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Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre
Author: Charlotte Bronte
A dark secret stands between the shy, plain governess and her moody employer. Even Jane's passionate love cannot erase her doubts-of Mr. Rochester's honesty...her fear-of a crazed intruder. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte's masterpiece of haunting mystery and all-consuming love.
ISBN: 19377
Pages: 501
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Publisher: Scholastic Book Services
Book Type: Paperback
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Leigh avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 378 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 7
If you haven't read this classic, do. It is the heartwrenching story of an orphaned girl who perseveres despite obstacle after obstacle thrown her way. Her strong, unyielding spirit and innate purity are what makes her one of the best characters in all of literature. Mr. Rochester is not to be missed, either - he'll evoke a strong emotion from you, one way or the other. Highly recommended.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 3 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 3
I've read many romance novels, new and old, and this is THE most heart wrenching love story that I have ever read. I used to think that this and Pride and Prejudice were tied, but, over time and a few more readings, I must say that Jane Eyre trumps P&P!
MoonShadow avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 18 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Since its publication in 1847 "Jane Eyre" has never ceased to be one of the most widely read of English novels. Transmuted by the rare Bronte imagination, the romance of Jane and Rochester takes on a strange and unforgettable atmosphere that lifts it above the level of mere melodrama. But Charlotte Bronte intended more. She portrayed the refusal of a spirited and intelligent woman to accept her appointed place in society with unusual frankness and with a passionate sense of the dignity and needs of her sex. Q. D. Leavis's introduction brings out the revolutionary qualities of the book and its author's creation of something that would 'be true to the experience of the whole woman and...convey a sense of life's springs and undercurrents.'
bolgai avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 109 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
The highest praise for a book is when you turn the last page and immediately want to go back and read it again. Jane Eyre was that sort of book for me. It's not a large volume, I imagine few books published back then were, but it has everything that I enjoy: it has a strong, intelligent heroine who's not afraid to speak her mind, adventure, romance, mystery and a happy ending. It is written in such a way that wherever the heroine is you feel like you're right there with her, experiencing what she is experiencing, the plot developments are never contrived and flow naturally and the ending, while happy, isn't so happy that it seems unrealistic and fake.
It is my all-time favourite book and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes an unhurried narrative without gratuitous drama and enjoys historical fiction.
GigiBeanz avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 52 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2

From the time she was orphaned, Jane knows nothing but unkindness. She must make her way in a world that is often cruel and indifferent. When it looks as if Jane is going to be happy at last, fate deals her its harshest blow. But Jane has spirit, strength, and determination. Now she must use them all to win love and true happiness.
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reviewed Jane Eyre on + 6 more book reviews
Absolutely fabulous book! It took me a few hundred pages to really getting into it suspense-wise but then I was hooked. We all should deem to become like Jane with her thoughts.
jkzjs avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 67 more book reviews
This is my all time favorite book. It is wonderful. It could be modern chick lit. A MUST read.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 18 more book reviews
Really un-rewarding read, I know english buffs would care to argue. reccomend it for Woman who are in romance novels with A LOT behind them, no Danielle Steele.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 2 more book reviews
I was very happy with this book. Somehow, it has slipped through the cracks of my literary reading over the years, and it's great!
A hard and long read, compared to many others, but well worth it!
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 50 more book reviews
A classic. Perhaps not everyone's taste, but what book is. Definitely has images that stick in your mind for years to come.
bankie79 avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 40 more book reviews
I have loved this book from the first time I read it at the age of twelve. I even named our blind, toeless, toothless cat after the author. Now that is a compliment.

The idea of empowering a young woman in the eighteenth century with the will to perservere despite the odds is not an unusual theme in romantic literature, nor is allowing her to fing the man of her dreams who happens to be wealthy.

What is unusual is the Jane has a tenacious quality to her that keeps her from fainting and swooning when some pretty horrific things happen around her. Her character has a brilliance to it that allows someone like her to capture the imaginations of so many of the other characters, either one way or the other.

I highly recommend this book because it's not only a classic that justly deserves to be canonized, but it also is rather timeless. It touches people in strange ways.
reviewed Jane Eyre on
I LOVE this book it is my favorate book I ever read.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 5 more book reviews
I read 1/2 of this and then couldn't take the endless details Jane provided on every aspect of every person. It was naive and boring.
reviewed Jane Eyre on
I loved this book! A precious love story with so many twists and turns, I wasn't sure how it would end. The beginning is a little slow, but once you're through her school years, you'll love it.
lvp avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 41 more book reviews
One of my favorite books. Amazing.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 157 more book reviews
One of my favorite books of all. The heroine does go thru a great deal, but it is worth watching her face her tests in her life to measure how I face mine.
Great romance, too, by the way, and I don't generally like romances.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 35 more book reviews
Fantastic book! Got me into reading Classics!
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 10 more book reviews
A good read. Starts slow but picks up as you get into it. Clean story.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 9 more book reviews
i loved this story! Jane is one of the greatest chatacters in English Literature!
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 4 more book reviews
I am a little over 3/4 the way through it. I am enjoying it and have gotten used to the vocabulary and English terms. I would like to read some more classics.
ocnsangel avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 224 more book reviews
What can i say a must read for people thatlove the classics.
perryfran avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 1173 more book reviews
This is one of the classics that I have been meaning to read for years. I read a Franklin Library leather bound edition that I have had on my shelf along with quite a few other classics that I also hope to eventually read. As for Jane Eyre, I did for the most part enjoy it although the descriptions and dialogue in the novel were really pretty overblown and wordy. In addition, the novel used the classic literary device of coincidence and wish fulfillment to finally resolve the story which to me in modern times was somewhat ridiculous. The novel was written in 1847 when I'm sure these devices were used frequently in the writing of the time so I guess I can forgive that.

Anyway, the story was very familiar to me mainly because I know I have seen one or two movie versions of the novel. The classic 1943 version starring Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine is probably the one I remember best although I don't think the entire story was included in it.

Of course the story is about Jane Eyre and her struggle to survive. As a child, she suffers at the hands of her Aunt who she lives with after her father dies. Her aunt then sends her to the oppressive Lowood School, with all of its hardships. But Jane manages to survive there and eventually makes it as a teacher who then advertises as a governess. She goes out on her own and finds a position at Thornfield Hall where she is put in charge of the young Adele, the possible illegitimate daughter of the master of the Hall, Mr. Rochester. Jane falls in love with Rochester and eventually wins him over but on their marriage day, it is disclosed that he is already married to a madwoman who is imprisoned in the attic of Thornfield Hall. So the wedding is off and Jane leaves on her own only to find her long lost cousins in a town far to the south. (This is where the really eyerolling coincidences comes into play). It also turns out that Jane is an heiress and inherits £20,000 that she shares with her cousins before she is finally reunited with her love Rochester.

Basically, Jane Eyre is a love story of the Victorian era but it also has themes of struggles for survival and eventual fulfillment without the support of money, family, or class privilege. "Jane Eyre still speaks powerfully for the plight of intelligent and aspiring women in the stiflingly patriarchal context o Victorian Britain."
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 6 more book reviews
A story about a girl who has been estranged from her family and her travels through life. Really beautifully written.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 4 more book reviews
The first 'classic' book that I've read. Very good book.
katyaarchambo avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 22 more book reviews
A truly classic tale of love.
taaza avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 56 more book reviews
A wonderful, gothic romantic classic - must read!
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 24 more book reviews
Classic book of domestic help who falls in love with employer.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 552 more book reviews
...the love story of Jane Eyre, a plain yet spirited governess, and arrogant, brooding Mr. Rochester. Published in 1847, under the pseudonym of Currer Bell, the book heralded a new kind of heroine...."Jane Eyre" is still regarded, over a century later, as one of the finest novels in English literature.
reviewed Jane Eyre on + 4 more book reviews
This is a complete and unabridged copy of the book. It is one of the economical paperback classics sold at Walmart 2 for $1.
katlupe avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 104 more book reviews
This was always a favorite of mine and I hope someone else is looking for it too!
reviewed Jane Eyre on
Very passionate book about a girl/woman who knows what she wants.
myersjewels avatar reviewed Jane Eyre on + 58 more book reviews
Jane Eyre is the story of an orphan child living with relatives who do not want her. As soon as is possible her aunt sends her to boarding school at Lowood--a a dismal place where she is misunderstood and underfed. But Jane manages to make a place for herself there and acquire friends and an education.
After leaving Lowood she becomes the governess for the ward of the mysterious Mr. Rochester and finds herself falling in love with him. Things look to be taking a turn for the better in Jane's life until a dark family secret comes to light and seemingly ruins all her hopes and dreams for the future.
My first encounter with classic literature as a high school student. Great read!