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The Eclectic Pen - Fighting Against the Wind

By: Haley R. (goatz)  
Date Submitted: 10/12/2018
Last Updated: 10/12/2018
Genre: Children's Books » Literature & Fiction
Words: 7,206

  Brutal, cruel, lethal, deadly. Virtually anything that’s a synonym for ‘murderous’ could be or already has been used to describe myself. Although, it hasn’t always been this way. Roughly 70% of serial killers have motives for their scandals, whether it be revenge, the feeling of dominance, or something more self-explanatory. The other 30% do it out of pure satisfaction. They are what I like to call, psychopaths. While most would argue that all serial killers are psychotic, I believe the 70% that have motives, are the least psychotic of them all, and possibly even more dangerous. My motive, however, is simple: retribution. To gain back what was robbed from my grasp. Without letting anyone or anything stand in my way.
Raven Blair Abhita, the name my parents graced me with before they so hastily rushed out of my life, leaving me alone in the outskirts of Bayston City. You’d think, as a seven year old who just got ditched by her parents, I’d be terrified to be alone in what could be called the 21st century ghost town, but I always knew there was something here for me in this desolate paradise.
Now here I am, 20 year old Blair, balancing a double life. On one end of the spectrum, I’m an innocent 17 year old orphan working at Gadget Corp as an assistant, who lives on her own in the nicer, more expensive part of Bayston city, spending my free time hanging out with old people who play chess. On the other end I’m 20 year old Raven, leader of gangs spread out all across the outskirts of Bayston, owner of Gadget Technology and Manufacturing Association, otherwise known as GTMA, Gadget corps biggest and most successful rival company, and most commonly known as a serial killer with purpose.
Why take cover as Blair and work for a rival company? Simple. To get closer to the enemy. Not only are we business rivals, but my whole motive is to find and kill the CEO of Gadget Corp, Axle Hendrick. The one who took away everything I had worked so hard to get, leaving me at the bottom of the food chain. After that, I want my sanity back.
Chapter 2
I sat at my desk, looking around at the metal walls that surrounded me day by day. Of all the rooms I could have chosen to be my office in the abandoned 32 story building we made our ‘base’, I chose the most barren, lifeless, and emotionless room. I felt as if it channeled my lifeless and cruel personality, allowing me to better my work. Sprawled across my desk were countless copies of blueprints, floor plans, weapons, monitor screens with one face on it, the face of my target, Axle Hendrick.
Never in my life did I think staring into the face of a single person could cause so much hatred, fury, and resentment to spring up inside me. My mind was flowing with different ways I wanted to make that bastard suffer, like he made me suffer. Suddenly a wave of hatred come up to me, I quickly grabbed my gun, cocking it and aiming it at the door, when I heard a knock at my door. “Boss.” I heard the familiar gravelly voice of my closest and most trusted companion, Ace.
While he didn’t see it as a profession, every company needed a guy to take care of the dirty work while the big boss man or woman is out of office. He was that guy. Most of his daily tasks included keeping people with information quiet and letting them know “What’s best for them.” He never really “hurt” anyone, though he did enjoy showing off his impressive muscles to anyone looking to do damage to me or my company. “What is it Ace, I’m kind of in the middle of something.” “There’s someone here for you.” “Bring him in”
I lowered my gun as Ace shoved someone inside the room, the boy landed on the floor with a powerful thud and remained on his knees, eyes on the floor beneath him. I looked him up and down, he was a scrawny little thing. My guess would be late teens possibly 20. His body was shaking from his head to his toes. “Didn’t I already kick you out?” I said to the boy in front of me, I turned to Ace “I could’ve sworn I kicked him out, Ace, why is he here again” I strutted over to the boy and squatted down in front of him. “You will look at me when I speak to you young man. Now, you better have a damn good excuse for interrupting my personal time, after all it’s not often I get those. You rarely get anytime to yourself when you’re seeking revenge, running a company and controlling hundreds of gangs. Not to mention all the bodies that need cleaned up.” I grabbed his jaw tightly with my hand and spat “Didn't I kick you out already?” “Yes but” “No. get out.” I began to stand as Ace picked the boy up and dragged him out, when he shouted “YOU CAN'T DO THIS! YOU THINK YOU CAN BUT YOU CAN'T! THEY WILL COME FOR YOU!”
“Drop him Ace.” Ace did as he was told. Just as I had expected the boy came speeding towards me with a knife that seemed as if it had magically appeared. He lunged for me but not quick enough to see the gun to his head. As he went for my throat Ace pulled the trigger of his handgun without hesitation. The young boy hit the floor with a heavy thump.
“Dammit Ace. Murder wasn’t on today's agenda.” “Murder isn’t on anyone’s agenda” He said with an eye roll. “No it’s on mine. Just not till next Tuesday. I need to de-stress, I’ll see you later” I said walking out of the room “Where are you going?” “To demolish the living room.” Almost an instant after I said that I ran into something remarkably solid, towering over me like the Eiffel tower. I glance up and see Jay, he was one of my good friends, he had been with me through thick and thin.
“Is that a dead body?” “Maybe.” I stepped to the side trying to block his view of the recently deceased, hoping my broad smile would distract from the fact there was a body behind me. “Raven I can see it right in front of me. It’s a dead body.” “If you know it’s a body then why bother asking idiot.” “I thought you weren’t going to kill anyone.” “That’s what I was saying! I had next Tuesday reserved for that. Besides, Ace killed him, not me. I blame Ace.” I could almost feel Aces eyes rolling behind me. Jay gently gripped my face in his massive hands as his thumb stroked my cheek. Bringing back his hands he shows me blood. Lots of it. “Raven. What the hell did I tell you? That could have been your throat” “I didn’t even feel it, I’ll be fine jay” I watched as jay sighed and turned to walk away. Ace spoke behind me “Why aren't you dating him?” “I’d destroy him.” “He’d be into that.” I chuckled and turned, expecting to see Ace but no one was there. As quickly as he had come, he disappeared. Leaving alone in the desolate hallway.
Chapter 3
‘Damn It. Another failed attempt to find Axle.’ I thought to myself. I start towards a local bar where i'm supposed to meet my newest contact, when I hear footsteps behind me, I quickly spin around only to find no one there. Interesting. I slowly approach the bar acting as casual as possible, slick black heels on and the finest body-con dress I could find. I sashay towards the entrance, all eyes lingering heavily on me. Halfway to the entrance the bouncer steps in the way and says in a gruff voice “You old enough to drink?” “I got an ID with me that says I am” He lets out an intense laugh then looks back down at me “What's a pretty little thing like you doing here at two in the morning?” I give him a smile and say “I'm here on business.” I flash him my business card. He squints and slowly says “Hmm. Raven Abhita. Never heard of her.” I take my gun out and jab it under his neck. “Don't make me kill you. I'd hate to get blood on this new dress of mine.” I order “Now, let me in before I have to use this thing.” The bouncer snaps his finger and in an instant there are five guards surrounding me.
I smirk and say with the fakest angelic voice I can muster “Ahh, you’re all going to regret this greatly.” With that I pull the trigger and the bouncer blocking my way went down tumbling, almost instantaneously the four guards left pounce but I slip through them as if I am water. As I lift my gun to fire another round a strong hand grips my waist and pulls me into the darkness behind them. As he throws me into a chair I hiss “Ya know Gunner if you would teach your bouncers who exactly I am, this wouldn't have been the fifth one you’ve lost this month. I mean come on, is it too much to handle to hire guys who know the name of the biggest serial killer in the city?”
Gunner lets out a snicker as he steps out of the dark “This wouldn't be the fifth one I've lost this month if you would only learn self control Raven.” “Self control? Never heard of it.” “So what are you here for this time? Or do you just enjoy killing my men?” “While I do enjoy a good shooting, I’m afraid that isn’t the reason for my presence this fine evening. My latest contact is here. Maybe. Probably already left while I was trying to get in.” I snapped. “Oh he's here alright. I believe he's the one going around threatening the waitresses after they said he can't have any more vodka.” “That would be him.” I reply. Gunner steps out of the room and a few seconds later returns with a man cussing him out. The man is boiling as he screams “ALL I ASKED FOR WAS VODKA! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO A-Ravennnnn how's it going” I smirk and say “Oh not much. You know the regular. Murder, Revenge.” “Oh wow how fun.” He directs his eyes towards Gunner as if to say ‘Make him leave.’ “Ahem. Gunner you can leave now.” Gunner hustles out of the room leaving me and my contact, Zeke.
There was something Zeke hated about the word ‘Torture.’ He preferred ‘Coercion’ or ‘Compulsion’ much better, as he felt these words were more professional. After all, he wasn't just some two-bit crook who chopped off thumbs and pulled finger nails off. There wasn't any style to it. He was an expert when it came to making people say what was needed. I especially love his style because there isn't any blood and it does not elicit screams, as its more psychological than physical. He's willing to draw a little blood if need be, but only as a last resort. “OK, what did you bring me here for? I could be sleeping.” Zeke's tone went from joyful and happy to see me, to immediate dread. “What are you talking about? I thought you sent for me” “Well. That isn't good.” I grabbed him and sprinted over to Gunner. “Gunner, get everyone out of here. Our meeting was a trap. A set up.” Gunner stopped what he was doing and looked at me warily “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO!”
Chapter 4
Zeke and I ran behind the barn counter and crouched down just in time to hear several gunshots go off, following a fierce and gruff voice shout “RAVEN WHERE ARE YOU!” After the gun went off I could hear the whole bar go screaming and yelping out of the bar. “Damn” I whispered to Zeke. “What?” “This bar was full of gangs. Guess this helps you realize they were all talk and no show. Any real one would have stayed to fight. What a bunch of babies.” I hiss, Zeke lets out a bellowing laugh and marveled “So that's what goes through your mind in situations like this.” “Zeke, are you sober?” “I'm moderately functional.” “Alright, I take that as a no.”
I grasp my phone in my left hand and dial Jays number, He picks up and chuckles “Hey baby what's up? Having trouble sleeping? I could help you out.” “Um no. Don’t ever say that again.” Suddenly the attacker fires off a few more rounds to, what i'm guessing, scare anyone left out of their hiding spot. “Raven what was that?” Jay thundered. “I sneezed.” “That was NOT a sneeze!” “Fine. So, I may or may not be getting shot at.” I stand up as i'm speaking to Jay and fire off a few shots, I watch as they hit three people before I duck back down into my hiding spot. “Three down. I'm not sure how many left. I'll explain later. You have tabs on me. Find me.” “Raven. Be careful please.” I hang up and say to Zeke “Do you happen to have any other weapons?” “Nope.” “Damn. OK, run.” Zeke and I bolt towards the door but not before goon lands a fist in my stomach, knocking whatever breath I had left out of me. I plunge towards the ground as the attackers surround me, separating me and Zeke.
“Didn’t your mom teach you…” I quickly stand up and bash a goon in the face. “That it’s not nice to hit a girl?” He falls backwards like a boulder to the ground and remained there. “HA! Guess I don't know my strength.” Zeke jumps in and together we begin doing everything in our power to take out the goons but it seems as if they continuously keep coming and coming. “Well this isn't good.” Zeke sighs. “Oh really? How can you tell?” “See how they are slowly surrounding us? And they all have guns and knives and I think one guy is carrying a machete?” “Hm, wow. I never noticed.” I snapped. Before I could throw another jab, I felt a blow on the side of my skull. Suddenly everything was blurry, the room was spinning, and my eyes were rolling back into my head. Before I blacked out completely I got a glimpse of Jay with a determined look on his face, running into the room towards me.
I wake up in my bed back at our sorry excuse for a hide out, with Zeke, Gunner and a few other people I didn't recognize, standing by the door talking in a hushed voice. Jay, sitting in a chair next to my bed with his hands covering his face. My voice staggered as I struggled to say “How long are you guys going to stand around my bed like a bunch of creeps?” I go to stand up but everyone rushes to my aid and put my blanket back on. “Why do you people keep putting this blanket on me?” Jay states “Because you're in shock.” “That doesn't mean I need a blanket, it means I need booze.”
I can see the rage welling up in Jays face as he tells the other people in the room to step outside. “Whoa calm your tits there Jay, i'm fine.” “If you were fine I wouldn't have had to go into a bar at 2 in the morning to find you passed out on the floor with 8 goons surrounding you and blood pouring out of your head.” “Yeah sorry about that, but it's not like it's easy to fight in heels.” “Why do you keep risking your life Raven?! To prove a point?!” “Yes.” I say sternly. “I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you!” Jay shouts at me. “And i'm trying to subtly avoid it!” “Oh my god, I can't believe this.” Jay fumed as he sat down, putting his face back into his hands.
“So what happened?” I try to start a conversation. “Well I got there and they were about ready to drag you somewhere. So a few agents and I killed all of them except one. He's in questioning waiting for you when you’re better, by the way. They had punched you in the head to knock you out, then stabbed your side, it wasn't very deep.” “On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you want to kill me right now?”I question “I'm hovering somewhere in the high thirties.” “Bastard.”
Chapter 5
“Jay.” I beg “You know very well why I have to do this.” “I know Raven. That doesn't mean you get permission to risk your life and everyone who cares about you, just to get revenge on Axle.” I sigh and look away “Jay you don't understand what it'll mean to me to get done.” “Alright. Well, when you're ready… I'll be outside.” He finishes.
“Yo Zeke where's jay.” “Hey Boss, I see you're feeling a bit better. Funny to think only a few hours ago you were lying on the ground like a dead-” “Hey Zeke. Shut Up. Where's Jay?” I demand. “He's in the basement with Agent Kimberly working on who attacked you and why.” “Thanks.” I grumbled as I limp towards the elevator. By the time I've made it to the basement it feels like my insides have been rearranged. As I slide down the wall and hit the floor with a grunt, I hear the flirty voice of Kimberly, the agencies biggest whore. “Great” I think. I struggle to stand up and make my way towards the sounds. When I walk into the room I see Kimberly trying her hardest to, what I think is, seduce Jay. Whatever she's doing, its not pretty. At all.
I grab my gun and shoot a hole in the wall just inches away from Kimberly's head. “So. How’s the research going.” I sneered looking at Kimberly with murderous eyes. Kimberly quietly snickered “I’d rather them had killed you.” I limp up to Kimberly and angrily whispered in her ear “You’re. Fired. Get out of my base.” “Y-You can’t do that!” “Watch me.” As Kimberly strutted away she said “Humph fine. Axle has big plans for you. Just watch yourself or he’ll take over this company like he did the last one. You’ll be dead before you kno-“
My empty eyes gazed without sympathy as my bullet went straight through that thick hair of hers and right into the the back of head. She fell forward, her lifeless body crumbled up on the floor. I spun around to face Jay, a look of shock as well as relief spread across his face. “Why did you-” “Eh, I was going to kill her anyway. I never liked her attitude.” I shrugged and walked towards her body. “Clean it up, I'm going to the interrogation room.” “Raven I-” I walked out of the room, ignoring anything he had left to say, besides, there's no time for apologies. Especially when you're on a mission to get revenge. ‘I'm losing myself more and more every fucking day.’ I thought to myself as I shook my head and watched the elevator door shut slowly in front of me.”
Chapter 6
I step through the metal entryway to the interrogation room and slam the door behind me. It's been nearly a week since the run in with the goons at the bar, and today I decided to figure out why they attacked, instead of killing the survivor like I had wanted to. I slam the files down and pull on a pair of Latex gloves. “Why are you putting on gloves?” The man chained to the table grunts. “So I don't get blood on my hands, I just got a manicure.” I reply casually. “What's your name?” “Axle.” He smirks. Quickly I throw a fist in his direction, it lands right in that smug smile of his. His disgusting grin immediately turned sour as blood poured from his mouth. “So, I'll ask again because i'm feeling charitable today. Whats. Your. Name?”
At this point i'm nearly an inch away from his face, holding myself back from grabbing my gun and landing a shot in his awful face. From the wireless earpiece in my ear I hear Jays calm voice insist “Hand away from the gun. We need him for information. Don't you want to find who did this to you?” I violently push myself away from the table and glare through the two way mirror on the wall behind me “Screw you for always being right. Asshole.” I imagine Jay grinning at that comment as I turn towards the unknown man.
“Name.” “Diego.” “You will call me ma’am, Diego.” I mock. “Who sent you then?” Diego shifts fearfully in his chair but no words come out of his mouth. “You don't strike me as a professional criminal.” He says. “I know, that's what makes me so good at it.” “So are you going to kill me?” He asks. “Not till I get the information I need.” I say without looking up from the notes i’m taking. “And if I don't give up any information?” At that comment, I set my notes down and lean in close “Then I will kill you now, hire a professional private investigator to find who you work for and the location of your family. Then I will dump your body in front of your house. I don't think you want your children seeing that, now do you?” I threaten. Diego leans back in his chair with a strong sign and stammered “I was hired as a hit-man by a gang to the west side of Bayston to find a Raven Abhita and bring her in.” “Congratulations Diego.” I smirk “You’ve found her.”
I keep writing in my notes and continue questioning “What did they want me for?” “They wanted to kill you personally because you plundered our base a few months ago and killed my bosses brother.” “Interesting. Reminds me of the time they killed my brothers step cousin in laws sisters daughters son.” He looked at me with confused eyes and says “ don’t have a brother.” “And you my dear Diego, if I must explain myself, I was just making fun of you using sarcastic comments.” I roll my eyes and get back to the interrogation. “I think I remember that. It's funny actually. I remember exactly what he said before I blew his brains out.” Diego sat straight up. “He had said ‘Please. You can kill me, but leave my family be.’” I turned to Diego and asked “Do you know what I said?” I could see the tears welling up in his eyes. “I said ‘OK’ and a second later, Diego...I gracefully strolled out of the room where your brother laid, dead.” Still delighted I sighed and said “Ah, good times, those were.”
Diego leaped up from the chair he was sitting in, doing everything he could possibly do to get me. I wave one finger in his face and laugh “Aww, Diego did you forget you're chained to the table?” I straighten myself up and say in a business-like tone “Well, I have everything I need. You have nothing to do with Axle, so I guess I can just kill you now.” I begin to stand when Diego pleads “Ma’am please! Let me go! I have a family!” “You should have thought of that when you stabbed me in the side.” I say as I put my notes away. “That wasn't me I swear! It was one of my men!” “Oh. Well, good thing he's dead then.” He mutters “You-you’re-” “Beautiful, a genius, immensely talented-” “Dangerous.” “Oh...that too I guess.” As I walk out of the room I rejoiced “Give my regards to the devil. Bye bye!” As I stride down the bustling hallway I heartlessly whisper into the earpiece “Kill Him.”
Chapter 7
“Come in to my office so I can painstakingly detail what a dumb ass you are.” I shout into my phone. “Do I have a choice?” “No.” “Right away Boss.” Jay says before he hangs up the phone. While I wait for Jay to get to my office, I can't help but wonder ‘Boss? He never calls me boss. Was I too harsh? Nah, he's Jay.’ When Jay finally knocks on my door, I grab him by the collar and rush him inside. “Wha-” “Shhh.” I whisper as I look him up and down. “So did you just call me up here to check me out? Not that i'm complaining, I could get used to this.” He smirks. “Ah. So you are Jay.” “What do you m-” “You called me boss. You never call me boss, never do it again.” I stated. “Raven, you really should work on not interrupting pe-” “No.” “What do you need Raven?” “One second. I need to dumb it down a bit for you. Gather you and your shit. Were heading out around lunch to thoroughly stalk someone I’d like to kill.” I answered quickly. “Got it.” Jay said before turning to leave.
Hours later its lunch and time to head out. As Jay and I start walking towards a van Jay asks “Why the van?” “So we have room for the woman were after and bodies if necessary.” Silence. “What's our cover?” “A couple taking a lunch break.” “Do we get to act like a couple?” Jay winks. “Touch me and you die.” “Who's the target?” “A woman by the name of ash. You may know her as Arrow.” “How come-” “No more questions.”
The car ride to our destination was lengthy and completely silent, that is, until Jay stammered “You're speeding!” “I acknowledged the signs recommendation.” “You're going 30 miles over!” “I don’t give a damn.” The rest of the ride was quiet once again till Jay reminded me “You know, you're going to have to try smiling and act like you like me while were doing this.” “Don't worry, i'm a decent actress.” “Decent wont do the job.” “It will when you can kill anyone who thinks otherwise.” I grumble as I eye Jay.
I sit across from Jay at the table for two in an outdoor seating area of a cafe near where we should see Arrow. I look up from my coffee and see Jay resting his chin in his hand, staring deeply at me. “Does this count as a date?” “Not on your life.” “So do you have a plan?” Jay asked me “Yes.” “Is it a good one?” “I have a plan.” I muttered under my breath. For the next few minutes, I forced myself to smile as I pretended to be Jays lover. It took everything in me to restrain myself from backhanding him more than once, as he continually took the opportunity to hold my hand and put a hand on my thigh. “What happens if someone tries to kill me?” Jay wonders out loud. “Then I will murder them. Why?” “I was just wondering if you had a soul.” Jay said quickly. “Jay. If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life, then so be it.” Jay gave me a shocked look and continues to ask “Why are you doing that?” “Doing what?” “Treating me like a person.” Jay stated. I nervously turned my head away and stuttered “Heh. That's a weird question.” “There's no such thing as a weird question Raven.” “What's in mango salsa?” I jokingly asked. “I stand corrected.” Jay said with a defeated laugh.
We remained in our spot for the next few hours with not even a hint of Arrow having came or gone by. I walk into the cafe alone to throw away my fifth cup of coffee when I suddenly hear the popping of gunshots, and people screaming. I hastily grab my handgun and bolt for the door. My mind is going crazy as I look around for where Arrow could have come from and where she had gone, when I notice Jay is also nowhere to be found. In his place is fresh blood.
Chapter 8
On the table was a note, directed to me that stated “In ten minutes a man will come by and ask for you to follow him. Give him your weapons and do exactly as he says if you want to see your precious Jay alive, and the man must return UNHARMED. Till then, darling.” I scoff at the note and murmur “Tch. Cliche much?” As I await the arrival of the unknown man I call my good friend Phoenix, a loyal companion since the beginning.
He wasn't particularly big or strong. He didn't strike fear into the hearts of others, people he threatened or the cops whom he laughed at during interrogation. He seemed like a perfectly normal person, that is, until he snapped. He had a temper that burned hot as the fires in hell. When he got mad it wasn't just anger, he was absolutely crazy in his emotions and actions. I remember a time where he was locked in a room with at most, 5 attackers, and when he opened the door he was the only one alive. Now, these stories of his crazy ability when pushed to the edge, now that's what made people afraid. “We have a problem Phoenix.”
One minute later a team of about 10-15 agents, Phoenix and I are scanning the crime scene. Trying to put together just what had happened. I showed Phoenix the note and demanded “You have three minutes to give me an answer as to where Jay is and whether or not that's his blood. I have a tracker on my gun, have your people track where they take me while you follow us closely behind. As soon as I enter a building, bring every agent available to the location. If you are a second late, I’ll make you clean up the bodies.” “Got it.” Phoenix said as he and his team took on the rolls of innocent people, still shocked from the gunshots. A few minutes later an agent informs me that the blood is, in fact, Jays blood.
Within the next few minutes a broad, muscular man approached me and says just as the note had stated “Ma’am, you will need to follow me. Right this way.” He directed me as I grudgingly handed him my gun. On the way to wherever the man was taking me, I was determined the annoy the hell out of him. “So where's my boyfriend?” “He's your boyfriend?” “That could be why we were having lunch together.” I rolled my eyes as I continued to keep our cover. “Who do you work for?” “Arrow, isn't it obvious?” “Why do you work for her? She's too cliche with her work. I mean she doesn't even use a bow and arrow, what's the point of being called Arrow if you don't even know how to use a bow.” I keep talking and talking in hope to annoy my captor, because yes, i'm that person. “Do you know who I am? Never mind don't answer that, if you knew who I was You'd be too afraid to have come for me. After all, you're probably just another one of her minions following orders, no matter where it takes you. Hey, ever wonder why-”
My words are stopped when the man quickly pushes me against the brick wall close by and shoves a knife up to my throat “Ou kinky” I whisper. With a hushed yet bitter voice he snapped “If you don't shut your mouth I will kill you right here, right now. Might I add your boyfriends life is on the line?” I surprise the man when I begin laughing hysterically, to the point my eyes are tearing up. I hold my hands up in a surrender and giggle “OK OK hold on there buddy boy. Now you obviously do not know who I am, so i'll give you a free pass today. Just know, when my boyfriend and I escape, I don't forgive people. On that note, shall we continue? I'm sure your boss won't like it if you're late.”
After what feels like an hour, we turn into an abandoned and raggedy building. He shoves me forward and leads me up at least 5 or 6 flights of stairs. Once we make it to the desired floor, the man shoves me into a darkened room and forces me to sit down in a single chair in the middle of the room. I cross my legs as I say with amusement “Wow Arrow. I'm impressed, never have I met someone so cliche as you. A note, Man to bring me here, a single chair in a darkened room. Honestly I'm surprised this man over here doesn't have a name tag. Whats next? Are you going to bring out a tray of surgical tools and threaten to torture me? Cause I gotta say that’d be cute.”
Arrow steps out from the darkened side of the room, dragging a bloodied Jay behind her. She shoves him to his knees 20 feet away from me. This girl has been watching too many movies. I stand up to run over to Jay when the man's hand clasps over my shoulder, holding me there like i'm glued. “Hands off or i'll rip your hand off and beat you to death with it.” I hiss. The man goes to bring out his knife, but I grab his arm and twist it behind him, bringing him to the ground. I hold him there as he grimaces in obvious pain and demand to Arrow “What do you want from us?” “You know what I want.” “Actually no, I don't, that's why i'm asking.” “I want your company.”
I roll my eyes till it feels like they are going to roll out of my head. “This again? Well, I guess there's no need for this guy.” I grab my gun from out of his pocket and shoot the man who had once threatened to slit my throat. As I let go of the man, Arrows surprised face darkens and she grabs Jay by the hair, lifting him up, only to land a hard punch to his stomach and drop him again. Jay looks as if he is about to pass out, but I can see in his eyes he's fighting hard to stay conscious. I charge towards Arrow, but seeing her grin brings me to a steady stop. More men come flooding into the room and I watch with a heavy heart as Jay is dragged out of the room, to who knows where.
Chapter 9
“Where are you taking him Arrow?” I demand with anger blazing in my eyes. “None of your business. By the way was what he said about the whole boyfriend girlfriend thing true?” “Honestly?” “Yeah.” “I'd rather die.” “We can arrange that.” Arrow raises a gun to my head then for what could have been 20 minutes, stands there yelling about how badly she's been wanting to kill me. “Arrow.” I interrupt. “Yes?” “You keep pointing that gun at me blabbering on about how much you've been wanting to kill me. I'm beginning to doubt your commitment.” Arrows grin widens as she snaps her thin fingers and within second, the men surrounding me come lunging towards me.
“Phoenix.” “Yes agent?” I whisper through a small mic as I run frantically to where I thought I saw Raven being taken. Somehow I had lost my way through this maze of buildings, despite the fact that I was closely following behind Raven and her captor. I promised Raven, the day I ‘sold my soul’ to her that I would protect her no matter the situation and i'm not letting a little maze get in my way. OK maybe a little. I remember the exact words she had said after I signed my name on the paper that had written on it “Sell your soul. Sign here.” From that moment on I was bound to Raven. She had even said with a grin “You're my bitch now.”
“We have the location of Raven.” “Good work send it in.” “Yes sir, and...are you lost?” “No. I know where i'm going. When have I ever been wrong?” “Remember that time-” “That was one time! Get back to work!” “Yes sir. Right away sir.”
As soon as I receive the location of Raven, I dart towards the direction which happens to be the opposite direction of where I had been heading. Great. Raven is going to piss on my grave. I grab my phone and call Raven but i'm not surprised when Ravens familiar voicemail plays “Hello. I'm busy. Go away. Never come back. Bye.” I roll my eyes and whisper “This isn't good.” Suddenly a voice behind me says “What ain't good?” I jolt around and find a group of people, men and women all with weapons, coming towards me. “Look, guys I don't have time for this. I know how much you wanna kill me and trust me, the feelings are mutual. But right now I need to go make sure a serial killer hasn't started without me.” I turn to walk away when one of the big guys grabs me by the neck and lifts me up into the air. He asks “Which killer?” “Raven Abhita.” My grin spreads slowly across my face, in a way that shouldn't be physically possible. Somehow I've been able to perfect an evil grin that betrays all innocence, and it truly works, as it warns people that the crazy in me is coming out fast.
Many people have told me I need to learn to control myself, but if you're going to kill people...why not get crazy with it? Might as well, am I right? I grab the man's arm and spin my thin body around, pulling his arm over his head. I hear the not so soothing sound of his arm shattering as I thrust my knife into his side. He crumples to the ground and I turn to face the rest of the people pursuing me, still smiling. Suddenly I feel a swift, sharp pain in my back. I reach back and feel my knife, lodged into my back. I pulled the knife from my back as I slowly turn around and smile as I laughed “Was that supposed to hurt?” The man's eyes followed my blade as I pressed it to his neck “What are you?” “Psychotic.” With that I send the bastard to hell. I turn to the rest of the people who are standing staring at me and look at where a watch would be if I was wearing one “Oh would you look at the time! You guys have taken up too much of my time. Oh well, it's been a pleasure meeting you all. Have a good day.” I bow before running off once again, to find Raven.
I finally reach the place my team had said Raven was at and put my ear to the door to see if I can hear anything. Silent. Completely silent. Not good. I stand back and swiftly kick the door down. I can feel my eyes widening as I look around at the many bodies sprawled around on the ground. In the middle of the room I see the shadow of someone, covered from head to toe in blood. I raise my gun to them. Her eyes narrowed as she stands up. “You're late.”

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