emotions Brianna and Nicole were feeling they decided they would return the dresses another day and skip prom. Too much was happening and it was time both girls got some rest if possible.

Chapter 20

“Officer Woods?”
“Yes Chief.”
“Would you mind coming inside my office, there is a matter I need to discuss?”
“Is there a problem Chief?”
“Not sure, I just need you to answer a few questions.”
“I was wondering, when you were on the scene where Heather’s body was discovered, did you find the murder weapon by chance?”
“Murder weapon? No Chief, why do you ask? You know if I had found anything like that I would have definitely let you and the rest of the team know.”
“That is good to know, but I have a source that says she heard Tom McKenzie talking to you on his cell phone before he died. She says she heard Tom say to you to get rid of the evidence.”
“Sorry Chief, but I don’t know what you are talking about. I never called Mr. McKenzie, and I would never get rid of evidence.”
“Ok. That is all for now. Thanks.”
Over the weekend, my parents were making tentative funeral arrangements. They were notifying family, arranging for a coffin and burial site and arranging for the church. The one challenge was they couldn’t book anything yet, not knowing how much longer before Heather’s body would be released for burial.
On Monday, the cops received the call confirming the cause of death for both Heather and Jonathan.
“In a few more days we should have the DNA analysis back of the samples collected at the crime scenes.”
Officer Nickels and Officer Hampton were hoping results that came back were enough to convict Dylan Evers and Matt Taylor to life in prison. Both boys were currently being detained until the next possible court date. If the results of the DNA test came back as hoped both boys would not only be going to trial for the assault and battery of Jaden, but also the rape and murder of Heather Campbell.
After the call from the medical examiner, the call came in about the phone records. The records definitely showed a call from Officer Woods’s phone to Mr. McKenzie’s cell shortly before the cops arrived at Jonathan’s house the day of Jonathan’s murder.
That is when Officer Woods was called in for questioning for the second time.
“Officer Woods?”
“Yes Chief.”
“Please come inside my office now. As you know due to police procedure we have to follow up on all leads, so we requested Mr. McKenzie’s and your phone records. The records just came back today, and it shows you made a call to Tom around the time in question. Would you please explain to me why you lied about calling Mr. McKenzie?”
“I called Tom as a friend, nothing more. I thought he might want to know we had found Heather’s body and that his son would most likely be questioned again, due to what that nigger kid said.”
“Officer Linda Woods, how dare you use that word in my presence? You know I do not approve of any sort of prejudice or racism, even though I know it still exists.”
“Sorry chief, I just didn’t think it was relevant that I called Mr. McKenzie, so I kept it to myself.”
“Didn’t think it was relevant? Oh My GOD! I know you are new and all, but how stupid are you? This is a murder investigation and everything is important till proven differently. Due to this new development, I think it is only fair I tell you we currently have detectives with a search warrant exploring your home. Also you are currently on suspension till further notice, and I need you to stay here at the station till the investigation is over at your home. I need your badge now Officer Woods.”
Meanwhile, the detectives at the Woods residence were thoroughly looking for any evidence to incriminate former officer Linda Woods.
During the intense search nothing suspicious was found, however Officer Woods due to the questioning from the chief finally broke down and spilled everything.
“Officer Linda Woods, due to your confession you are now under arrest for the tampering of and obstruction of evidence, and are hereby discharged from the police force.”

Chapter 21

When the call finally came in about the DNA results Officer Hampton answered it, and found out the tests came back exactly as predicted. Now all that was left was to proceed with a court date and justice for the rape and murder of Heather Campbell, and the assault and battery of Jaden.
After sorting out all the details and attaining a motion for a change of venue, a court date was set for six months out.

Chapter 22

A few months later, Jaden was now out of the hospital, and my parents were trying to move on with their lives after my funeral. The court date was still a few more months away, and Dylan and Matt were awaiting trial. Brianna and James had started seeing each other more regularly especially on the weekends now that graduation was over and were getting a lot more serious about each other. James was a sophomore at Jasper Community college about an hour away in South Carolina and planning to major in law. He was planning to transfer to Harvard University next year to continue toward law, and to be near Brianna who got accepted there. Things were really starting to get back to normal, or as normal as could be expected here in this small town. Then after about three more months the trial started in Portland, due to the legal authorities feeling that my trial would not be heard fairly here in this town. I couldn’t be happier; it looked like I would hopefully now get a fair trial.

Chapter 23

The day of the trial had arrived and I was there overlooking the proceedings, even though only in spirit. I may be dead, but I wasn’t going to fully be at peace till justice was served. My parents along with Jaden’s parents were in the back listening as well, when the bailiff came in.
“All Rise. Court is now in session, the honorable Judge Ian presiding.”
Opening statements were now being heard by both the state and the defense, and Dylan and Matt were pleading not guilty. They were claiming Jonathan was to blame for everything. The defense had no chance in hell especially after the state called up Jaden and started to show proof of test results. The judge looked over everything and after hearing both sides was ready to have the two boys, Dylan and Matt come in for sentencing.
“Dylan Evers and Matt Taylor please stand. I hereby sentence you both to life in prison for the assault and battery of Jaden, and the rape and murder of Heather Campbell. Bailiff, please escort the prisoners back to their cells. This case is now closed.”

Chapter 24

Back home, here in Montgomery things have slowly started to change for the better, but it will still take a long time for complete change. You can lead someone to water, but will never be able to make them drink unless they choose to drink of their own free will. Also a leopard never changes its spots, so some people will never change. My hope is that all people will finally see that people are people, it doesn’t matter what race, religion, color, or sex you are. Everyone is the same, and no one should ever be mistreated just because they are different. Everyone is unique in their own way. People will make mistakes, but that is what makes us all human.
Finally I can now rest in peace. Jaden is now off studying to be a vet, while Nicole is off studying to be a geologist. Brianna is now a sophomore at Harvard and James is a senior about to go off to law school. Can you believe it how time flies by. Brianna and James are now married, and are expecting their first child in a few more months. A baby girl, they plan to name Heather.

The End!!!

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