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The Eclectic Pen - Filling the Emptiness

By: Lisa R. (lisarichards)  
Date Submitted: 2/20/2008
Last Updated: 2/20/2008
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs » Memoirs
Words: 97

  God of the universe,
The huge expanse of space stretches on forever.
I would seem to be so small and lost.
It is only an illusion,
For You are never far away.
The huge expanse does not deter You.
You take on flesh and live among us.
You feel our pain and joy.
You die for our sins so we don't have to die eternally.
We have only to cry out and ask.
You wait for us to turn back to you.
You fill the emptiness.
That place was made for You.
Now we are your children forever,
With all of eternity to explore Your wonders!
This is our purpose for living.

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