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The Eclectic Pen - lovefish

By: ericjasongastelum   + 52 more  
Date Submitted: 9/24/2012
Words: 860

  [DISCLAIMER: This story has graphic content.]

When I was 12-years-old there was a house that a guy and his daughter lived in. I would walk by their house on the way to school and the garbage can always smelt like dead and rotting fish. It all made sense because the guy that lived in that house was always out fishing and always trying to sell tiny fish to people in the neighborhood. The fish he would try to sell to people were kept in a fishtank that was kept outside under his carport near his kitchen door.

One night my brother came over to spend the night and we went sneaking around the neighborhood --my brother lived with other relatives that adopted him soon after he was born. After about thirty minutes of sneaking around the neighborhood we got bored and just sat in the driveway under the carport of my moms house. It was probably 11pm at that point. I told my brother about the guy that tried to sell fish to people and my brother was instantly filled with curiosity. My brother and I then set out to go check the fish guy’s place out.

As we approached the guys house we could smell a strong stench of dead fish from his garbage can. It was bad. We slowly walked up the driveway and could see that there was a light on in the living room but the curtains were drawn and we could not see inside. We walked further up the driveway and finally made it under the carport roof. I could see the fishtank and the kitchen door that lead to the driveway.

I whispered to my brother what we should do now, and he just shushed me and said, “Listen”. I froze in my tracks as I could see a shadow against the curtains covering the kitchen door. I stood there in silence and could hear the guy saying something, but I could not hear the exact words. I motioned to my brother that we should leave and my brother shushed me and held my arm. We moved closer to the kitchen door so that we could peer into the window. The window was three foot by two foot we could see the living room perfectly.

My brother and I looked into the window and saw the guy in a robe and his daughter naked on the coffee table. There were candles lit all around the table and the girl was just laying there with her arms to her side and completely nude. After about five minutes the dad was burning leaves and rubbing the ash on his daughter. It looked like she was okay with everything that was going on. Then her dad grabbed a knife and opened his robe. On his chest there were big scars and gouges of shinny and deformed scar tissue around his stomach . He took the knife and started to cut himself on his upper arms. At the same time he was saying something to his daughter. She continued to lay there and I continued to watch both of them. At one point the daughter reached up and held her dad’s penis and began to stroke it. He rubbed her arm with his blood and put the knife on the floor.

At this point, about fifteen minutes after my brother and I started watching, the dad came in her mouth and that is when the weirdie began. The daughter left the living room and the dad sat on the couch and unwrapped a fish and picked the knife up. He cut the fish’s gut and squeezed the fish all over his stomach and rubbed the guts and blood on his body all while playing with his limp penis. At this point my brother vomited and the dad heard my brother heaving, but all I can assume is that the guy thought my brother was in the next yard over. My brother and I ran because of all the noise that my brother was making while he was vomiting.

My brother and I ran all the way back to my house and talked about what we should do. I thought we should call the police but my brother was a little older and he said the police could not do anything about what we saw because his daughter was in college, about 19 or 20-years-old, and because she wasn’t being hurt. I just kept thinking it was all wrong and probably illegal.

Three weeks later there was a tiny fish, like the fish that guy sold, taped to my bedroom window; the eyes of the fish were cut out. The next summer I woke up in the middle of the night and saw someone walking away from my window, all the way to the fence in our backyard, then they jumped over the fence. Finally, I woke up one morning and there was glass all over my bedroom floor, my bedroom window had been smashed in but I am a hard sleeper and did not wake up to the noise.

To this day I have the feeling that that guy is watching me sleep through my bedroom window.

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