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The Eclectic Pen - Glitzy Awards, Tarnished Halos

By: LC P. (smallorder)   + 4 more  
Date Submitted: 4/11/2007
Genre: Nonfiction » Current Events
Words: 597

  Dear Sally,

Did you note the "Reverend Rooster" category for Rev.
Al Sharpton who joined PETA for all the wrong reasons
and went for the fried chicken almost immediately
after being released from prison.

Or the "Cereal Killer" category awarded to an NYU
professor who believes that 19 yo college students are
not qualified to chose their own cereals. Well, ok,
the 19 yos will probably still chose the stuff with a
lot of sugar but I suspect the same 19 yos will chose
the same cereal at 50 as well.

Or the "Pants on Fire"Award to the Center for Disease
Control for publishing erroneous numbers (they knew
were erroneous but did it anyway to promote the "right
ideas")on obesity.

I think it is good to give awards for hypocracy. It
lets everybody see their "idols" and/or leader or
institutions have feet of clay.

I have nothing against capitalism or guns. Making it
more difficult to buy guns legitimately will not lower
gun usage. You haven't bought a gun on the streets
lately, have you. It is cheaper than buying one in a
store and much, much easier. I live in a town of apx.
50,000 where there are lots of pick-up trucks driving
around with several rifles on the gun rack behind the
driver and several revolvers hidden here and there.
(MS has a "gunslinger law" which means you can carry
a gun without a permit if it is visible and shot anyone trying to steal your car. There is a much lower murder rate than the big cities of the US or elsewhere. We have a much lower crime rate than a good deal of the rest of the country. Guns aren't the problem, really. It's the insane people who squeeze
the trigger who are the problem. It's the awful
environment/culture that seems to breed in big cities,
it's parents who are busy doing everything but spend
time with their kids and/or don't say "no" enough to
them....and the list goes on.

I grew up in Detroit which in the late '60's was
called, Murder Capitol of the Country, with the
highest murder rate than any place else in the US.
The government commissioned a study to find out why
the murder rate had increased so much so quickly
thinking organized crime was to blame, but it wasn't.
It was still doing the same business it always did.
What the study showed was after the Detroit riots of
1967, more people bought guns to "protect" their
families, therefore there were more guns in homes that
had never had guns before. During times of domestic
disputes, instead of settling them with yelling or
battering the way they had been done in the past, they
got the gun out and shot the family up. The guns were
bought legally, were registered, and away from the
kids. The cause was the American culture of rugged
individualism, with strong undertones of violence
(which was needed to settle a lot of wilderness way
back when, and/or determinism to come to a New World
and start a new way of life). Those of us who grew up
in the 1950's watched a lot of westerns, police
dramas, murder mysteries, etc. on tv. We were the
first generation raised on a lot of visual violence
that became second nature to us. Our children were
exposed to even more violence, sex, and a
deteriorating family structure/life. So by the time
video games and fantastic technologies came along in
the 1980's not only was tv rife with a ridiculous
amount of violence and sex, the movies raised it to an
art form.

Guns aren't the problem, Sally. Good old fashion
American values are. With the war in Iraq and
Afganistan and who knows where else, it's not going to
get any better in our lifetime.


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Margaret S. (morgan2010) - 4/18/2007 10:28 AM ET
I had guns around me my whoel life. Thank goodness they were locked up, or one night when my husband said,"Hey, this dinner stinks, I'm going out for real food." I might have added a little iron to his meal!
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