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The Eclectic Pen - Fallen Angels: Redemption (Book 1)

By: Shannon S. (embersmama)  
Date Submitted: 5/8/2009
Last Updated: 5/8/2009
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Words: 370

  This is just the prolouge to a book series that has been nagging at me for months. Just and idea, a tickle of story in my mind. Each almost-angel is sent back to earth, and each is given a special "skill", such as feeling others pain, or a singing voice that can hypnotize and still any person nearby. I'm having trouble developing my characters a bit. Also, trying to figure out where I want the romance story to fit in.

Feel free to help me, or critique my ideas....


Everything that you have ever heard about heaven, ever morsel of guessed theory, it is all true, plus more than you could not have imagined. The bible itself, written by human beings that walked this same earth at the time of Jesus himself, could not even reach with enough imagination to describe the heavenly bodies. Only the sacred angels, along with the heavenly Father and Son, of course, share in what I know. Of course, there are others like me, good people that upon our bodily death, made it into that place we all know of as heaven. They too share in what I know of the afterlife.
We are few and far between, hand chosen by the Lord himself to walk the earth once again to perform special tasks of his choosing. Only we do not walk as humans, nor as angels. We are the in between. To have been given a second chance is a truly gracious gift bestowed upon us few, and it is a chance that we choose to use wisely. Because, once you have seen heaven, only thought it is but a glimpse, you want desperately to return. To return to all those that you have known and loved, though lost to you before, now are suddenly present again.
We call ourselves the Redeemers. Second chancers, almost angels. Sent by Godís grace to protect and seek justice on his part. Judgment is dealt in heaven, this is true. But, there are some people that are evil personified, almost of the devil himself, that seek to harm the good, the innocent. They get the punishment of hell on earth.
And we, the Redeemers, deliver it.

Chapter One


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Shelby - 5/10/2009 10:19 PM ET
Sounds interesting. Can't wait to read more. Not sure how you'd fit romance in there. Would it be between the Redeemers and humans, or just between humans? (I hope it's just humans...)
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