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Favorite Recipes: eggs in a frame

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Name: Jennifer L.
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eggs in a frame

Dish: Breakfast
Dish Type: Eggs
Cooking Method: Fried
Difficulty: 1 / 10
Servings: 1
Prep Time: 30 seconds
Cook Time: 8 minutes

  • 1 - egg
  • 1 slice - toast
  • 1/16th cup - butter

this'll be cooked in a pam of a heat source. You will need a flipping devise like a metal spatula. I don't know what degree, but  as long as it doesn't smell burning than it'll be hot enough.
Before starting prepare step 2.
1. place butter in the center of pan and let the butter cover the space a piece of bread would fit on.
2. In your peice of bread, cut hole big enough for the yolk of an egg to fit in.
3. Put the bread on the butter, in the pan before the butter is crispy.
4. as soon as possible crack the egg and drop the egg innerds on the bread.

note* aim to have the yolk in the hole.

5. Let sizzle until desired consistancy.

note* use spatula to scrape white back into the center.

6. slowly slide the spatula under the bread and egg.
7. quickly raise, flip, then drop back into the pan.
8. Let sizzle until desired consistancy.
Congratulations. Now it's edible. I like brown food so I usually repeat the steps and add another 1/18 of butter so I can't taste any burnt corners.


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