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Book Reviews of Frankenstein

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
ISBN-13: 9780812504576
ISBN-10: 0812504577
Publication Date: 6/1989
Pages: 236
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

3.5 stars, based on 8 ratings
Publisher: Tor Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 5
I am a literature major and I have read, analyzed and studied this book and also taught it! I love it. This book is packed full of themes and ideas and a very insightful look at human nature. This is not an easy read but instead one meant to be studied, savored and enjoyed. Highly Recommended!!!!
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Helpful Score: 1
The book of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he created.
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This wasn't what I expected...it was actually much better!
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I loved reading and teaching this book with my upperclassmen. It's an excellent book!
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If you only know of Frankenstein from the movies and have never read the book you are in for a treat. There is SO much more to the story. Excellent.
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What can I say,,it is a classic!
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Now Age illustrated paperback, about 60 pages black and white comic-type presentation. Last page has several vocabulary words to know and several study questions to check comprehension. Great book for reluctant middle school reader
knittymama avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 424 more book reviews
Was a great story, but I found some parts could have been expanded and other parts were too wordy. Still a great classic.
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The book is unabridged with annotations. The annotations help greatly with the references she makes to other books and her husbands work.
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This classic has been retold for younger readers.
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A classic, of course ... if you didn't read this in school, read it now!
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It should be noted that this edition of Frankenstein is in FRENCH.
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This is a classic. Enough said.
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"At once a Gothic thriller, a passionate romance, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of science, 'Frankenstein' tells the story of committed science student Victor Frankenstein." This book just increases my love for science fiction.
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Classic tale of horror and suspense.
Complete and unabridged.
JML avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 153 more book reviews
My 9 year old son likes the story of Frankenstein, and said this book was okay, but they ended it with the death of Victor Frankenstein, and he knows there's more. My son didn't feel this was scary, so it would be a good introduction of the story to a young but advanced reader.
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This 1965 edition of the 1831 classic includes an introduction written by Mary Shelley for the first edition. This is the story of Victor Frankenstein and the havoc caused by his monstrous alter ego.
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A Must Read!
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Sealed new cassettes of book!
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Most have read this book at one time or another, but it really isn't a horror story, but more about the human condition and about people being unkind to those that differ from them.
WhiskeyBat avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 28 more book reviews
A classic!
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classic horror seems much better than most new stuff, in my opinion.
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A classic must read.
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Cover has a shadowed, stone entryway on it.
mishkaness avatar reviewed Frankenstein on
The photo shown for this book is for another book completely--this is merely an abridged edition of Frankenstein for young (aged 9-13) readers; it does NOT include anything by Stephen King, Dracula, nor Jekyll and Hyde. It only has Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, abridged by Dale Bick Carlson.
dragoneyes avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 556 more book reviews
I guess I based my presumption of this book on all the movies. Frankenstein is not the creature who I thought he was. I found myself feeling sorry for him. Wishing that someone would reach out to him. Mary Shelley left it to your imagination on really what he looked like. I enjoyed this portion to. The book was exquisitely written. I felt I was actually transported to this era. Enjoyed it very much.
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Mary Shelley's classic novel with 8 pages of photographs in the center of the book from the Kenneth Branagh film in which he starred along with Helena Bonham Carter, Aidan Quinn, Ian Holm, Tom Hulce, John Cleese and Robert De Niro.
Alameda avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 336 more book reviews
1818 version - classic.
reviewed Frankenstein on + 18 more book reviews
Not as Horror-y as I had imagined, slow moving and moving, HAHA. Would reccomend this for people who like classic Lit rather than stuff Steven King writes.
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Absolutely Amazing! The book is literally 1,000 times better than any movie adaption. My favorite novel to date.

"At once a Gothic thriller, a passionate romance, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of science." - from back cover
demolitionlovers avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 12 more book reviews
I rushed towards her, and embraced her with ardour; but the deadly langour and coldness of the limbs told me, that what I now held in my arms had ceased to be the Elizabeth whom I loved and cherished. The murderous mark of the fiend's grasp was on her neck, and the breath had ceased to issue from her lips.
confuzzledbooks avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 442 more book reviews
Scientist Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with finding a way to reanimate human life after death. After he successfully fulfills his desire he immediately regrets it, condemning the new horrific life form to live in hiding. As Frankenstein's new monster learns to understand those around him and his own existence he begins to hate his creator. The monster enacts revenge on Victor by taking away those he loves, only stopping if the doctor does what the monster asks for.

The very start of the book reminded me of Moby Dick, at least the little I read of it. Victor Frankenstein obsession with creating life is very much like Ahab's obsession with finding the whale. Then the middle of the book was like The Picture Of Dorian Grey which a book I really liked and very much about doing good or evil and how it affects those around yourself. It ends again like Moby Dick as Victor new obsession directs him. The middle of the book had me interested because it is really a discussion on what being human is or could be, and regret. Actually, it is about even more than that so much you could a book about and people probably have.

I for one not a fan of the scenes where Dr. Frankenstein was channeling Ahab from Moby Dick. His obsession is part of the reason I couldn't finish Moby Dick. Luckily Frankenstein is much shorter than Moby Dick.

I am glad I took the time to read this. It is a book that is so much different than what the movies and tv have done. In fact, there is so much difference in the movies I am really curious why or how they came up with things...like the character Igor...no where in the book. The monster having a square head and bolts on the neck...nope not in the book. I am not a big fan of most classics but this one that I did enjoy.
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Very Good
Acknud avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 82 more book reviews
I am not sure why there is such a "hype" about "classic lit". I was sorely disappointed in the pace and narrative of this tale. I guess I expected it to be somewhat like the movie version and it was not.
Kibi avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 582 more book reviews
Frankenstein, loved by many decades of readers and praised by such eminent literary critics as Harold Bloom, seems hardly to need a recommendation. If you haven't read it recently, though, you may not remember the sweeping force of the prose, the grotesque, surreal imagery, and the multilayered doppelgänger themes of Mary Shelley's masterpiece. As fantasy writer Jane Yolen writes of this (the reviewer's favorite) edition, "The strong black and whites of the main text [illustrations] are dark and brooding, with unremitting shadows and stark contrasts. But the central conversation with the monster--who owes nothing to the overused movie image but is rather the novel's charnel-house composite--is where [Barry] Moser's illustrations show their greatest power ... The viewer can all but smell the powerful stench of the monster's breath as its words spill out across the page. Strong book-making for one of the world's strongest and most remarkable books."
acton avatar reviewed Frankenstein on + 17 more book reviews
This was repetitive. Same language, same justifications from Victor. Victor is so unlikable. Not much to enjoy.
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This is my second copy of this wonderful classic. While I love this book, I don't need 2. This book has a crack down the spine.
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I had never read this before and I really enjoyed the original story of Frankenstein and discovering who the true "monster" is in Shelley's telling, as opposed to the Hollywood and monster movie interpretations.
iswap avatar reviewed Frankenstein on
you've seen the movies..... now forget everything you saw and read the book.
Completely different story that what I was expecting.

When you read the first few pages ( i call it chasing Frankenstein) you will realize that this is not like the movies.

I know it is cliche to say this.... but it is really true in this case.
Happy reading
reviewed Frankenstein on + 7 more book reviews
great book. my copy is slightly water damaged but is still in good shape and definitely readable.
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