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The Eclectic Pen - intoxicants

By: ericjasongastelum   + 52 more  
Date Submitted: 1/3/2012
Last Updated: 1/4/2012
Words: 832

  he stared at her as she told him about the past, in an attempt to ease his troubled mind. her breath was a heavy carpet stained with fresh spilled bourbon.
"please go to sleep now, evan." she said with a blank expression on her face and a glossy film over her eyes.
"i want to, but i am scared of my dreams." he replied with a whimper.
the dreams did not scare young evan. no. the true reason he wanted her to stay with him was because her nipples were erect and she was not wearing a bra. the sight of her nutritious mammary glands with primed nozzles drove evan wild. they made his blood rush thick and fierce, like ingesting too much sodium does to you.
she continued to sit there next to him as he lay on the couch. her mind was like a car being jump started with the wires crossed, she still had some sense, but most logic was destroyed by the alcohol she had spent drinking all day.
she sang a song in hopes that it would ease his heart:
"go to sleep, young sweet thing, now the angels will watch you. in the days of your youth and when you've grown they'll be with you."
she continued to hum the melody to him as he slowly slipped his thumb against her nipple while adjusting under the sheets.
she sat there, by his side for many more minutes, and evan slowly began to move his thumb against her nipple from the outside of her shirt. as drunk as she was she knew that somewhere, within herself, this was wrong and told him what an ordeal it was.
"evan, you cannot touch like that." she strongly suggested with her eyes half shut.
"huh, ummm... uhh, what do you mean?" evan asked with as innocent of a demeanor as he could muster.
"there are parts of a woman that are not acceptable to touch unless..." she did not finish saying the things she thought she had said aloud.
he laid there full of conviction but the intoxication of his perversion filled him from the tips of his hair to the edges of his toenails. he wanted to breathe smoke all over the body of a human female and spill his seeds on or in her.
evan acted as though he was asleep and with that she left his side. she was too drunk to care if he was actually asleep and drunk enough to not remember why she was in the living room. as she walked away evan laid with his mind and thoughts a complete mess destroyed by confrontation and the fumes of desire.
the woman, which was evan's grandmother, stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom. she had tunnel vision and a very short memory span due to her intoxication.
as she moved further to the end of the hall evan got off the couch, because he knew she was heading to the bathroom. he stood where the hall and living room met and walked slowly closer to the bathroom door after she shut it behind her.
evan heard the elastic band of his grandmothers sweats slap against her shins. he knew it was only a matter of seconds until she would begin to urinate. the sound of a female peeing was his favorite sound. he did not know why it was that sound that he was attracted to. he was not fond of bodily fluids and had a very sensitive stomach when it came to most anything. evan listened with steady attention.
then the rush of warm piss flowed from her, he could hear it. he then began to rub the tip of his penis from outside his underwear very quickly. his foreskin was filled to the brim with pre-cum, that lubricated him quite well, and made the task of quickly rubbing his glans very simple and clean.
he continued rubbing as she finished urinating. she was oblivious to all that was happening outside of the bathroom.
evan made his way back to the couch and continued to masturbate. he made quick motions upward from the thick base with his right hand and rubbed the palm of his left hand with a circular motion into the steady production of cowper's fluid. he did this until finally hot semen expelled from his urethra and into his hands. he then licked the semen from his hands and swallowed the mess clean to avoid getting up from his sedated post-ejaculatory state.
his grandmother finished using the bathroom and made it to bed, never to remember the incident of evan touching her elegant nipple. if ever she was to remember it would be such a faint drunken memory that she would only believe it to be a perverse freudian mishap of a thought rather than believing that it actually happened.
evan's thoughts raced and in his mind he replayed the scenario over and over and over. his shame and worry grew, but his sedation overcame him and his eyelids became too heavy to keep open.
and they fell into a deep sleep.

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