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The Eclectic Pen - The Journey

By: Abbie R. (adayriddle)   + 6 more  
Date Submitted: 4/22/2012
Last Updated: 4/23/2012
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 274

  This journey I've been called to has been a winding road
Sometimes I've thought I could no longer bear the load
I've come to see my Savior in all His glory and His grace
when on my knees before him, I fell upon my face.
This earthly vessel's been battered by my circumstance
I've lost my song and joy, lost my heart for dance
I've doubted just as Thomas, who wanted to believe
but found his heart wavered and it was easy to deceive
I've wrestled with the enemy in deep dark nights
Been wounded in the battle lost many of my fights
My heart has been broken, shattered on the ground
My life lain open for all those around
Many times I struggled on this earthly path
to withstand the enemy in all of his wrath
I've stumbled on the slippery slopes of my fleshly pride
and hidden from the truth when I've believed what Satan implied
But in the midst of me - imperfect though I am
Came the cleansing waters that wash as no one can
That brilliant scarlet flood that cleanses every soul
Sets the captive free and makes the broken whole
And in my darkest hour, desperate for peace
I've experienced grace and its sweet release
Surrendered now I travel on this journey long
with salvation as my banner and mercy as my song
In myself I fail, there is no chance of victory
On my own I can not enter Heavens sweet eternity
But surrendered to my Savior - given to his will
My feet are steadied, this anxious heart made still
These things that are so hopeless, suddenly turn bright
When my Savior is there to shine His holy light
So all I give to him, who gave his all for me
Together we'll finish this spiritual journey

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