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Favorite Recipes: Mama Greer's Basic Sushi Rolls

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Name: Shae C. (shaecastle)
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Mama Greer's Basic Sushi Rolls

Dish: Other
Dish Type: Other
Difficulty: 5 / 10
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

  • - Yakinori Roasted Seaweed sheets
  • - Rice Select Sushi Rice (American Koshihikari, a short grain, sweet, sticky rice) or regular long grain rice, prepared as directed on package
  • - Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar (original flavor)
  • - Hime Makizushi-no-moto, drained (retain juice for dipping completed sushi roll if you prefer)
  • - Eggs
  • - Water
  • - Wire Whisk
  • - Butter or oil for frying eggs
  • - Frying pan
  • - Chives
  • - Bamboo rolling mat or tight weaved linen dish drying towel that was rinsed in salt water and dried flat (to get out any detergent residue)
  • - Container that can be sealed and refrigerated

First prepare rice according to the package directions.  Set aside and let cool.  [If you are going to prepare 10 sheets of seaweed use 8 cups of rice and 4 eggs.]

In a big glass bowl whisk one egg at a time until the egg turns a lighter color.  Add one teaspoon of water (per egg) and whisk again until very light and frothy.

Heat frying pan on low heat so the egg will immediately start cooking.  Use enough butter or oil, as you prefer, to make sure the eggs won’t stick. 

Very slowly add a small amount of egg to the pan and keep it in the shape of a 4 inch square.  Use only a thin amount.  Immediately flip it over, before it browns, and on top of that add another small amount of egg to reach the edge.  Use the spatula to keep the square shape.  Keep flipping and adding the egg by layers so the egg doesn’t brown and it will “stack up” into a fluffy pile of well cooked layers.  Keeping it the square shape makes it easier to cut later on into strips.  Set aside to cool.  Continue cooking each egg separately.  When the eggs are cooled cut into ½ inch strips.

After the rice is cooled put it in a non-metallic bowl and stir in 2 Tablespoons of the rice vinegar per each non-cooked cup of rice until well blended. 

Lay one sheet of seaweed onto bamboo mat or the linen dish cloth that is slightly dampened.  Scoop handfuls of the sticky rice mixture onto the seaweed and pack down tightly from the middle to spread to all 3 edges, leaving one 1/3 inch edge open.  Smooth on to a ½ inch height.

In the middle of the roll place egg strips in a line. 

On each side of the egg lay one line of chives and the other side lay one line of Makizushi-no-moto.

On the opposite edge of the one left open start to roll the seaweed sheet using a slight amount of pressure.  As you roll it up, using the bamboo mat or linen, compress all the way down the roll using the same amount of pressure and continue to ‘crimp’ as you roll.  (similar to rolling up a jelly roll) 

When you get to the end use a small amount of water along the open edge to seal the roll.  Do a final crimp motion and gently place the roll aside with the sealed edge down. 

Place each roll in a single layer in container and seal.  Refrigerate at least for several hours. 

Right before eating take rolls out and slice into 1 ½ inch chunks.



This is the basic recipe.  You can add just about anything to Sushi rolls that you want.  Favorite *other* ingredients are immitation crab meat, caviar, smoked salmon, cooked pumkin strips, pickled ginger, avacado and crispy fried bacon.  The world is your oyster...

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