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Favorite Recipes: Fast & Easy Salmon

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Fast & Easy Salmon

Dish: Entrees
Dish Type: Fish
Cooking Method: Skillet
Diet: Healthy
Difficulty: 3 / 10
Servings: whatever you make
Prep Time: 5
Cook Time: 10-20

  • 1 to 2 tsp - vegetable oil, prefered: olive, sunflower, coconut
  • - salmon filet (s), at least 3/4 inch thick


Place oil in non-stick or well-seasoned cast iron skillet, heat on medium-high heat until, when you place a hand about 3-4 inches over the surface, you feel the heat from the skillet is almost as hot as the heat from the burner. Rinse salmon and allow to drain. Place salmon skin side down in skillet and move around to distribute oil. Use only a spatula, not a fork. Cook until the skin will come loose, then turn over. Remove skin with spatula. If desired, also remove gray fatty meat that sits just under the skin.  Continue to cook until you can see that the fish is cooked halfway through by looking at the side of the filet. Turn over. If the heat is adjusted correctly, the salmon should be browned. Continue to cook until the salmon is cooked through, judging by looking at the side of the filet. Serve. Cooking time is 10-20 minutes.



I stole this recipe from a local restaurant.

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