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Book Reviews of Killing Time

Killing Time
Killing Time
Author: Caleb Carr
ISBN-13: 9780446610957
ISBN-10: 044661095X
Publication Date: 1/2002
Pages: 352
  • Currently 3.1/5 Stars.

3.1 stars, based on 86 ratings
Publisher: Warner Books
Book Type: Paperback
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Not having read anything by Caleb Carr since his terrific first book I was hoping he could still take the reader (me) away. He did not let me down. A real page-truner, the reader doen't even have to be a Holmes fan to enjoy this one.
nomi avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 31 more book reviews
The year is 2023. This is about a band of technoterrorists and one man who gets caught up with them. Fast moving, implausible, gives you something to think about.
Jacqueline avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 14 more book reviews
I have pretty mixed feelings about this book. The book was first published as a serial in Time magazine in 1999 and I am impressed with Carr's accurate forecasting of the internet's pervasive take over of our culture. The story kept me interested, but the characters never won my affection and the plot line seems a little childish to me. None the less I would recommend this book to you as an interesting read.
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A Novel of the Future...
The year is 2023,and information is everywhere;
free flowing,abundant,instantaneous.But is all-or-any of it accurate?
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Great look at what happens when we believe everything we read on the Internet! Really enjoyed this more than Carr's attempt to write Sherlock Holmes.
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If this book is better than his Sherlock Holmes book, then I have no plans for that one. I liked "The Alienist" and had high hopes for this one. As was also written here, the characters were barely one dimensional. If it had been written as a satire of 1950's sci-fi, it would have fit in perfectly.
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Interesting story. Is it possible? The ending will surprise you.
marcijo28 avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 271 more book reviews
The book was fast-paced and easy to read. I find it remarkable how accurate many of his predictions for the future of our society were, given it was written in the late 90's. Not all of course, but many. He is a great writer with an excellent vocabulary and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish.
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Good premise, interesting story. This is nothing like Carr's "Alienist" or "Angel of Darkness." It is a good read.
my2luvsemmyandmally avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 758 more book reviews
Very Disappointed in this book !!! Storyline sounded exciting.....I found it boring! YAWN........
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Almost as much fun to read as Carr's better know Alienist books... and far better than his Sherlock Holmes book. Cool sci-fi ideas.
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First listen to this author. I'll have to try some others in order to make a viable assessment of his style. This one (being my first) was a little slower than what I am used to. This book grows on you, it doesn't reach out and grab you in the first chapter. Worth a listen however.
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fast moving, great story
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It's 2023, and the Web has almost destroyed the world. While cyberspace's early pioneers promoted the Net as a revolution in human communication, America has instead become a society of desk-bound introverts who believe everything they read. The federal government has been "bought" by a Microsoft-style corporation. Any semblance of central authority has vanished. As the Net infiltrates India and Pakistan, fevered nationalists and terrorists find one more medium through which to spread the word.
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"A nonstop thrill ride ... Carr is still a master of the cliffhanger." - USA Today
The year is 2023, and information is everywhere: free flowing, abundant. But is all - or ANY - of it accurate? Criminal profiler Dr. Gideon Wolfe is investigating the murder of a friend in New York City when suddenly he is caught up in the company of a beautiful woman ...
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Kinda in the same vein as Dan Brown's "Deception Point". Takes place in know, tomorrow.
Smokey avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 265 more book reviews
A novel set in the year 2023, featuring criminal profiler and psychiatrist Dr. Wolfe.
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Couldn't get thru this one. His writing is great, but I don't like futuristic books. I loved his other book however - but it dealt with things in the past.
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Not as good as The Alienist or The Angel of Darkness, but still a good read. A must for Carr fans.
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startling a daring step a book of ideas and an allegorical warning against a future that must be avoided.
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Set in the year 2023, criminal profiler and psychiatrist Dr. Gideon Wolf is investigating the murder of a friend in New York City when suddenly he is caught up in the company of a beautiful woman, her ingenious brother, and a band of techno-terrorists ar war with the world itself.
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Interesting view of the "future" where the internet is controlled by corporations and "information" may not be true. We see that today in e-mails that circulate forever that are actually bogus. The future is now - somewhat.
Bernie avatar reviewed Killing Time on
In a future world, what you know can kill you...
The year is 2023 and New York psychiatrist and criminal profiler Dr. Gideon Wolfe becomes ensnared in a web of deception as he investigates a murder with the help of his friend Max, an expert in all forms of information manipulation. When Max, too, is murdered, a stunned and enraged Wolfe sets out to uncover who is behind the killings. His search leads him to a secret band of techno-terrorists who demonstrates the astonishing degree to which the public can be manipulated. Wolfe joins the team, but soon begins to wonder how good their intentions truly are.
themalloy8 avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 9 more book reviews
Nice book. Different from other Caleb Carr books I've read, but still liked it.
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Good read, especially if you enjoy stories involving time travel.
LMM avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 155 more book reviews
Eh. Took me a while to finish this, just never really cared enough about what was going on. The characters were rather one dimensional and it read more like a movie (sensational effects and a sexy woman) than a novel.
lisareinke avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 123 more book reviews
I didn't listen to this audio book, but my husband did. He has enjoyed Caleb Carr in the past, but was disappointed in this book.

He says it is Jules Verne's "Master of the World" retold in a futuristic setting.

The narration was good, but he spent his time saying to himself "I know this story, I know this story," the whole way through.
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A fascinating novel by this famed author, Caleb Carr (The Alienist).
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The year is 2023. Much of the world enjoys great wealth gnerated by technology. However, horrifying poverty grips many. The staphylococcus plague of 2006 wiped out 40-million people. The crash of 2007 ruined many national companies. In 2018 the assassination of the President of the U.S. The internet remains the main source of information. N.Y. Psychiatrist, criminal profiler, and historian Dr. Gideon Wolfe is in a world of deception - a computer disc containing startling evidence that the now-famous visual record of President's assassination was digitally altered. Wolfe sets out to uncover who is behind the hoax and the killings. This book if suspenseful and packed with exciting characters.
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Interesting fictional commentary on the state of government and media in the future.
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A great read!
katknit avatar reviewed Killing Time on + 355 more book reviews
Haven't read. This is a murder mystery set in 2023, involving the assassination of a woman US president.