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The Eclectic Pen - Listen Up Young Peoples! What You Can Look Forward To In Your Retirement Years

By: Marla Maye L. (WalnutStreetBooks)   + 14 more  
Date Submitted: 12/8/2008
Last Updated: 12/8/2008
Genre: Uncategorized
Words: 162

  This morning I walk into the bedroom.

I found DH was up and getting dressed.

I shut the door. (And no, this is not an x-rated story, so don't go there).

DH finishes getting dressed and we talk about our plans for today.

(He is retired, I work part-time and am off this week).

We look down and notice one of the cats is sticking it's paws up under the door.

We stand there talking about how cute that is.

I am saying that we should get one of those feathers on a wand that are cat teasers.

I pick string off of an old towel and prepare to tease the cat with that.

DH says no, gets the whole towel and sticks a corner of it through doorsill.

We stand there, for a full ten minutes, while DH plays tug-of-war with cat.

So, no need to put away bunches of money in IRA, CD's, savings accounts, etc.

All you need is two people, one cat and an old towel to be happy.

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Lena S. (SquirrelNutkin) - 12/9/2008 7:24 AM ET
LOL The simple things mean a lot
Sabrina H. (sharper36) - 12/9/2008 10:48 PM ET
That is very sweet! What more could a person want?!
Veronica S. (snowkitty) - , - 12/11/2008 1:57 PM ET
Neither of us are retired, but this sounds exactly like my house.
Lenore M. (bookstacks) - 12/16/2008 6:55 PM ET
Marla, this is a great example of your storytelling. When you are channeling an anecdote about your life, it's like you're talking to your girlfriends. That's the best kind of writing. And it's pretty vivid too. I can see that cat's paw under the door. These earthy little anecdotes apply to a lot of American's lives. I'm wondering if you could publish the best of selections. There must be a market for something like that. I do remember reading that Cats are among the top 10 topics for nonfiction book sales in America.
Charles A. (txturkey) - 12/17/2008 7:24 AM ET
I,m sure i will be arrested one day when they find out the terrible antics i have put my poor cat through with my laser light,--lol
Milinda Y. (MindyY) - 12/19/2008 10:53 PM ET
Cats rock! :)
Comments 1 to 6 of 6