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The Eclectic Pen - If I could fly

By: Anna H. (dancingqueen18) - ,  
Date Submitted: 12/31/2006
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 131

  If I could fly, my soul and I
Would soar above the mountains high
And swoop down low
Over oceans aglow
In the moonlight.

If I could fly, my eyes and I
Would see the world, itís flags unfurled
Would explore the cultures, nations, and lands
And touch the black, white, and red, yellow hands
As I passed by on silky wings.

If I could fly, my ears and I
Would listen to the purr of a gentle whisper
Would hear the call of the high waterfall
And savor the footsteps of all things small
As they crawl across the dust.

If I could fly, my heart and I,
Would heal the hurt of body and soul
Would aid the hungry, helpless cry
And undo wrong and make things right
So peace would reign forever.

All of these things I will try,
Though I canít fly.

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DeAnnette H. (deanie) - 12/31/2006 4:54 PM ET
Enjoyed your poem!
Kristy M. (queenbee6) - 1/3/2007 9:40 AM ET
I really liked your poem. It's great.
Elizabeth B. (meowysmiles) - - 1/4/2007 7:44 PM ET
~Very Good~
Linda G. (ilovelunar) - - 1/13/2007 4:25 PM ET
oh, anna, it is great! i love it!
Jennifer M. (lpeogirl) - , - 2/10/2007 6:26 PM ET
Very nice poem Anna!
Comments 1 to 5 of 5