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The Eclectic Pen - Erant Lupus

By: Holly S. (sorcha-vampire)   + 5 more  
Date Submitted: 5/7/2010
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense » General
Words: 728

  I was running. I had to force myself more then I was used to and it caused me great pain to. I knew nothing more of then to run. I just pushed myself. I could do nothing else. My mind and my body itself told me to run. I forgot what I was running from or where I was. But the only thing that I did see much less know was it was night. Midnight. I could only tell for where the moon was. The full moon. My only light. High up in the air. It caused me pleasure to see it. I was on a country rode, a great

I must've stumbled to a stop or utterly collapsed beacuse I woke up when the bright sunlight hit my face. I was covered in mud and blood. Blood. Blood of my own. My head throbbed as well as my body and my body itself felt light, weak. I could hardly stand as I struggled to. I stumbled to the side of the road and collapsed, feeling the mud soak into my caked shirt. I laid there, dizzy weak. I knew nothing, but of weaknes and hunger now. Hunger. I could feel nothing, but that. I wanted to cry, but I forced myself not to. As the day turned to night I managed to stand and walk again. There was no moon this time. I was blindly walking in darknes.

Three days and four nights past since I found myself running. I didn't know where I was, but now the road was coming to an empty end. I continued to stumbly walk away, away from verything. My past. My family. Maybe even my future. I collapsed on the side of the road near dawn. My mind was hazy and I felt a whisper of breath behind me. Using the last of my energy to turn around, I lookd up at the person behind me. He was tall, stunning. Dark tan skin much like my own. Of all our kinds. Jacob. "Kiba..." he whispered falling to his knees beside me, "Oh Kiba..." I felt his tears on my neck as he held me close. His warmth and his body was alming me. I trembled heavily. " Jacob. What happened?" I whispered softly. He picked me up, but I felt his body tremble from the same weakness I felt. He started to walk and I could only close my eyes. "We ran, Kiba. Everyone from our tribe ran. We were nothing, but cowards. When the fire hit there was panic. I tried to find you, my love. I tried to, but I failed. I saw you running. I tried to catch up. Kiba, what happened to you? I odn't care of me, but of you." He was still walking and the sun light now felt good on my skin. "I ran, Jacob. I ran until I collapsed. Still I pushed on. I don't know how long its been. But I ran. I was running from everything. I care for you, Jacob. Don't say that. Don't leave me." His lips were against mine as he breathed me in. "I won't. Never. But look at you. Tramatised. You need food. We can get it. Like abck in the tribe. We can eat. Hunt. Do you remember?" His voice painted the picture for me. I remembered me and Jacob hunting and gathering fruit for nothing, but our own treat. He was always mine. Always my love.

That night as the moon showed we laid in the forest. It felt peacefula nd Jacob even stared a fire for us. His body trembled as he looked up at the nights. "Kiba. We are hunters. Let's hunt. Lets feed our form. Turn, Kiba. Turn into our true form. Not this human form we are forced to wear. Run with me, Kiba. Run howling!" His body trembled havily and in minutes I saw his, our true form. My body started to tremble as I felt it, the other side taking over. I could smell and taste the blood of the night now. My body, my human form was taken into the place of a wolf. Yes, this is my true form. One of a wolf. Yes, child my tribe was of werewolves and we were burned from our town. I am-as with Jacob-one of the last Werewolves of Erant lupus

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Michal W. (Princess101) - 5/7/2010 5:27 PM ET
that was awesome! good story
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