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The Eclectic Pen - The Haunting

By: Eva L. (wearetrees)   + 37 more  
Date Submitted: 10/8/2008
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 354

  I found a new dime, squashed
into the back pocket of my old jeans,
the vibrant profile of the dawn
in my belly

So this is what itís like
to starve for breath
shave your head
find a poem in your overcoat

That night you wound me up,
the earth in triptych,
directed my gaze to something stunning - and it was me

Knuckles white from
a prurient misdeed,
heart glowing in its chamber like
some magnificent bug

I wanted you so bad,
considered my life
unrefined until then,
simmered under my skin with blankets boiling

Your long arms
wrapped round my hips
like distorted waves,
my body some underwater creature
bending to the horizon
burning in the shade

The heat
shrinks my pupils like
a tiny minaret in the distant city
dilates my airborne muscles
becomes the fossil in my spine

I long to cast my net over you,
to linger in your lungs
be divine for you,
tight and tiny

I want to learn to lie awake
with one eye open on that
infinite parade,
to erase my face from the pillow,
plant it in the bread,
the crumbs you lick
from your fingertips

When I whisper,
when I press my head against you,
burrow into your neck like
some nighttime bird
I am suffocating to be near you
I am close but
I am lost,
I am leaving

Even when I change like this,
go from dust to soft earth
to brilliant day,
I am sawing you in half,
drawing cool water from your well,
your lips like fine silt around my fingers

I know I conjure
some shred of recognition in your bones,
some laughter
you conceal in the teeth
bury in sand
nurse like foam in the palms of your hands,
such delicate
fragrant fruit

Behind my eyes
I carve strange monuments to our abbreviated words,
our sticks,
our stones,
dig my heels into the tender grass around you

What I command
I steal away -
fantasies erode the earth, tease the air
like lightning
that slick electric pulse
hair a tangled nest
your breath buoyant in the bedroom

Last night
I felt you
in the passage
the empty minutes

my lonely lust
in the ribs of my disguise,
I felt you stash
rich deposits
of my life in your life

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ericjasongastelum - 10/10/2008 6:14 AM ET
my jaw drops lower and lower the more and more i read. so much weight you supply for my mind.
Marta J. (booksnob) - 10/10/2008 9:52 PM ET
Gorgeous stuff, Eva.
Michael A. (cicadasounds) - 10/21/2008 7:01 PM ET
I am torn between wanting to pick up a pen, or throwing it away. Your use of language is intimidating, wonderful and evil to those of us who read and think we can write. please continue, and continue and continue....
Comments 1 to 3 of 3