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The Eclectic Pen - The Lost Snowflake

By: Kristi S. (mkksimon)  
Date Submitted: 10/1/2008
Genre: Children's Books
Words: 195

Once upon a time,there was a blue,dirty-looking snowflake.It was very gigantic and awkward.It went sledding at a concert.Then it went straight home.After a little while,it went to an amusment-park.The rest of her family went home and did not know that she was not with them.After a little while she got mean because she was lost.She got really worried and said to herself,"Where could they be?"When she looked all around the amusment-park and still could not find her family,she got even more worried.

She was so scared that she cried and turned blue.She did not have a home.After the snowflake got used to it,she got even more dirty looking because she never washed herself.since she didn't take any baths or showers,she got hurt.When she prayed she could go home,she saw angels!The angels were really big.The angels said they had a friend,and it was a snowman!She told them what had happened and they wanted to help.So they helped and after a few days,she found her parents!Her parents were on the road looking for her and she knew she wasn safe.Her parents let her do anything.They knew that nothing would break them apart.They lived happily ever after!


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Sabriena W. (hazeleyesrangeleyes) - 10/1/2008 9:17 PM ET
Wow. That's cute. If you expounded upon it and got it illustrated, I bet you could find somebody to get it published for you.
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