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The Eclectic Pen - How I view you

By: Denisse T. (Talavera305)  
Date Submitted: 10/15/2008
Words: 149

You bring out the best in me,You have fulfilled my deepest desires. We have a family we have a son he is my SUN and I will always revolve my life around him. You both bring me such joy. Without you I cannot stand I am your body without me you are not whole you are my legs without you I cannot be free and our son is the heart that keeps us alive. We are united and united is our love viewed from the purest heavens and how they envy our love is mad.For you are Adam and I am eve our son is our legacy. We live through him and he through us.He will make us proud and lord one day you will see a family such as mine I thank you for having blessed and we will walk along side you from now until eternity.

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