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Favorite Recipes: Grape Salad

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Name: Gail R.
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Grape Salad

Dish: Salads
Dish Type: Fruits
Difficulty: 1 / 10
Servings: 15-18
Prep Time: 30 mins to fix-needs to set overnight.
Cook Time:

  • - 2# red grapes
  • - 2# green grapes
  • - 1-8oz sour cream
  • - 1-8oz cream cheese
  • - 1/2 cup sugar
  • - 1/2 cup brown sugar

Wash and dry grapes. Mix cream cheese, sour cream, and sugar. Mix with grapes, coat them thoroughly. Pour in bowl. Mix brown sugar and nuts. Sprinkle over grapes. Refrigerate overnight.


This is one of the best salads I have ever fixed. Everyone wants the recipe when I take it somewhere.

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Marcie A. (Marskygirl)
11/13/2007 10:46 PM ET
I have made this salad before, but I found the recipe somewhere else when I made it. It's awesome and refreshing and almost like a dessert (it probably could be a light dessert in the summertime). Make sure the grapes you buy are very fresh and firm and well-drained after washing so the cream cheese mixture sticks well. I would also suggest leaving the nut/brown sugar mixture out when you refrigerate overnight to keep the nuts as crunchy as possible. Just keep in a plastic bag and sprinkle over the salad right before you serve it. Awesome stuff!