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The Eclectic Pen - The Joanna Files Part 2: Pieces of Mind Chap. 5, End(WIP)

By: Kenjii H. (Daalmonette) - ,   + 36 more  
Date Submitted: 6/2/2009
Last Updated: 6/2/2009
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy
Words: 455

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Once in the car Cole tried to not let his mouth blurt out all the things his mind had dammed up while Travis was explaining himself. “What happened back there?” Travis touched the driver’s side handle of the first couple Toyotas he saw and walked on. Then we came to one and he touched the handle and slipped the key in, turned and it worked. Cole could only be amazed by what Travis could do. Travis just kept a tight smile on his face. As if to say, “I know I’m freakin’ awesome, right?” They both got in the car.
“Nothing. It was a precaution I took back when I felt the Eyes watching. They could only watch me so long before I caught on to their detection and falsified the trail they were following. I could have them tracking the wrong “me” for hours or days. While I set up my safety.” They’d been on the road about an hour heading South.
“Mexico?” A slight nod.
“Yeah. I got an this guy I know. He might can help me.” Travis was quiet about a minute before he asked me, “Do you know any leads besides what you last found out? I mean Gen-a-TEC are absolutely not ones to be poking a stick at without proof of your claim or at the very least some idea of why they did it. A lead would be a nice place to start sniffing. A number or address maybe?” I shook my head “no”.
“Man. I don’t really know what’s what with this whole agenda. Things went downhill so fast and then I wake up with them feeding me more stuff to mess with my head. I don’t care about the why I just want to know what was done to me. If it is possible and if there are others like me. If I can find one other person that has anywhere near the same story, and is not brain fired perhaps I will get to the why next.” Travis tapped his forefinger on the steering wheel. He was heading towards an exit, “Do we need gas or something?” Cole checked the gage. Nope. ¾ full.
“Getting some clothes and things. It’s on me of course. So grab some comfortable vacation clothes and accessories. Make it look like we’re a couple of gringos looking for a party.” Travis pulled into an outlet mall and Cole got out the same time he did. The weather was warm and the sun felt amazing. The worries of if his life were real. It was as if it was his own life slipped into subconscious and I had nothing to worry about. Not at this moment anyway.

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