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The Eclectic Pen - Haiku series

By: Nora F. (nora777)   + 58 more  
Date Submitted: 2/18/2021
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 135

  I. Water
Relief from summer
Water in my ears eyes nose
Now I'm getting soaked!

II. Crab
Yummy delicious!
Had crab cakes for lunch today
Late-acquired taste

III. Twin
I've often wondered
What's it like to be a twin
Guess I'll never know

IV. Scale
Once upon a time
I stepped on a scale each day
Don't do that no more!

V. Lion
King of the jungle
Now you're living in the zoo
What a sad come-down

VI. Scorpion
You're a yoga pose,
Astrological sign, and
Roman siege engine!

VII. Goat
Nice domestic pet?
A satanic animal?
Or could it be both...........

VIII. Arrow
An arrowhead, found,
Conjures up ancient hunters
Never let it go

IX. Bull
Ferdinand the bull*
A friendly, peaceful creature
Didn't want to fight

X. Fish
Hey fishie fishie
You get to swim, night and day
But beware the hook!

XI. Ram
Your horn, the shofar
Proclaims the Jewish new year
Two days of celebration

XII. Maid
Once, a pretty girl
In the flower of her youth
Now, a housework drudge

*Ferdinand the Bull, children's book by Munro Leaf

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