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The Eclectic Pen - Hidden ...

By: Jennifer D. (i--luv--ChRiSt)   + 8 more  
Date Submitted: 2/2/2009
Last Updated: 2/2/2009
Words: 384

  This was written years ago as teen yet the words still ring true....

She puts on her "all-together" face
Even though she's about to fall apart
She's so unsure of life
And she's coping with a vulnerable heart

She can't hear the answers
Even though she prays
And the neasau raises in her
Day after failure of a day

She doesn't want to explain
She knows only God understands
But she's having trouble believing
He's holding her quaking hands

She needs to break down
Let the tears flow
But she can't surrender
She holds on when she needs to let go

She's aching on the inside
With a plastered perfect grin
If only the turmoil could be seen
That which she hides within

She's crying out for someone to see her
She doesn't want to come out and ask for help
But she's loosing the only One
Who ever kept her going
And she just can't take it anymore...

Judging friends are taking it out on her
But emotions rush her soul
Others try to calm her
Can't they see the gaping hole?

She's not okay
She's not alrite
She wont go down
Without a fight
The smile's on
But the jokes on her
She can't move on
She needs the answer

She knows God's got it all in control
But she needs to feel His reality
She knows the Bible inside-out
But she needs that peaceful feeling

She's tired of the half- price apathy
The "just be good" Chrisitanity
She wants the food her spirit needs
Here she is, can't you see her on her knees

Tell her she's worth something
Cuz she's unsure of what she's holding onto
She doesn't wanna displease God
But its a trap she's falling into

If anybody sees the pain
Or knows the agony
She's begging just go over there
Its comforting she needs

People say shes too hard on herself
While others say she's changed
And she's tired of the oposing sides
Of this complicated game

She needs to feel her God is real
Just one time to know He's by her side
She can't keep going on
With this feeling tugging strong

Does anybody realize
The perfect Christian girl
Is the one who just wants to fall asleep
And forget the confusions of the world

She's not about to commit sucide
She's not that far down
But she's headed into deep waters
So catch her before she drowns

Don't be fooled by her lips
Her eyes tell a different story
She's breaking into a million pieces
She needs to see His glory

She's asking anyone
In any place
Don't be shy
Please don't be afraid

She needs the help
She can't get to
Someone please
Show her the love
She needs to fall in to

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