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Topic: LED Household Lights

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Subject: LED Household Lights
Date Posted: 4/30/2009 3:39 PM ET
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Has anyone used the new LED household lights? I have seen online and on TV where they are able to fit into the regular sockets, but I haven't seen any for real. We Did get Christmas tree LED lights, and really liked them, but they are much smaller.

What are the advantages of LED lights over Flourescent lights for household use? What are your experiences with them? We use flourescents all the time and have for over 25 years, but never LED.


Date Posted: 4/30/2009 3:43 PM ET
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I don't have any myself, but I've seen them on display in some of the big hardware stores before, so you can probably see what they're like for yourself! :-)

Shaz H. (shaz) - ,
Date Posted: 5/2/2009 2:29 AM ET
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My sister is a graphic artist at a lighting factory and she prefers them.  I think they give off less heat and use less electricity. Maybe. She is the one that does most of the repairs on the house and she is starting to switch everything over to LED.

Date Posted: 5/2/2009 3:18 PM ET
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LEDs do give off less heat & use less electricity.

There is some question whether the bulbs will last as long in fixtures as the strips do.  We just got a couple bulbs and are going to try them out, but so far we like them.  Going to probably test them either in the beside lamp or in the hallway.  If we decide to go LED in the hallway we may look at the strip-type lights rather than just putting bulbs in fixtures.  Light the hallway better anyway.  Just have to do something with the hole in the ceiling!

Subject: The difference in LED & Fluorescent is
Date Posted: 5/17/2009 3:14 PM ET
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Hi guys...I recently consulted with a specialty lamp company...so I thought I could toss in a little info.  There is an industry wide issue with the LEDs in fixtures, especially confined spaces...assuming you want the same amount of light, that is...because of the heat buildup with that many of them...50-100 generally.  The ones with fewer LEDs are not going to be very bright...most of what appears to be on the market is not meant for more than mood lighting.  Another 5 years and we shouldn't have any trouble getting good quality LED lightbulbs.  Hopefully less.  There is huge prize$ for the first person/company to get this to work.

When I started buying the fluorescent lightbulbs a dozen years ago, they were the best alternative option, but in truth, even with the newer ones, they still burn out way earlier than promised!  And the biggest problem with them, is that green doesn't mean safe...in other words, they are awfully toxic!  Is it better to save energy, or stop polluting and surround yourself with heathier options?  I'm a green extremist, but health comes first, IMO.  So, make sure you don't break them!  And don't put them in the landfill either... 

If you can find an LED that does the job...buy it!  A lot of people are using them for porch lights and such...and the strip lighting...whatever works.

It might help if people didn't expect new things to be used in the same ole way...fit the old light fixtures...but that's what'll take for the masses.

Date Posted: 5/27/2009 9:58 AM ET
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I was recently in CostCo and noticed that they are currently carrying a couple of LED household bulbs, package indicated they were roughly equivalent to a 45 watt bulb.   Cost was around $12 each.  I plan to get a couple next time I go to try them out.  I already have several LED flashlights (hand cranked, a short cranking lasts 10-15 minutes), including some fantastic tiny key-fob hand-cranked models.  I cant imagine a spelunker going down into a cave anymore without a couple of them.

Energy use is less than compact flourescents.  They are supposed to last much longer too.  This is actually a big factor for businesses - the cost of replacing a bulb (labor) is much more than the cost of the bulb.  I personally don't like replacing bulbs at the top of stairwells and raised ceilings any more often than I have too.  :-)

Date Posted: 6/23/2009 1:57 AM ET
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About six months ago I picked up the LED light bulbs from Costco, but didn't like them.  The light was low.  I really, really tried to like them, but didn't.  Maybe I'll try them in another 1 or so when the technology has come along.

Date Posted: 6/23/2009 10:08 AM ET
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45watts is quite dim for most places.

I really like the shake-um-up flashlights.  We have two, one has a double coil and is REALLY nice, one has a single coil and works well enough.  I want another double coil but haven't found one yet.  We keep one in the car--always have a working flashlight, never have leaking batteries!

Date Posted: 6/27/2009 2:40 PM ET
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Sam's club has them too. They do great in some places - like floor level illumination in a staircase. (not many houses have this)

Date Posted: 6/29/2009 9:10 PM ET
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I am still looking for good LED lights (the candle shape, but with more than 40 watts so I can read) for my dining room chandelier.  Maybe some day.  In the meantime, I stopped at the new IKEA here and found these great plug in LED night lights.  They were only $3 and swival 360 degrees.  They have a light sensor and illuminate the dark corners of the house.  They're great for those 2 am forays into the livingroom so I don't accidently walk into the corner where the hallway starts.  They don't heat up and they are really not too bright at all, you know how some lights are too bright or intense at night and kind of wake you back up when you see them.  I did have to reposition one because the light was reflecting into my bedroom and though it wasn't so bad,  I'm one of those who needs pitch black to sleep (I even cover the digits on the clock since I think it glows too much).  These little nightlights don't bother me at all and they're very handy.