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The Eclectic Pen - Memories and Guilt

By: Crystal S. (LiveLife)   + 35 more  
Date Submitted: 2/23/2008
Words: 297

  When I think I have it all
I find out I have nothing
When I think I found love
I find out it was a lie

If you loved me
You wouldnt have left me
If I had it all
I wouldnt have lost you

You chose the easy way out
You didnt stop to think
I lost my head
When I lost you

Did you think
I'd stop loving you
Did you think
I'd start hating you

I look at your pictures
I start to hate you
You put me through hell
And what for?

You never knew me at all
You didnt give me a chance
I hate this feeling I have
I feel hopeless inside

You didnt have to die
You could have lived
Why was you a coward
Why couldnt you tell me

I look at your picture
I see your smile
I see the way our daughter
Would have looked

Not only did I lose you
I lost our child
Did you even stop to think
What could have happened

No you did not
You did not care
So what does that say
About the love we shared

Why did all these memories
Come back to haunt me
Why wont they leave me alone
Why cant I just be

These memories are strong
They show no signs of fading
What will it take
To make it all go away

Memories, Memories, Memories
I hate them every day
I want to be in peace to live
These damn memories wont leave me alone

Why did you do it
How could you do it
Did you ever love me at all
Or was it just an act

The guilt goes away
The guilt comes back
I know I'm not to blame
But yet I do blame myself

The guilt tears a whole
A whole right through me
It eats at my heart
I have nothing left to give

Why do I have to remember
Why wont these memories go away
If they did
Even just for a day

These memories are slowly killing me
Killing me inside
Inside I feel like I'm nothing
Nothing and nobody

Damn you
Damn you for making me have these memories

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