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Topic: Homeschooling in California

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Subject: Homeschooling in California
Date Posted: 10/3/2007 6:11 PM ET
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Date Posted: 10/3/2007 6:23 PM ET
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For starters, did you get his hearing checked? It's important enough to ask about. His teacher sounds like she is coming from a place of genuine concern.

Homeschool: Do you think he would benefit from it? Is your husband vehemently against it?

I'm not sure any of us are in a position to determine what would or would not benefit someone else's child.

Have you talked with your son? What does he see as the problem? Why does he need to directions repeated several times? What is his reading level? Does he have good comprehension? (read him a new book and ask him to tell you what happened in the story: Can he tell you?)

There are many benefits that my children reap from being home educated. They get all of their classes done one-on-one. They get to spend as much, or as little, time as needed on any given subject. I can raise them how I see morally fit. I have  a long list of reasons to homeschool, but they are all mine (although many of the other like-minded ladies here agree with most of my reasons).

Maybe you could start an open-ended family conversation about homeschool and see what pops up. Draw up a list of pros and cons (and remember, socialization is NOT being stuck in a room all day with kids your own age and one "ruler" who gets to tell you when to pee), and go from there.

I wouldn't jump to the instant conclusion that the teacher is out to get your son. Based on what you've said here, she seems like a caring woman. Homeschool is great, but not for everybody. Good luck with your decision.


Date Posted: 10/3/2007 6:41 PM ET
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Date Posted: 10/4/2007 3:39 AM ET
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I noticed in  your profile that you live in California.  So do I, but much further south (in Orange County).  We have homeschooled through the California Virtual Academy for 5 years.  (We're in our sixth year now.)  It is worth checking out, if just to get another perspective on homeschooling.  http://caliva.org/  Feel free to ask me anything about it.  I'll say this much for now: they use the best curriculum I've come across (k12 http://www.k12.com/), it's paid for by the taxes we already pay (just like any other public school), and it gives me the chance to witness my children learning (instead of hearing about their accomplishments from someone else).  We love it!

We choose to homeschool for many of the same reasons Michelle mentioned, and some that you seem to have as well.  We see it as our responsibility as parents to raise our own children.  How can we do that if they are with someone else for more than half their waking moments?  How can we do that if someone else is teaching them everything from reading to animal physiology to world history?  How can we do that if they are learning and modeling their behavior mainly after other kids their own age because that's who they're with most of the time?  I feel quite strongly that parents are, for the most part, the best teachers of their own kids.

I think you're wise to research and respect your husband's position.  I think once you both look at all the benefits of homeschooling, you'll both agree that it would be worth at least trying for a while. 

About your original post, and your son's shyness...  Our son was the same way at that age.  It was hard to get him to talk to anyone outside of family.  He's been homeschooled from the get-go, and now (at age 8) he's a regular social butterfly!  He'll participate in conversations with others--including adults, go out of his way to meet a new kid on the playground or at Community Day (with our school), and talk on the phone with long-distance relatives (which is HUGE for him).  I'm not saying homeschooling changed him, but I don't see how he could've undergone the same change if he was 'labeled' as shy and treated as such in a public school.  My husband and I had the chance to work with him on his social skills over the last couple of years, and I know the public school teachers just don't have the time to address every kid's specific personality individually.  It's impossible.  Having our children home (or at the park, or the store, or a field trip, or a friend's house) with us is the best way I see for 'training them up in the way they should go.'


Date Posted: 10/4/2007 9:34 PM ET
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Wow, I am so appreciative of all the help offered here. The links are wonderful, and I have been busy checking them all out. My husband is amazed that homeschooling is so popular, and there is so much support. Thank you so much!!!