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The Eclectic Pen - A family of Pigues

By: Brenda C. (brennalee)  
Date Submitted: 10/16/2008
Last Updated: 10/16/2008
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Family & Childhood
Words: 688

  There was once a family of Pigues. Two to be exact. You see to be a family there has to be more than one. This family, however, grew and grew and grew again. First there was Tootsie Pigue. She first arrived on the scene without a clue as to what to do about taking care of herself. Tootsie Pigue know she could make herself a sandwich or bowl of cereal to eat. That's as far as it went though. Tootsie decided to pray and meditate on the subject. And ta-da! Sabrina Reddylocks arrived in all her glory. Reddylocks said she would start by spending the nite with Tootsie Pigue. Most nites they sat up 'til the wee hours of the morning. There say sat. Just the two of them around a kitchen table that overlooked the neighborhood. Tootsie Pigure drank carbonated lemonade constantly while Reddylocks thought there was nothing better than home brewed ice tea with fat wedges of cold, hard ice and plump, juicy wedges of lemon. It was there that all was quite and peaceful and serene. The best excitement of all was the day the babies showed up to vist. Yes! Babies! Two of them. One girl and one boy, respectively. There names were Stephany Kittens and Brandon Pups. Oh, what loving Kittens and Pups they were. They liked to give Xs and Os. You know: kisses and hugs. Tootsie Pigue just loved it when Stephany Kittens and Brandon Pups was around. They were such good babies. The elder Pigue enjoyed them calling her Nana Toots. Nana Toots.
Did I say the elder Pigue? In order for there to be an elder Pigue there has to be aleast one youger Pigue. And there was. Brenna Lee Pigue. She was just a few years younger that Tootsie Pigue. Brenna Lee Pigue usually visited with Tootsie Pigue in the afternoon. Always in time for evening meals, corn shuckings, hair cuts, and getting ready for the bedtime hours. Many nites Brenna Lee Pigue was there when Sabrina Reddylocks arrived. There they say. All three of them. At the round table making a feeble attempt at solving the world's problems. They had difficulty solving their own problems, fate in life, and whatever have you, much less the entire world's problems! So they decided it would be best to just have a good time. And a good time they had. Most days.
The best times were made better when Stephany Kittens and Brandon Pups was there. They were the light in the midst of a twilight of sorts. Kittens and Pups, as Kittens and Pups generally do, brings a lot of love into a home. There they supplies us all with laughter, smiles and a knowledge that life goes on.
Stephany Kittens loved to dance. And dance she did 'til her heart was full and content. She was excellent at what she did because she loved it so. Dancing made Stephany Kittens smile. It brought joy and contentment into her life.
Brandon Pups loved to hang out with a man named Poppy. Poppy didn't live at the Pigue home. He was a country Poppy with lush, green pastures full of cows and calfs and chickens. A country sort of fella that wore overalls. Poppy loved having the pups around. They followed him everywhere he went. Poppy loved having kittens around too. Kittens play different than Pups. They compliment each other really well. Don't forget though that Kittens and Pups have their trouble just the same as you and I.
Sometimes they bark and hiss and growl and meow like it's knowone elses business. Once the fur has quit flying they become the best of friends again.

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Sabriena W. (hazeleyesrangeleyes) - 10/18/2008 9:07 PM ET
Wow! Just a wee bit of editing, and add some illustrations and this would be a wonderful children's book! A sentence or two on every page. It would be so cute!
Sabrina H. (sharper36) - 11/7/2008 9:14 AM ET
I always told you that you were going places with that sharp mind of yours. I am so proud that Me & mine were inspiration. Keep Writing Sister! LAS 143
Comments 1 to 2 of 2