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The Eclectic Pen - Our Life

By: Roy B. (mountdewboy)   + 20 more  
Date Submitted: 7/11/2009
Words: 174

  Our life is like a keyboard
It feels as if others keep pushing our buttons
And having us go in their directions

Our life is like a rollercoaster
It has been full of the ups and downs
With a lot of sharp left and right turns

Our life is like a vintage vehicle
When you go out and turn it over
You never know if the motor will even turn over?

Our life is like all purpose flour
With the right mixture and a lot of support
It could rise to the occasion.

Our life is like fishing
When the line goes in the water
You donít know what might strike it

Our life is like cement
With a little bit of water
When it has dried, it becomes strong

Our life with the right friends
Either on the computer or face to face
With all the right elements can make a friendship grow

Our life is like a dead flower
Wilting with a thirst for more but know that it will not happen
For it has now lived its life and we all know that our time has come.....

7 Jul 2009
Roy W. Bair

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