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The Eclectic Pen - "For My Kids, I said Good-bye"

By: Roy B. (mountdewboy)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 12/31/2009
Words: 207

  I like to drink tall glasses of sweet ice tea
My lazy hound dog’s name is Tommy Lee

My girl is wearing an Alan Jackson t-shirt
While she likes to tease me by ruffling her skirt

When we’re dancing around the wooden floor
I can’t wait until I get her through our door

Because my love for my kids, is so strong
It is like a great old country song

Things had happened and it’s now the kids & I
She wanted another guy & said, “Good-bye”

I wanted to work it out with her
But when I found out there had been more

Now with a baby in her belly from one of the other men
I had to take the kids, so they are not around so many men

Because my love for my kids, is so strong
I let her go when our love turned wrong

It is rough raising them alone
To make sure they all sing their own tone

I like to make and they enjoy eating the homemade ice cream
To raise my kids to be their best is that a dream

But I get the joy of seeing them growing
Into the young adults and I know that they are maturing

Because my love for my kids, is so strong
My love for her didn’t last that long

31 Dec 2009

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Heather B. (princesslydiax) - 1/5/2010 6:51 PM ET
WOW. That's awesome. I couldn't write like that.
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