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The Eclectic Pen - Merry Christmas, To Me

By: Marla Maye L. (WalnutStreetBooks)   + 14 more  
Date Submitted: 11/27/2008
Last Updated: 11/27/2008
Genre: Parenting & Relationships » Family Relationships
Words: 169

  For some reason, I was lax about explaining Santa Claus to my daughter.

Maybe it was because she was an only child.

Maybe it was because we have always bought her what she needed, at the time she needed it.

Maybe it was because I wore myself out decorating for Halloween, and lost my decorating momentum by Christmas.

Maybe was because my brother and sister-in-law always did the tree, dinner and Christmas presents at their house.

We would pack up and go there, wrapped presents and all.

I can remember when my daughter was about five years old and way old enough to know who Santa Claus was.

We were sitting in our van, waiting for other members of her pre-school to show up for a Christmas party.

She asked me who Santa Claus was!

I thought she knew.

I can still remember sitting in that van, on a bleak, rainy day in December, explaining the concept of Santa Claus to her.

Oh, how I have loved everyday raising her.

She has been my Christmas present, everyday, since she was born.

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Veronica S. (snowkitty) - , - 11/29/2008 1:13 PM ET
Ohhh...that was so sweet.
K J. (dappledart) - 12/1/2008 3:37 PM ET
I was at first confused--thinking you were explaining the MYTH of Santa Claus. It is intriguing to me that she didn't "just know" who Santa Claus was--from TV, or relatives, or books, or some party, or friends. I can see the bleak, rainy day and the van with mother and daughter conversing. The touching ending resonates with the mother in me. I am convinced I feel that way too, separately and individually, about each of my daughters.
Marla Maye L. (WalnutStreetBooks) - 12/1/2008 7:30 PM ET
K J. - I was suprised that she didn't "know" who Santa Claus was either. I have never quite figured out why she didn't.
Lenore M. (bookstacks) - 12/16/2008 7:04 PM ET
Amazing. sounds like kids' Christmas story waiting to be written
Comments 1 to 4 of 4