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Book Reviews of Emma

Author: Jane Austen
ISBN: 16681
Pages: 511
  • Currently 4.8/5 Stars.

4.8 stars, based on 3 ratings
Publisher: Scholastic Book Services
Book Type: Paperback
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Emma Woodhouse, the title character of this wonderful book, thinks that she would be a good matchmaker. She lives on an estate in the English countryside with her father, her sister, and, until recently, her best friend and former governess, Miss Taylor. Miss Taylor recently married a man Emma introduced her to. So, with this success, Emma feels that her matchmaking career has begun.
Unfortunately, Emma is lacking in two essential qualities for the job. As Austen says she is "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a happy disposition.." but she is not very observant and does not yet understand the human heart.
It can be difficult for today's reader to get into books by Jane Austen. She wrote her books in the early 19th century and often wrote about life in the English countryside, a setting far from our own experience. The pace of the books is slower and the descriptions longer than we are used to, and the characters are often not able to say quite exactly what they mean. The books were written for a different audience at a much different time.
Also, the books are long; they are definitely not the fast-paced, action-packed thrillers we love to read today. Austen's books require a different kind of reader: one who has some time: one who can slow down and savor the characters and the story.
Because, unlike her heroine, Jane Austen is observant and does understand the human heart. The characters she describes are the principal joy of this book and, once you get to know them, you will find that you already know others like them. Besides bright but slightly bored Emma, we find here the eccentric Mr. Woodhouse, always concerned about his health and the health of other, the dull Miss Bates, always chattering away about nothing, the pliant Harriet, whose life Jane almost ruins, the ambitious Mr. Elton, a self-centered social climber, and Mr. Knightly, Emma's friend and gentle critic.
This book will reward those who can make their way into the story, who can step away a little from the fast pace of life today and enjoy some familiar people who lived long ago.
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I know this is a classic and I love Jane Austen stories, but they are a struggle to read. I don't think that it is a light read. I really had to concentrate when reading it, because of the English.
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Emma is one of my favorite Jane Austen novels - and this QPBC version is lovely - beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully presented.
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A wonderful Austen classic, with a happy ending -
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Great book for those of us who love Jane Austin, if you have never read her--this is the place to start--this is one of her better novels. Emma is quite the little vixen, in a meddelsome way, she has no time or wish for love or marriage, but this does not stop her from meddeling in others romances. She has been warned and does not listen, her carefully laid plan soon backfire and unravel and there are consequences. this is so well written--flawless.
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Jane Austen has never let me down. Oh wait, yes she did. She died young.

Don't think of this as 'chick lit'; this is a peek into a world of strict etiquette, nonsenical mores, complex social relationships, where money and status are valued above all us, and of course, love.

Best of all, it's readable. The characters are all too human. And with the slightest shift of mental gears, could be taking place, this very minute, under our own noses. Read it.
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This book was a fantastic book that made me laugh and cry. This book had me talking about it for days.
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very well written and interesting book
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Nice looking version of "Emma." The book is practically brand new.
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A delightful book, that's a classic. Very enjoyable reading.
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Jane Austen's tale of rich, accomplished Emma Woodhouse. Too used to her own way, and too full of her own self, she forays into matchmaking. What will Mr. Knightley say?
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Excellent book even if you have seen the movie.
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A multi-voice dramatization, with narrator. Nearly verbatim, (word for word), but not exactly. 4 cassettes Produced in 1989
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Caution, get a cup of java, cause you wont want to put it down once you start reading it. The compelling story of a young woman coming-of-age and the compelling story of her seeking her true nature and finding true love in the process.
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A great look into the past.
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Very good edition. Excellent introduction.
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Another great book by Jane Austen!!
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I guess I am not a fan of the bored "elite" and there daily conversations.
But I did like this character for her spunk and daring to look at herself.
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Witty and full of heart. My favorite of Austen's novels.
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Emma is the culmination of Jane Austen's genius, a sparkling comedy of love and marriage.
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Everyone should read this at least once.
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This is one of my favorite of the Jane Austen books. It has humor and you see the heroine as vulnerable and strong at the same time. Love it.
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Classic Jane Austen!
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I am reading Emma as part of a book club classic book choice. I remember from High School not caring for any of Jane Austen's books. But since much time has passed, I thought maybe my impressions of Jane Austen's books might have changed. Not so much! I still cannot stand her characters or her style of writing. I am really having to force myself to finish this book.
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Great read! Characters so realstic.
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if your a jane austin fan you will love this keepsake book.
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I tried to get into it and got half way and couldn't stand it any longer. Not much happened, just people visiting each other.
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Emma is another one of those novels that makes Jane Austen GREAT! I absolutely love her work!
This story is sweet and tender, but also witty and funny.
If you like Jane Austen, you'll love Emma.
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It is one of the most whimsical and felicitous books Jane Austen wrote. It is also the easiest of all of her books to read. If you are going to read Jane Austen books, start with Emma. Itll actually have you dancing around the room.
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How can you improve on the characters and conversation of Jane's ??
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One of Jane Austen's classics.
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Anyone who loves Jane Austin will love the character in this book.
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I'm a huge Jane Austen fan and this is a great read. Emma is a great protagonist who is fun to watch as she learns a lot about herself through the course of the book.
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One of my favorite novels!
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I love Jane Austen's plots, but her writing is not so great. Her writing seemed to drag on and I couldn't go on after the first fifty pages.

*If you can stall, do not see the movie before reading the book just because the writing is so tedious to read.
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ADR; Amazing read!
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This novel is the story of a young woman's progress toward self-understanding.
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My favorite Jane Austen book.
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