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The Eclectic Pen - A Gift For Clara

By: Carmela M.   + 7 more  
Date Submitted: 1/9/2007
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Words: 430

Clara is leaving us.
Clara who loved chocolate, lollipops, cigarettes and good music is going home
--not to her earthly home, but her heavenly home to live with a father who loves her.

God knows every hair on our heads. He knows those on Clara’s too--every crisp, beautiful, shiny white one on her pink scalp. He also knows one of her favorite songs. Like any good father he wants to give good gifts.

This past summer, August 2nd to be exact, Clara attended a Universal Sounds Concert here at the Care Center. She clapped; she tapped her feet and sang along with all the songs she knew. Best of all she smiled the bright smile she always did when there was good music. Her blue eyes sparkled like stardust.

Throughout the concert she had but one request--that they play ‘Sunrise Sunset’ from Fiddler on the Roof. Persistent as she is, she asked again and again. To which they kept insisting, “Sorry, we don’t know that one.” Although Clara enjoyed her time and the music, she went back to her room a little empty. It was just one song. Yet it was a song they could not give her.

On this day in December this request was not left undone. I sat by Clara’s bedside and remembered this song and knew that somehow, someway she should hear this song. The name of our in-house songster entered my thoughts. Immediately I thought of the fact that Mary was in all day orientation. But it sure was worth a try. I dialed the number and set off to find her. The phone rang and rang. I did not need to wait for an answer as just at that moment Mary crossed my path. In my heart I knew providence was at hand.

Did she know the song Sunrise Sunset? Mary hesitated for a moment.
“From Fiddler on the Roof, Sunrise Sunset?”
Yes, I nodded my head.
Absolutely! With the resolve that Mary so often exhibits,, she made a straight path to Clara’s room.

Right there on a December day, Mary knelt at Clara’s side and sang so lovingly the song that Clara longed to hear on an August night.

Clara will leave many things behind in this world, but she will take home with her a song in her heart and the knowledge that God her father loved her enough to give her a gift.

A true story in which the names have been changed for confidentiality. God’s work is real.

written by Carmela Mulroe

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Stephanie D. (realizeworldpeace) - 1/9/2007 3:24 PM ET
Beautiful. Nothing more to say... Thank you!
Diane B. (wilddesertrose) - 1/10/2007 7:20 PM ET
That was beautifully done. Thanks for sharing it. Diane B.
Terry R. (trich) - 1/11/2007 8:43 PM ET
Very good. Thank you
Sarah H. (SarahH) - 1/18/2007 6:35 PM ET
That brought tears of joy to my eyes. God Bless You !!!
Lynn B. (seraphina) - 3/21/2007 5:19 PM ET
This made me cry, very moving.
Comments 1 to 5 of 5