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The Eclectic Pen - The Hunted

By: Emmy A. (emmytastic)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 3/14/2011
Last Updated: 3/27/2011
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Words: 2,350

  With a heavy sigh, Emmy sank low into her chair in the small room that the five vampires crowded into. It was obvious with the way that she pursed her lips and the way she fiddled with a lock of her chocolate brown hair that she was already bored with this weekly meeting that they had. Her hazel eyes remained on her lap, which were covered with a pair of skin tight black jeans, feet bare due to the fact that they were inside and lounging about. She brought her legs to her chest and then let them fall to the sides of her, crossing them. Her hands rising to shift the black tank-top that covered her. It was apparent by the way her mouth was moving that she was playing with the piercings that she had, which only caused me to stare more.
It was odd… Every meeting that we had, I found myself staring at her, watching her every movement as if my life depended on it. But not once has she noticed me doing so… unless she did and was merely toying with me with the way she moved about.
“Josh!” Iris called me to attention and my eyes instantly averted to her, I was sure there was shock upon my face with the slightly annoyed tone that she carried in her voice.
“Yeah?” I replied casually, as if there was nothing else on my mind. If I could, I would stare at Em throughout the day, taking in her being; her essence alone was enough to put me on edge. There was something about her that just simply attracted me to her, and I only wished that it was the same way for her but…
“Sorry I’m late.” Seth said as he entered, his hands shoved deep into his pockets and took his place next to Emmy, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her to him. Watching him do that made my blood boil… I could only wish that I was the one that was next to her, to hold her against me like that.
He was the obstacle that gave me no chance to get any closer to her than I already was. His penetrating blue eyes were enough to make me go numb when they were on me. His black hair like onyx, much better looking compared to my dirty blond hair… It was obvious as to why Emmy would like him over me and there was clearly no competition when it came down to that. And Seth knew it.
Piercing eyes laying upon me, my muscles tensed, but I didn’t dare break from his gaze, feeling my eyes narrow. Seth knew all about my feelings for Emmy, he made it clear that he knew and that if I even dared to try anything he wouldn’t hesitate to take me down. But that didn’t stop me from wanting her and it never would. Watching him move his hand down her arm and along her leg, which she didn’t try to move away from. Biting down on my lip, I didn’t move my eyes away, knowing that if I did, I would be accepting defeat. His hand slow trailed along her leg, getting closer and closer…
“Stop…” Her voice was small, but paying as close attention as I was I barely caught it as she took his hand and moved it back to a more decent spot, a smile broke out on my face at this, partially involuntarily and making sure he saw me smile before I moved my eyes away to Iris who stood before everyone.
Despite her being the youngest of the group – only being 16 at that – she had to be the best when it came to organizing and managing these meetings. Draping my arms over the back of my chair, I sank slightly into it, giving her my full attention now, which it almost felt like she was waiting for before she started.
“So,” she began, brown eyes gazing over everyone before throwing the newspaper down on the coffee table in the center of the group. “anyone want to confess to this?” She placed her fists on her hips and looked over the group accusingly. It was obvious by the looks on everyone’s faces that no one had any idea what she was talking about.
Almost in complete unison, the remaining four of us leaned to look over the headline of the week’s paper:
Man killed by unknown beast!
“The article says that the man seemed to be drained of all amounts of blood.” Her blaming gaze hit everyone as they looked up at her. I was speechless, personally, not even sure how she could think that any of us had done this, well… Seth didn’t count…
From the corner of my eye, I saw Zander stand to his feet, the whole time I forgot he was there, it was strange to see him act now. Although, Zander was the most vocal out of all of them, always speaking before thinking, doing him more bad than anything. “You can’t honestly think that one of us did that!” For once, his outrage seemed necessary for the situation.
“I can believe anything I want.” She took her eyes away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. Despite her tough act, it was obvious that she hated speaking up to Zander, they had a connection that made them close, like siblings – which its never developed beyond – and at that moment, you could see that his burst of anger about the situation had both taken her off guard and hurt her, even if it was small.
“Why accuse us?” Emmy spoke her mind as well, she looked cross, then again she always did when you blame her, even if she had done it. “How do we know that you didn’t do it?” She leaned more into Seth, it was clear by her actions that she really didn’t care about this, she just didn’t want the finger pointed at her and decided to point it back.
Iris was provoked by this; the anger welding inside her eyes was easy for anyone to see. “I hate taking blood from the people that offer it to us, what makes you think I would do this!” A blush came over her face and she lowered her voice. “I wouldn’t…” It was easy to believe… I knew she wouldn’t, she could hardly stand to take blood from the few humans that offered it to us. She grew queasy watching and took as little as she possibly could, it was no wonder she was so small.
“Well it wasn’t me, I can tell you that.” Em spoke and pulled her chocolate hair over her shoulder to run her hands through it, catching my attention as she did so.
“Me either…” Seth spoke, noticing my eyes on her and beginning to fiddle with the hem of her shirt. Ugh… he loved to get to him…
Looking away and watching Zander seat himself, calming down from his sudden outburst, this seemed to make Iris happy. “I didn’t.” He said, gaze suddenly going to me, almost as accusingly as Iris had been to the whole group.
Instantly, I realized that I hadn’t spoken a single word about the whole thing. Sitting up, I let my hand fold together between my knees and look at them intently. “I didn’t do it.” I made sure to make eye contact with everyone to make sure I got my point across. “So maybe we should stop pointing the finger at each other and find out who actually did this.” I suggested leaning back into my seat again.
“Why?” Emmy asked, her gaze on him now, hands in her lap, he knew that she hated humans… The few times that she had allowed herself to open up to them they had only hurt her. I couldn’t blame her for not wanting to forgive them to help out the good people of their kind. “We’re not the one’s being killed. I think we should be grateful it isn’t us and let nature take its course…” Her eyes fell to the floor and she had a hard look within them. I never did quite know what had happened to her when it came to her few experiences with humans, and with the look of hate and pain that she wore, he was afraid to bring it up to her.
Iris fumed, she always tended to take too much responsibility onto her shoulders, something such as this was something she was going to make right, even if it was something that had nothing to do with her. “This isn’t nature. This is murder! And a vampire is somewhere out there doing this. We can’t let them get away with it.” She felt strongly about this and would exercise her point till the end of time.
Seth shrugged; he didn’t seem to care either way. “Dracula killed loads of people. No one tired to stop him.” He smiled as he referred back to one of their first ancestors as if it were a joke. “There was no harm in it then, why should there be much harm now.” Lifting a piece of Em’s hair, he twirled it between his fingers. “Besides, the human population is growing rapidly, getting rid of a few might be good for the environment.”
“That was the past, you can’t mingle the two.” I said, shifting the silver right from my finger and fiddling with it. “Would you like us to take out swords and fight to the death as well?” My eyes were hard as they stared at him, I was sure that he got the message. I could feel the tension rising in the room as a smile slowly grew across his face.
His tongue trailed over his lip as his eyes met mine. Seth was one who craved blood, in so many ways, he was like Dracula, a monster that man-kind feared. “Why not? What do you say Josh? Let’s duel it out right now.” My muscles tensed, ready to charge at him, just waiting for the moment to do so.
“Gladly…” I was ready, so ready it ached that I wasn’t attacking at that moment.
“You’re all sick!” Iris screamed, taking my attention away from Seth and to her as she strode across the room and up the stairs. I grimaced, always hated seeing her like that and it was obvious that I was part of the reason she was so upset. The thought didn’t make me feel better… I hated when people were upset because of me.
I sighed and leaned back into the chair, letting all the tension I felt from the moment before evaporate from me, eyes on the ground. Sometimes, I wasn’t even sure why I was here. We had all gotten together about a year ago. It started with me and Iris, Zander joined soon after, Iris couldn’t leave him with the strange attachment they had. And not too long after, the happy couple joined. Seth wanted to leave – there was still the part of me that wished he did – but Emmy insisted that they stay and Iris was happy to accept another girl into the group.
Being complete strangers at that time, there were lots of arguments between everyone and there always seemed to be no way to solve it other than to let it dissolve over time. It was strange, with the freedom we have to leave and do as we wish; we all stayed, keeping the commitment to stay secret. Being hunted was the last thing any of us wanted. Death on any side – vampire or human – would cause a complete war throughout the world. So it made sense as to why Iris would want to stop this as soon as possible… she didn’t want war…
Emmy sighed and shifted to her feet, stopping Zander from standing any further than he already had. “Don’t worry.” She said, pulling her hair up into a pony-tail. “I’ll talk to her this time…” She began towards the stairs, making the task seem like much more than it really was.
Zander sighed and stood anyway. “I’m thirsty… Anyone want to join?” He asked, looking back, both Seth and I said no, eyes then averting to each other as he left.
There was silence for a long moment, which made me tense once again, wondering if he would jump or remain where he was. My tongue brushed over the surface of my lips, my eyes not moving from him, the moment seemed to last forever as a smile finally cracked over his face, which I twitched at.
“I was serious…” he started, “about the fight.”
“As was I.” I was ready for anything that he would throw at me. My breath stopped as he stood to his feet, remaining perfectly still.
“Good.” He said before turning and exiting the room.
It took me a long time to relax and I it took me a long time to catch my breath and stop myself from trembling… man it made me feel weak… “I hate him so much…”

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