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The Eclectic Pen - Jalestone

By: Lisa L. (violetelena) - ,  
Date Submitted: 11/6/2012
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 180

  I wanted to submit this to a Halloween poetry contest but never got enough feedback to be satisfied, so I didn't. Tell me what you think (creative criticism, please!)


Dark is its gait as it creeps into town.
Silent and still, it waits underground.
Needles for teeth and wires for hair
Flecks of ginger flames in its glare.
Specks of blood still on its face
Remains from the six children it ate.
Nails sharper than his storybook foe
Jabberwocky’s, faster they grow.
They tap, tap, tap…
Besides it is a haven.
Inside contains a midnight raven.
The beat words’ growl into its ear
Out the bird flies into night clear.
Around the town it circles thrice
While button eyes look precise.
For the next victim for the Jalestone.
Spots a girl playing alone
Everyone’s distracted no one around.
The raven caws a most precarious sound.
Cries, “Jalestone, arise!
Waiting you despise
But wait no longer!”
The girl looks below her
While the ground quakes.
The beast awakes.
It lunges from beneath.
Not quick on her feet
It’s quicker,
It’s slicker,
She screams
It snickers.
Until there are no sounds at all…
So all children are warned:
Take heed when scorned
For playing outside alone;
Beware the Jalestone,
Beware the Raven’s call
As they move from house to hall.

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