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The Eclectic Pen - Hunters

By: Miranda P.  
Date Submitted: 10/24/2014
Last Updated: 10/24/2014
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense » General
Words: 967

  The sun was setting and it was almost dusk. I have to find shelter soon. I can keep following the tree line or I can go into the woods. If I stay in the open any longer, they will find me. But the woods are unknown. I decide to head for the woods.
Who are they? Who am i? I am an experiment and they… Well I don't know who they are. all I know is they don't want me in the outside world.
As I enter the woods, I see a light far off in the distance. Not artificial light like the hunters carry, but softer, such as the light from a candle or fire is. I head towards it feeling a sense of security, tranquility. As I approach the light, I see the faint outline of a house. The house is painted a light pink and has a porch with furniture on it. It all contributed to the cozy little house. In one window, a single candle shone through. Was this a mirage? Well, I’d soon find out.
I knocked on the door of the cozy house. The door swung open. I felt the urge- no the need- to enter the house. The main hall was empty other than a small table and a stairwell leading upstairs. I travelled through the house to find it vaguely furnished, a table here, a chair there.
I continued through the house and at the end of the house, there was a single solid wood door with carvings of beautiful objects I could not describe. I was mesmerized. I slowly opened the door to find this one room completely furnished. There was a desk, a dresser, a vanity, a nightstand, and a bed, completely made. All the furnishings were solid wood with the same carvings as the door. The room slowly enveloped me in a blanket of peaceful feelings. I let the room sort of guide me to the bed where I fell into a deep sleep.
Bang! I awoke to the sound of the front door being slammed open. I heard footsteps scurry through the house. The hunters! I knew from my tour the previous day that just a few steps away from the door that entered the bedroom was a back door of the house leading outside. The footsteps were to close no for me to escape unknowingly. I leaned against the wall in agony, awaiting my capture.
The wall suddenly gave way and I tumbled down a steep path. When I reached the bottom of the hill, I sat up. As I looked around, I saw a few dim lights. I was sitting in a small circular room with paths dispersing from it. Each walkway had a different color of lights illuminating it. One was green, another blue, and a third maroon. I followed the blue one, it being my favorite color. The path ended and there was a door. I opened it to find… A little girl, trembling in the darkness. The little girl was eight or nine with long blond hair. she was wearing a dress that could have been a beautiful yellow at one time but had turned a dull gray from weeks of wear and tear. “What’s your name, sweetie?” I asked in a low, gentle voice.
“Cecilia Everose Swenson,” She replied as-a-matter-of-factly. I recognized the childs hair, her voice, and the tone she said her name.
She was an experiment like me! I remembered her face from before I had left! I also remembered it running through my head everyday, feeling terrible for leaving a sweet, innocent child in that horrid place. Of course now she was a tad bit older so she did look a little different. That wasn't her real name. It was a fake one she was forced to tell commons people in case someone had filed a missing report when we were still human.
Interrupting my thoughts, her voice rang out, questionable, “Dollie?” To this day, I refuse to be called Dollie. Thats what the scientists who did the experiments called me.
“I go by Nellie now. Always have. You should remember that, Cassi.”
“Don’t call me Cassi. Some of us still go by our given names.”
“Yah well, I don’t. Now come on, Cecilia.” I said in a mocking tone.
I started back towards the path I had come. “Stop!” her voice echoed through the halls, “I know a way out. One the hunters haven’t found yet.” She stepped aside to reveal a small crawl space. I decided to follow her. We exited the dark, dank cellar only to come face-to-face… With the hunters.
“Thanks alot, Cecilia” I said in a sarcastic tone. I turned towards where she would be. She was gone!
“Who said that?” One of the hunters asked.
I stayed silent as the hunters walked, baffled, past where I was standing. I myself was baffled. After the hunters were some distance away, I turned and saw… Cecilia! “Where did you go?” I cried, “And why couldn’t they see us?”
In a calm tone, she spoke, “You left before they showed us our strengths. When we are scared or threatened, we turn invisible. That why you couldn’t see me and they couldn’t see us.”
“So the experiments have helped me all this time?”
“Yes” She replied, “I was sent to come find you and train you. They want you to come back to the labs.”
“No.” I heard my own voice say before I had even considered it.
“Okay. Then I am to leave you, but if you ever want to return, use your strengths to send a signal. You can only be found if you want to be. thats why I found you now. you gave up on hiding and your signal was revealed.” And Cecilia Everose Swenson disappeared into the darkness.

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Jordyn C. - 11/24/2014 11:19 PM ET
Nice turnaround at the end. Good prologue for a longer story too, makes me want to read more.
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