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Topic: Editing data on Karin Slaughter book

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Subject: Editing data on Karin Slaughter book
Date Posted: 9/21/2007 8:06 PM ET
Member Since: 8/11/2006
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I have become a Karin Slaughter fan. Her newest book, Beyond Reach, was recently released. I just noticed that Beyond Reach is wishlisted, as well as Skin Privilege. These two are the same book, according to Slaughter's website. Beyond Reach is the title selling in the United States; Skin Privilege is the title elsewhere in the world.

I thought about using Edit Book Data but am unsure of exactly what to do once I get there. These books have different ISBNs, yet those who have wishlisted Skin Privilege will probably never see it since this title is not being sold here.

Skin Privilege no doubt just needs to disappear, but the 31 who have wishlisted it need to somehow be placed in the proper chronological wishlisting order under Beyond Reach.

Any suggestions? Royaltech (Sherry) or any other helpers, are you out there?

Date Posted: 9/21/2007 9:39 PM ET
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Most of the people that have Skin Privilage wishlisted probably have Beyond Reach wishlisted too. I know I did before I got it. I wouldn't say that Skin Privilage will never show up here. I have quite a few books that are european editions. Some people have family living over seas that send them books etc. I would just leave things as they are personally. We'd miss out on alot of great books if we made european editions..disappear.


Date Posted: 9/22/2007 4:23 AM ET
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Yep, it's always possible to get a UK edition of a book. One of my Harry Potter's is. But, there's nothing wrong with editing it to show that it is the UK edition. That makes sense to me.

Please verify the information on more than one site, both of which must not be AMAZON. The approver will do so, also, but it is better that you make sure that they will find this information on two sites other than Amazon BEFORE you make the change. My preference would be to place it in the title in parenthesis (UK). Most descriptive things shouldn't go there, but I think something as important as which version it is, should go there.

I'll also make a notation in the editing guidelines for people who are correcting books. That way they don't come along and remove it after you put it there! hahahaha

Date Posted: 9/22/2007 2:43 PM ET
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What's wrong with using Amazon as a reference, and why wouldn't the author's site be considered authoritative?


Date Posted: 9/23/2007 3:49 AM ET
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Denise, I do not know exactly, all I know is that we are told to verify information on two sites OTHER THAN Amazon. The author's site can be used as ONE but it is not authroitative, because sometimes their sites are not done by themselves and do contain errors. I've seen them more than once. Even the publisher's sites somehow manage to have errors occasionally.

Most likely the reason we are asked to have more than one verification, is that a lot of people are not that good at finding either the author or publisher, and most often use the easily accessible databases such as Alibris, Abe, Biblio, Powells, etc. rather than going to a the trouble of finding an original source such as the author or publisher.

I also understand there is some connection between our database and Amazon's, and if there is a connection then it is not truly a verification from another source.

Date Posted: 9/23/2007 3:41 PM ET
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Also, I believe Amazon's power-seller equivelents can add to their DB, so it's not entirely reliable.

Date Posted: 9/24/2007 4:09 AM ET
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As a librarian, I can say from lots of frustrating, firsthand professional experience that Amazon is ... sloppy with their data, to put it politely.  Wrong ISBNs, swapping ISBNs (paperback ISBN listed for hardcover) etc etc etc.

I prefer to use OCLC's WorldCat, though they're not always the world's most accurate either, but they have a better track record than Amazon. And I <3 Alibris. :-)


Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 9/24/2007 12:04 PM ET
Member Since: 12/27/2005
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Since the titles are different, it might make sense to add at the bottom of each description:

Published in the UK as .... or Published in the US as ...

It doesn't help to have just the "UK" or "US" label in the title if the two titles are different but the content is the same. I would really need to know the other title to know if it's a different book or not.

Now for cookbooks, that's a different story. I just got a cookbook that had been on my wish list and it happens to be a UK book. I'm really glad my kitchen scale does oz to gram conversions, but I'm still trying to figure out what "Chinese leaves" are (I'm guessing cilantro) and I have no clue how to translate "gas mark 4" into Fahrenheit. In this case UK in the title would have been nice (I'd still want it, but I would have expected the problems).

Date Posted: 9/25/2007 6:21 AM ET
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Cathy, that is a really good suggestion! I like that and it is much more helpful and informative.

Also, I put your "gas mark 4" into Google, and got a great hit! Everything Kitchen Conversion Table  it does other conversions, too, altho not your chinese leaves. Here's your temps:


  • Cent   = Farenheit =  description       =          Gas Oven
  • 125°   =      250°    =   very slow          =   Gas mark 1/2
  • 150°   =      300°    =   slow                  =   Gas mark 2 
  • 160°   =      325°    =   moderate          =   Gas mark 3
  • 180°   =      360°    =   moderate          =   Gas mark 4
  • 200°   =      390°    =   moderately hot =   Gas mark 6
  • 225°   =      440°    =   hot                      =   Gas mark 7
  • 250°   =      500°    =   very hot              =   Gas mark 9

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Cathy A. (Cathy) - ,
Date Posted: 9/25/2007 12:16 PM ET
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Thanks so much Sherry! I've been Googling around too and found most of what I need.