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The Eclectic Pen - How I felt

By: Amanda R. (amandaripsam)   + 10 more  
Date Submitted: 7/23/2007
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting » Relationships
Words: 434


You always told me that you wanted to forget about me,

How can you see our past love when your seeing so blindly?

I can't and I won't forget about you for as long as I shall live,

For all the things you did and said to me, you I will never forgive,

I travel along to memory lane,

I sit here and cry as I weep in pain,

I have this view of a movie in mind,

Memories of us will never be left behind,

We had our first kiss and we even made love for the first time,

Now that we aren't together, I feel I have committed a crime,

We went on group dates and shared holidays with each other,

It was you that I always wanted to smoother,

Memories of the first day we met in school on that hot summer day,

Reply in my mind as I remember you standing at the top of my driveway,

Your sweet smile and your sensitive lips,

Makes me linger for just one more kiss,

I now realize that I wasted five years of my life,

All I ever wanted was to be a good wife,

We never got married but that was my dream,

As a couple we are supposed to be on the same team,

I watched you play X box and jam on your guitar,

I'd listen to your lies as they were bizarre,

You told me you were at a party with other guys,

But of course it was just another one of your stupid lies,

I was there for you and you crushed my heart,

How could you forget me, that's not very smart,

You lost your virginity to me and I was your first kiss,

You should have treated me like a little Princess,

Maybe you have no feelings or maybe you just hate me?

Maybe all together you are just a meanie!

What do you hate about me? I was always there for you,

To me you were always someone to see right through,

Now you are with Jessica but I know I loved you more,

In time I hope my heart will cure,

There are these things that I don't understand about you,

Please help me to understand so you can understand me too,

Why do you flirt with woman online and degrade your outer self?

Why do we have to think about all the ways we hurt our self?

Are you looking for a way out or do you just not care?

Without you, I don't see myself going anywhere.

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