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The Eclectic Pen - How do you spell success

By: Tanya H. (sthepworth)   + 5 more  
Date Submitted: 8/31/2007
Genre: Parenting & Relationships » Parenting
Words: 293

  A successful day

As we’re getting ready to go to the zoo, I notice that I haven’t accomplished anything on ‘Mom’s To-Do’ list for today (mainly attacking the pile that we refer to as the ‘Master Bedroom’ Aptly named because it is our master, and we are mere servants scrounging in it to find what we need).
I got to thinking “What constitutes a successful day to me?” And this is what I came up with.

A successful day:

- has no unscheduled trips to the hospital or doctor’s office

- ends with everyone still alive

- requires no more than 1 clothes change (for me), 0 changes for Enoch, 0 changes for Kate, 1 change for Amelia, 2 changes for Aidan, 6 changes for Ava-(now the whole laundry blog make sense, doesn’t it?)

- is when all of the diaper contents stay IN the diaper

- includes less screaming and more laughing

- is when my husband can tell a difference (positive, preferable) between when he left home, and when he arrives. Extra bonus points if he actually SAYS something about it!!

- requires no toilet plunger

- means all of the kids had three meals- doesn’t matter what, as long as they’re fed food meant for human consumption

- needs no fire extinguisher

- contains no blood

- doesn’t include for the fifteenth time why we don’t say ‘that’ word, or point that finger up in public

- is when I run out before my deodorant does

- doesn’t include “UH-OHHHHH”

- is one where everyone is wearing underpants- extra bonus points if they belong to that person!

- doesn’t require getting anything out of anyone’s hair except what is supposed to be in there

But, let’s face it. The most successful day is the one where all of this happens, and you don’t run away from home.

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April M. (iluvmycop0902) - 9/11/2007 4:22 PM ET
you have to leave home to go to the zoo? My master bedroom usually contains two monkeys, their servant, the clean-up crew (aka mom), and about 40 plastic zoo animals that my 3 years old can identify correctly and imitate the sound of.
Sheryl (Momof2boys) - 9/11/2007 5:09 PM ET
What a hoot! This was a great read!
IONE L. (zaneygraylady) - 9/12/2007 10:21 PM ET
I can relate. My son wanted to make a schedule for my daughter in law to follow. They have a three month old and a 2 year old. I said if the kids were still alive by the end of the day she was doing her job.
Comments 1 to 3 of 3